Poison Balloon V1.0 Modified

4 Rocket Grimer
2 Dark Muk
4 Slopoke
4 Slowking
3 Cleffa
3 Murkrow
2 Igglybuff
22 Pokemon

4 Prof. Elm
4 Gold Berry
4 Balloon Berry
4 Rocket's Hideout Gym
3 Double Gust
2 Boss' Way
1 Nightly Garbage Run
22 Trainers

4 Dark Energy
3 Rainbow Energy
9 Grass Energy
16 Energy

Gymbo...here's a new deck that I'd like you to critique:
Strategy seems simple. Get multiple Slowkings out ASAP, while holding onto Hideout Gym. Once a minimum of two Kings are in play, lay down a Hideout Gym to increase Muk's HP to 80. Murkrow is there for early game Cleffa or Iggly locks, and to keep your opponent busy while building Dark Muck and Kings up. Of course Iggly is there for two reasons; shut down opponents Kings or Plumes, or turn off opponent's Unown D if Murkrow is your only available attacker.
As Hideout Gym will be an easy way to get a Ditto-type kill with a mere countering, running it maxed out should help me always be able to counter their counter.
Thanks for the help,
Neat idea here...has some great potential, and can be quite deadly. Just needs a little bit of tuning up...here we go...

First we have the Pokemon: Drop the Murkrow. Typically, you want 3-4 Krows unless you are going for a Lock-like themed deck. This looks more of a Dark Muk assault with Trainer Denial. So its Murkrow's place lets add another Dark Muk, and 2 Rocket's Scyther for backup. Again, like I said, nothing much to do here...

Next we have the energy: Drop the Rainbow . Add in 3 Grass energy. We shall keep the Dark to get make Sludge Punch do a lot of damage...

Finally we have the Trainers: Drop 1 Balloon Berry, 1 Gold Berry, and 2 Rocket's Hideout. You don't need 3-4 Rocket's Hideout because your Slowking will more than likely keep the Gym in play. So once you get one, play it and your Slowkings will keep it safe from other Stadiums. Playing 4 Gold Berry and 4 Balloon Berry is a bit much, so I cut down the counts a little. Add in another Boss's Way, and another Nightly Garbage Run. Boss's Way will help you speed up getting Dark Muk. Nightly Garbage Run will aid in anti-decking, and getting back Grass energy and Pokemon. Finally, we will add in 2 Focus Bands. These are great cards to play with Rocket's Scyther, and can be great with Muk if you sense danger coming. So without further ado, here is...

Poison Balloon!!!
Pokemon: 22
4 Slowpoke
4 Slowking
4 Grimer (TR)
3 Dark Muk
3 Cleffa
2 Rocket's Scyther
2 Igglybuff

Energy: 16
12 Grass
4 Darkness

Trainers: 22
4 Professor Elm
3 Balloon Berry
3 Gold Berry
3 Double Gust
3 The Boss's Way
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Focus Band
2 Rocket's Hideout

Thanks for such an interesting deck to fix, should do well.
Stop by again soon, and thanks for reading!