Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 8:38 PM
Subject: Deck Fix
Hey Gymbo, this is your good pal Tr1x. I have actully left my lab for once, and well since you are like one of the other only people that play espeon I wanted to post my variant of Espeon. Its very original I mean I think I am gonna be the only one to play it. So no1 has any tech against it. Yes it kind of does rely on luck, but eh luck is like the main point in mf. So yea please fix this version. I don't see much wrong with it, but please I think I might want like 2 IOR. I don't know what to drop though. Thxs alot

The King and I v.0.7

Pokemon 22
3 eevee(promo)
3 Espeon(holo)
3 Horsea
3 Seadra
3 Kingdra(neo3)
3 Cleffa
2 Pichu
1 Magby
1 Ericka's Sprout
1 Porygon

NRG 15
7 Psychic
6 Water
2 Full heal Energy

Trainers 22
4 Elm
4 Focus
2 Wrath
2 Ericka
2 Time capsule
2 resis. gym
2 Chaos gym

Wow the 7th version is well spiffy XD. uh yea soon to be the 8th version. Uh the only real change I want is well the added IOR. I only want two, and well I think it will help me against all decks. Mainly Gaytr though. So yea this is one cool mofo liak deck. All help is appreciated...

>>>The Tr1x formally kn0wn as ZaP<<<
Alright cool, my Espeon testing buddy with what he feels is his strongest variant of the deck. I mean its Espeon, how can I NOT look at it? Interesting deck, lemme get started...

First we have the Pokemon: Hmm...I have found in my testing that I like 4/3 Espeon lines, just for the sake of getting that Eevee in play during early Setup. So that's what we're gonna do. Add another Eevee after cutting the Erika's Bellsprout. I just don't find that card as effective as it is with Darkness Energy, and it just isn't worth it, at least in my opinion. I really used to like Porygon in the Espeon. You Converstion Feraligatr, then Blast it For 120, however, it IS a Murkrow Lock Target, and will give up a prize more often than it comes in handy, plus they just Double Gust the Effect away =( so drop that card as well.

Next we have the Energy: Wow, I am really different in my Energy. I like a lot more Psychic, like 10-12 in my Espeon/other color decks. I mean Kingdra needs one of any Color energy for Dragon Gene, and two Water for the other attack. Add Another Psychic energy. So you have at least 8, The Full Heal Energy is nice against Dark Gengar, however if Gengar dissapates and isn't played much in your area, drop them for two more Psychic.

Finally, We have the Trainers:  Wow, so you want IOR in this deck. -scratches head- Alright, I've got it. Since you already have Erika in the deck, and want to get IOR in there, change those two Wrath two Erika. I mean you aren't playing Smeargle (Discovery), So why not just go with the Erika/IOR combo? And I personally, like 3 IOR with 4 Erika, so thats what we'll get in there. I cut a Band to make this combo work. Just use your Bands wisely and you should be in good shape. I cut the Chaos Gyms in favor of the IOR combo. And I know how much you like Time Capsule over NGR, and I will agree with you in this deck because you have lower amount of the Psychic Energy compared to my decks, so leave them in to compensate for that and pull more of the Psychic from the Discard.

Gymbo IS the King
Modified Format

Pokemon: 22
4 Eevee (Promo)
3 Espeon (Holo)
3 Horsea (Genesis)
3 Seadra (Genesis)
3 Kingdra (Revelation)
3 Cleffa
2 Pichu
1 Magby

Energy: 16
8 Psychic
6 Water
2 Full Heal

Trainers: 22
4 Professor Elm
4 Erika
4 Double Gust
3 Focus Band
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge
2 Resistance Gym
2 Time Capsule

There ya go, I hope you like! And to everyone else, thanks for stopping by and reading, and remember send me your decks!

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