I call this deck: Quick Strike
   Pokemon: 12
   2 Hitmonchan: Base Set
   2 Tyrogue: Neo 2
   1 Rockets Zapdos: Gym 2
   2 Electabuzz: Base Set
   2 Sneasel: Neo 1
   2 Murkrow: Neo 1
   1 Cleffa: Neo 1
   Energy: 22
   8 Fighting Energy
   8 Lighting Energy
   4 Dark Energy: Neo 1
   2 Rainbow Energy: Team Rocket
   Trainers: 26
   3 Gust Of Wind: Base Set
   3 Professor Oak: Base Set
   2 Pokeball: Jungle
   1 Super Energy Removal: Base Set
   4 Energy Removal: Base Set
   2 Energy Search: Fossil
   2 Imposter Professor Oak: Team Rocket
   1 The Rockets Trap: Gym 1
   1 Scoop Up: Base Set
   1 Rockets Secret Experiment: Gym 1
   2 Bill: Base Set
   2 Lass: Base Set
   2 Sprout Tower: Neo 1
   This deck is made for quick strikes. I use Gust to get out weak Pokemon that can't hit Murkrow. Then I use Mean
   Look to strand the weak Pokemon and KO the strong dangerous Pokemon on the bench. Hitmonchan and Tyrouge
   are to make one energy attacks. Tyrouge has Smash Punch and Hitmonchan has Jab. Rockets Zapdos and
   Electabuzz are for major damage quickly with Thunderpunch and Plasma. Sneasel is for the heavy-hitters like
   Feraligatr and Espeon. If you are to add Metal Energy, make it 2 max. because that's all I have.
Alright, welcome back all of you happy people out there...
Today's deck is a kinda wacky Haymaker/Sneasel thingy =/. Well just for the record, Hays are my fave decks to play in Standard. So I had to help out a fellow Haymaker player out there. I will use this deck as an example of how to build and customize a Haymaker deck for you. This will be a bit wordy, so read at your own risk =P. Ok, lets gets going...

First, we have the Pokemon: Ok, Chan, as much I hate to say it is...dead (gasps). But its true. Scyther, and Zappy are just too much for the old fighting master. Tyrogue is a cool choice since he is a C for 30, but its a flip...both just aren't worth it in my eyes. So, they are cut. Lets drop the lone Zappy, 1 just isn't enough, and for many people he is hard to get. Drop Sneasel, let me just say for the record, that playing Sneasel and Haymaker together is just BEGGING to be slaughtered by either: A. Fable, B. Ditto, or C. Them both. And finally, lets remove Murkrow. Sure he's cool, and he's one of my fave Basics, but he just doesn't fit in most Hays. Alright, now lets add another Buzz, 2 more Cleffa (I prefer to use Mad Cleffas myself, but, eh, whatever floats yer boat XD). Adding another Buzz makes him one of your main attackers, something to which Buzz excells at. Adding more cleffa should just be instinctive, you NEED 3 in EVERY deck, simple as that people. We will also put in 2 Igglybuff, and 2 Ditto. I
-phew- Now we have the Energy: Ok, lets slim this down a bit. Drop the Fighting, Dark, and Rainbow. Also drop 1 Electric energy, Buzz needs 1 to get going, 7 should be enough. Lets add in 8 Psychic (for Mewtwo), and 3 DCE (for Ditto, Buzz, or Mewtwo).

Lets finish up with the Trainers: You have a lot of scattered cards, or just 1 of them. Now unlike Ness, I am not a "tecHage hater" (lol). So when you play singles of cards you should play them only if you are using them as "tecH", or key siutations. So lets drop the Pokeball, Imposter Professor Oakm Rocket's Trap, Scoop Up, and Bill. These cards are either outdated/and or serve no importance to this deck. You absolutely need 4 Comp Search, 4 Item Finder, and 3 Gold Berry in here. 4 Finders give you more options. So we will add them all in. Lets drop a Gust of Wind, we aren't playing a deck focused on taking out the Bench just remove the opponent's energy as you are attacking. Drop the ER, lets focus on just using SER, add 2 more. Mewtwo absorbs back the lost energy. Lets add in 2 Nightly Garbage Run, you are already playing a 2-color deck, NGR helps energy control, and decking. Add another Lass, like I said before, she's one heck of a spicy senorita! Well, th-th-th-thats all folks!

The Maker of Hay
Pokemon: 13
3 Electabuzz
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Cleffa
2 Ditto
2 Igglybuff

Energy: 18
8 Psychic
7 Electric

Trainers: 29
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
3 Lass
3 Professor Oak
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Gold Berry
3 Lass
2 Sprout Tower
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gust of Wind

Sorry for the lack of colors, using my the computer at my dad's house...=/
Also, I will be fixing 1 Modified and 1 Standard deck per day, so keep them coming. If your decks are picked, don't worry, keep sending, I may choose one. Thanks for reading, stop by again!