Hi!  I have a deck that I would like you to take a look at.  I have played this deck for a while now at league and in some local tournaments.  Its very good!!!  I have taken out many of today's top decks with it and I still cant understand why it never gets mentioned on pojo.com.  I've beaten Espeon, Kingdra, Entei/Magcargo, etc. and many others with it.  Still Im always trying to look for ways to improve it.  It is for the current neon format. Heres the deck:

4 Larvitar (Neo Destiny)
4 Dark Pupitar
3 Dark Tyranitar
1 Shining Tyranitar
3 Murkrow
2 Cleffa
2 Elekid

4 Prof. Elm
4 Bill
4 Gold Berry
3 Rockets Hideout
3 Double Gust
2 Focus Band

17 Fighting
4 Darkness

Dark Tyranitar is great!  His attacks are so flexible.  I have multiple ways to win with this deck.  I can deck my opponent.  Or I can draw prizes rather quickly with Mountain Smasher or Fling Away.  Fling Away is great for killing babies.  Shining Tyranitar and Murkrow are my backups.  Shining Tyranitars first attack works great with the decking theme.  And Murkrow works well with the bench damage.  Sometimes i just stall until I have a pile of fighting energys on my Dark Tyranitar and then go to town.  The deck is very powerful and underrated.  The problems I have are some of my trainers and my other basics.  Im not sure about the number of Focus Bands and Gold Berrys.  I dont know if i should take some out in order to make room for other stuff.  And im not sure about Elekid and Murkrow either.  3 Murkrow is sometimes too many.  I was thinking about Igglybuff, Magby, or Pichu instead of Elekid but again Im not sure.  Please take a look at this deck and tell me what to fix.  Thanks!!  :)
Hello, this is a cool deck to use indeed. It's just a tad off from being a major contender as of now for the current MMF situation which starts this Saturday. Grass Pokemon are just gonna be big-GER IMO once Pokemon Expedition comes out later this fall. Anyways, on to the deck.

First we have the Pokemon: The Dark Tyranitar line looks good. You have a good count and the line is balanced. I don't like Shining Tyranitar. I mean it's just too much of an energy hog. It's not a personal favorite of mine. So drop it; it realize that it's a part of your deck theme, but it's just not worth it, IMO. Three Murkrow is too much. You only need two. Murkrow is your supporter, and two is plenty. Also, you need to add another Cleffa in there. It's just a staple for me whenever I play, I play three Cleffa. I don't like Elekid personally, it's only really good against Horsea/Squirtle EARLY game. You should rather play some anti-Slowking so you don't have too much of your speed cut down via Trainer loss. So swap the Elekids for Igglybuff. Also for some status you could tecH a Gligar from Neo Genesis.

Next we have the Energy: You're playing way too much energy IMO. You don't need to play that much Fighting Energy. I realize that you play the Fighting to discard the cards off of the top of their deck. But you really shouldn't load too much energy on a single Dark TTar because if that TTar is KOed, you don't have an attacker. So you can cut five Fighting Energy. Sixteen energy is enough.

Finally, we have the Trainers: I personally, am adding Trainers from the upcoming Pokemon Expedition set just for practice for myself. I will include a Translation for the cards that I will have you use for the future sets. The Elms are good. You cut a Bill and the Focus Bands for three Professor Oak's Research. You have five spots from the earlier cut energy, add three Pokemon Traders. Oak's Research and the Traders give you additional speed. Cut a Rocket's Hideout as well. Add in two Warp Point, using Warp Point along with Double Gust balances out using multiple Dark TTars and their retreat costs. And finally, you need Time Capsule to get back lost Energy and Pokemon. So here's how the deck looks:

Mountain Crushing!
Modified Formatē

Pokemon: 19
4 Larvitar (Doesn't matter)
4 Dark Pupitar
3 Dark Tyranitar
3 Cleffa
2 Murkrow
2 Igglybuff
1 Gligar (Genesis)

Energy: 16
12 Fighting
4 Darkness

Trainers: 25
4 Professor Elm
4 Gold Berry
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Professor Oak's Research
3 Bill
3 Double Gust
2 Warp Point
2 Rocket's Hideout
1 Time Capsule

Nice deck. I just had some slight tweaking and such. Thank you for reading and visiting my Garage.

"Remember the Eevees"