Swining Gyrados

4 Swinub n1
4 Piloswine n3
3 R. Hitmonchan
1 Cleffa
1 Magby
1 Tyrogue
1 Shining Gyrados

3 Healing Fields
3 Prof Oak-(4 elms in modified)
1 Prof Elm
1 Pokemon Breeder Fields
3 P.C. Search--(3 bill teleporters in modified)
3 Item Finders--(3 gold berries in mod)
3 Mary
3 Energy Removal
2 Balloon Berry
2 G.O.W.--(2 warp points in mod)
2 Plus Power--
1 Focus Band--(no +power, 2 more focus bands in mod)
1 Energy Retrieval
1 N.G.R.

Energy 16
10 Fighting
4 Rainbow
2 D.C.

Get Piloswine up and running with Healing Field in play. Use R.Hitmon and Shining Gyrados as either stallers or attackers. The babies are for either quick hits, getting cards while slowking is up, or shutting of powers (like slowking). Rainbow energy is mainly for Gyrados to come in and hit with rage after hurting himself a little bit or if I'm really lucky, getting off 1 good devastate. Thanks for any help! JR!

P.S.---See ya at the STS qualifiers saturday!

Hey Julius, interesting deck. I will choose to make this deck Modified Version. I think it would be safer since ER isn't a problem to worry about in Modified. Lets get started...

First we have the Pokemon: Not much to do here. Change the Swinub to Neo Revelation. Drop a Piloswine, chances are you won't need to get all 4 of them out. Drop the Tyrogue, add another Magby, and 2 more of my rabid Eeeeeeeking friends (Cleffa). Add in a Porygon as tecH. Just in case you would happen to come across a scary Fighting resistant deck.

Next we have the Energy: Drop a Rainbow. Add a Fighting energy. Lets get 3 Metal in there as well, this will help with Piloswine's self damage.

Finally, we have the Trainers: Since we are making this a Modified Deck, I will list the deck, then explain how each card helps the deck...

Swining Gyarados
Modified Format

4 Swinub (Revelation)
3 Piloswine (Revelation)
3 Rocket's Hitmonchan
3 Cleffa
2 Magby
1 Porygon (TR, tecHage)
1 Shining Gyarados (SUPERtecHage)

Energy- 17
11 Fighting
3 Rainbow (For Gyarados)
3 Metal (For Piloswine)

4 Prof Elm (Its ridiculous how bad this card is, and yet we need 4 in every deck...)
3 Gold Berry (Heal Piloswine)
3 Misty's Wrath (Better card drawing than Mary)
3 Balloon Berry (Double Gust + Balloon Berry = Free Gust of Wind)
3 Double Gust (Double Gust + Balloon Berry = Free Gust of Wind)
3 Focus Band (Keep yourself alive against one hit KO's, nice with Babies, Chan, and Porygon)
3 Master Ball (Speed up your evolutions)
2 Resistance Gym (Helps out against Resistance problems)
2 Nightly Garbage Run (Anti-decking, get back lost Pokemon/Energy)

Thanks for stopping by my Deck Garage, stop back again soon...
See ya there, Julius!