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Pokemon Card Game Single Card Strategy
May 1999 & Older
(these are articles by fans & players of the TCG)

PoJo Request - If you are responding to someone elses article, please put the name and date of that article in the subject line (ie: RE: 6-28-99 Mr. Mime).  This helps us find where to post your article, and saves us gobs of time.

Single Card Evaluations:

Do you have deck building strategies?  Single Card Strategies?  Do you run your own tournaments?  Do you play in nicely run tournies at your shop?  Have you found a use for a card that no one really knows?  Do you disagree with advice noted elsewhere?  We want to know!  Write Us.

Note: These submissions are editorials and may not reflects the views of The PoJo.  ;-)

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