Mental Bond...

Pokemon (20)
4 Sabrina's Abra (50 HP, can OHKO zubats)
4 Sabrina's Kadabra (nice for gatrs)
3 Sabrina's Alakazam (the power screams, "abuse me...")
2 MP Mewtwo (fast alakazam...)
1 NP Mewtwo (Kill the baby)
4 Cleffa (I need them)
1 Unown D (I no like Murkrow)
1 Lugia (my alakazam can aerowing!)

Energy (17)
15 Psychic
2 Recycle

Trainers (23)
4 Elm
3 Misty's Wrath
2 Master Ball
4 Focus Band
2 Balloon Berry
3 Double Gust
3 Resistance Gym
2 Nightly Garbage Run
Alright, here we go. A pretty cool Modified deck we've got here. I want more Modified decks from all of you out there, especially if you are going to the WCSTS, and want some tweaking. Lets get started!

First we have the Pokemon: Drop a Cleffa, you don't need 4. Add another Nintendo Promo Mewtwo, that card is just cool with Alakazam. Drop the Lugia...its a bit expensive, and I don't think the attack is worth the cost. Add another Unown D for extra Dark Protection. Add in 2 Igglybuff as well, its always nice to be able to Gaze Pokemon Powers...

Next we have the energy: Drop 1 Psychic for another Recycle. Thats it, not much to here. Next...

We have the Trainers: Drop the Master Balls. They aren't needed very much. You have enough drawing Power with 4 Elm/3 Wrath/3 Cleffa. Drop a Resistance Gym. Two are needed if you play 2 Unown D. Add in 2 Chaos Gyms just to screw Gatrs up a little bit. Then toss in another Balloon Berry. I like going 3 Balloon Berry/3 Double Gust just to be on the safe side. Props to you for such a good deck, I didn't have that much to do, just a little bit of tweaking.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to hear from you soon!