Subject: Deck Fix
Ho-oh x2
Houndoom x3
Houndour x2 (Card # 24)
Houndour x2 (Card # 39)
Umbreon x3 (Card # 32)
Eevee x2 (Promo)
Eevee x2 (Discovery)
Cleffa x3 (Promo)

Darkness x4
Rainbow x4
Full Heal x2
Potion x4
Recycle 3
Fire x6

Master Ball x2
Professor Elm x3
Nightly Garbage Run x3
Berry x4
Gold Berry x3
Ecogym x3

We would appreciate any assistance you could give us with this deck & thanks
for you time.
Alrighty, I will see what I can do for you. I am delighted that I continue to receive such interesting decks to fix. Thank you to all of you that are helping me by sending the decks in. Like I have said before, I can't work unless you guys do too. Also, send me any deck, if I can detect a structured idea, and it is something that I haven't already received 20 of, then I will prolly fix it. Alright, enough talk, time to get to work.

First we have the Pokemon: Drop the Holo Ho-oh, they aren't that solid of a Pokemon for backup. Kinda slow, and very flippy. Next, change those Cleffa from Promo to Genesis. Genesis is a lot better than Promo. Change all of the Fire Houndour to Dark Houndour. The Fire Houndour can be FTK'd by Totodile, and the Dark Houndour lets you attach Dark Energy from the start of the game instead of having to wait for Houndoom. Also, make sure those Houndoom are Discovery. That way you don't have to focus all of your Dark/Rainbow Energy on Houndoom, Umbreon can use it too. Next, change all of the Eevee to Promo Eevee. Trust me on this, I have playtested Promo Eevee for months. Promo is very nice to use, its instant, not on a flip like Discovery Eevee. Finally, add two Pichu. Pichu is becoming more and more used for a reason. It really works nicely against Pokemon with Pokemon Powers. And even better if the opponent can't kill Pichu. Just don't Zzzap or play Pichu while Eevee is in play, unless the situation is criti

Next we have the Energy: Drop the Full Heal and Potion Energy. They are nice in some decks, but not this one.  As much as I like Recycle energy, it just won't fit in this deck. Add in 4 more Fire energy, to give more energy for your Houndoom to Flamethrower with.

Finally, we have the Trainers: I just completely re-did the Trainers in this deck. This way, I believe that there is a theme that goes like this. Umbreon: Bench killer/Uses Dark Energy. Houndoom: Crunch with Rainbow/Dark: Finish with Flamethrower/The main attacker. I made the deck so that Houndoom goes on the offensive, and Umbreon is support, the Trainers below help show that.

The Power of the Dark Side
Modified Format

Pokemon: 19
4 Houndour (Discovery Dark)
3 Houndoom (Discovery)
4 Eevee (Promo)
3 Espeon (Holo)
3 Cleffa
2 Pichu

Energy: 18
10 Fire
4 Darkness
4 Rainbow

Trainers: 23
4 Professor Elm
4 Focus Band
4 Misty's Wrath
4 Double Gust
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Sprout Tower
2 Good Manners

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