Pokémon 19
3 Squirtle (whichever one works best for you)
2 Blastoise
4 Chinchou (Revelation)
2 Lanturn (Genesis)
2 Lanturn (Revelation)
4 Cleffa

Trainers 21
4 Computer Search
4 Elm
2 Breeder
4 Devolution Spray
3 Pokémon Trader
3 Golden Berry

Energy 20
14 Water
6 Lightning

Hey all, remember me? I am back and ready to start fixing your decks again. I am looking for Modified Format decks in particular. It is good practice for the upcoming WCSTS. Still dunno if I can go yet, but I am hoping to see some of you guys there! Anyways lets get going on this deck,

First we have the Pokemon: Add another Squirtle, and I am particular to the ones from Rocket, more HP isn't a bad thing, its a GOOD thing (Gotta love DDP =D). Lets add in 1 Wartortle just in case they get Slowking or Dk Plume, and you can't get a Breeder going. Also add another Blastoise. This makes the Evolution Line: 4/1/3, with Breeders which is very good. Drop a Cleffa, 4 little rabid pieces of fluff in one deck is usually too much. And finally, add 2 Igglybuff for anti-powers.

Next we have the Energy: Alright, I am seeing the idea behind this deck. But you need more Electric energy, so that Lanturn can attack easier. So drop 4 Water, and add 1 Electric. That should do it.

Finally, we have the Trainers: Drop the Elms, and change them to Professor Oak, 3 of them. Change Devolution Spray to Hyper Devolution Spray, and go with 3 of those. Drop the Pokemon Traders, and go with Item Finders instead. Item Finders will help this deck considerably. Drop the Gold Berries for Gust of Winds. And lets add another Pokemon Breeder. The Gusts of Wind will help you pick off the opponent's Bench, and the Breeder will let you get Blastoise faster. And finally, lets get 2 Ecogym in here to help your energy supply.

HydroElectric Thunder, Gymbo Style!
Pokemon: 21
4 Squirtle (Rocket)
1 Wartortle (Base)
3 Blastoise
4 Chinchou (Revelation)
4 Lanturn (2 Genesis, 2 Revelation)
3 Cleffa
2 Igglybuff

Energy: 17
10 Water
7 Electric

Trainers: 22
4 Computer Search
3 Pokemon Breeder
3 Professor Oak
3 Hyper Devolution Spray
3 Item Finder
2 Gust of Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Ecogym

Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon!