Stay off the Grass!

 Pokemon (21)
 4 E. oddish (2 strange powder 2 blot)
 3 E. gloom  (magic pollen)
 2 E. vileplume
 4 grimer (fossil)
 3 D. muk
 3 koffing
 2 D. weezing

  Trainers (15)
  3 pro. elm
  4 defender
  4 potion
  4 S.potion   
  24 grass energy

  Strategy: status lock my opponet and defend/heal my pokemon until E. vileplume         can get going to finish them off.

Ok, now have a funky Grass deck, which I am making Modified Format. So lets get going with this deck...

First we have the Pokemon: Alright, when choosing to make a deck, choose 1-2 evolutions. Playing more than that can make it a lot harder to win consistantly. So I will choose just for the sake of this deck Dark Weezing, which can be a pretty cool card in Modifed. So lets drop the other cards besides the Koffing, and the Dark Weezings. Alright lets start on the rest of the deck. Add in 3 Cleffa for card speed. Add in 2 Igglybuff for anti-powers. Also add in 2 Unown M for anti-Metal. Finally, get in 2 Yanma for backup. Finally, tech in a Discovery Caterpie with Careless Tackle. So you can KO Totodiles with a Dark energy.

Next we have the energy: Drop about 12 Grass energy. You are playing way too much. Add in 3 Dark energy, and 2 Metal. Dark energy works with Dark Weezing. And Metal energy helps when you use Spontaneous Explosion.

Next we have the Trainers: Add another Professor Elm. Four Professor Elm are needed in every Modified Deck. Add in 4 Double Gust, just a very needed card in this Format, can change the tide of the game. Add in 4 Focus Band, this card is just needed, to help against Pokemon KOing you in one shot. Toss in 3 Boss's Way to help get Dark Weezing out faster.  3 Misty's Wrath will act as secondary drawing power. If you want to hurt Feraligatr play 2-3 Chaos Gym in every deck that you can. 2 Rocket's Hideout will help you when adding more HP to Dark Weezing, or to break your own Chaos Gym when you need to play Trainers. And finally, get 2 Nightly Garbage Run will let you get back lost energy and Pokemon. Here is my version of a re-done deck.

Pokemon: 17
4 Koffing (Rocket)
3 Dark Weezing
3 Cleffa
2 Yanma
2 Iggybuff
2 Unown M
1 Caterpie (Discovery)

Energy: 18
12 Grass
3 Dark
3 Metal

Trainers: 25
4 Professor Elm
4 Focus Band
4 Double Gust
3 The Boss's Way
3 Misty's Wrath
3 Chaos Gym
2 Rocket's Hideout
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon!