Hi! Here is my HydroCrusher deck:

Pokemon <20>
4 SI Onix
3 Steelix
4 Kabuto
3 Kabutops
3 Cleffa
2 Tyrogue
1 Magby

Trainers <25>
4 Elm
4 Egg
4 Bill's Teleporter
3 Double Gust
3 Gold Berry
2 Pokemon Trader
2 Energy Charge
2 Energy Stadium
1 Time Capsule

Energy <15>
11 Fighting
4 Metal

I just want to follow the MMF archetype but I don't know where to begin my tweaking. Can you help me make this a
better deck?
Hmm...a Kabulix deck, eh? This is indeed a MMF Archetype, let me see what I can do to spruce up this monster of a deck.

First we have the Pokemon: Kabutops is really the bigger gun of this deck. You don't need a 4/3 Steelix line. Cut that down to a 2/2 Line, and make sure that those Onix are from Neo Genesis. You only NEED one Steelix. You are gonna get 3-4 Metals on the Steelix anyways. So you don't need 3 Steelix. You can even slim down the Kabutops line to a 3/3. You have Fossil Egg and Mysterious Fossil, not to mention Kabuto's Pokemon Power to get more Kabuto in play. You need Igglybuffs in this deck to counter Slowking. You also need Pichu to Zzzap Magcargos and such. You also can use Gligar to counter Ampharos and have Status. (I am straining for Basics to fit in this deck). Also tecH in an Aerodactyl for those Genesis Onix so they can use Rage as Steelix.

Next is the Energy: Cut four Fighting Energy, you don't need eleven. You need one for Kabutops and two for Onix (Steelix) with Aerodactyl which is a tecH situation anyways. Get in three Recycle and two Full Heal Energy. Recycle helps you retreat your Kabutops and Full Heal is to counter Status effects on your Steelix.

An finally we have the Trainers: I just have some slimming and trimming based on personal preferences. Cut a Fossil Egg and switch the Bill's Teleporter for Bills. I don't like basing my drawing on luck. I usually have pretty lousy flips anyways. IF I would ever play anything that started from Mysterious Fossil, I would play a 3/2 Fossil Egg/Mysterious Fossil Ratio. I would do this to ensure that I would be able to get the Kabuto that is needed to start. Drop the Energy Charges for Energy Stadiums and add in another Gold Berry. You really do not need Energy Charges, they're flips, and you look to swarm with Kabutops or beatdown with Steelix that is heavily-Metaled. The additional Gold Berry is for more healing for Steelix. The Energy Stadiums are for your Fighting Energy to get back as it IS important for your deck's functions. You may also consider Healing Fields, especially if you look to build a Raging Steelix with Aerodactyl. There's my changes, and here's your deck:

Modified Formatē

Pokemon: 19
3 Kabuto (Discovery)
3 Kabutops (Discovery)
3 Cleffa
2 Onix (Genesis)
2 Steelix
2 Igglybuff
1 Gligar
1 Pichu
1 Aerodactyl (Revelation)

Energy: 16
7 Fighting
4 Metal
3 Recycle
2 Full Heal

Trainers: 25
4 Professor Elm
4 Gold Berry
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Bill
3 Fossil Egg
3 Double Gust
2 Mysterious Fossil
2 Healing Fields
1 Time Capsule

Thank you for sending in a nice deck to me. And also thanks to those of you for reading!

"Remember the Eevee"