The Fury of Koga!

Pokemon (21)
4 Koga's Weedle
3 Koga's Kakuna
3 Koga's Beedrill
3 Koga's Grimer
3 Koga's Muk
3 Cleffa
2 Shuckle (neo 3)

Energy (16)
13 Grass
3 Recycle

Trainers (23)
4 Elm
3 Koga's Ninja Trick
3 Master Ball
2 Secret Mission
2 Fuchsia City Gym
2 Healing Fields
1 Time Capsule
3 Balloon Berry
3 Double Gust

Ok, its another Modified Deck. Its a grass deck with various components. Let me try to cut down this deck. Here we go...

First we have the Pokemon: Lets go with the Koga's Muk evolution line. Beedrill is weak to fire, Muk is weak to Psychic, giving him a slight advantage over Beedrill, plus is faster. So cut the Beedrill line. Add another Koga's Grimer. Drop the Shuckle, with most of the big attackers doing more than 40, you will be hurting. So add in 2 Igglybuff for anti-Powers. Add in 2 Yanma for backup. Add in 2 Unown M for anti-Metal. And finally, add in 1 Neo Discovery Smeargle for some nice tecHage.

Next we have the energy: Add another Grass energy, that is it.

Finally, we have Trainers: Drop 1 Ninja Trick since we slimmed down the amount of Koga Pokemon in the deck. Drop the Master Ball for Misty's Wrath so that you have some secondary drawing Power. Drop the Time Capsule, and add in 2 Nightly Garbage Run, which is better than Time Capsule. Drop the Fuschia Gyms and the Healing Fields, for 3 Chaos Gym and 2 Resistance Gym. And in 1 Double Gust for the added Bench manipulation And to KO Pokemon around their Focus Bands lets get 3 Koga in this deck for the added Poison damage. And finally get 4 Focus Band in this deck too for some protection from one hit KOs. So here is the finished deck...

Fear Koga's Power...
Pokemon: 16
4 Koga's Grimer
3 Koga's Muk
3 Cleffa
2 Yanma
2 Unown M
2 Igglybuff

Energy: 17
14 Grass
3 Recycle

Trainers: 27
4 Professor Elm
4 Focus Band
4 Double Gust
3 Balloon Berry
3 Koga
3 Chaos Gym
2 Resistance Gym
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Koga's Ninja Trick