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Johto League - Master Quest
This is Season 5

- Ash catches a Pokémon
- Misty catches a Pokémon
- Brock catches a Pokémon
- Casey catches a Pokémon
- Jesse catches a Pokémon
- James catches a Pokémon
  - A Pokémon is released, traded or given away
  - A Pokémon returns, is traded or given back
- A Pokémon evolves in this episode
       If a badge appears next to a title, the badge is obtained in that        episode

              211.  Around the Whirlpool
              212.  Fly me to the moon
213.  Takin’ It on the Chinchou
              214.  The Corsola Caper
              215.  Mantine Overboard
              216.  Octillery the Outcast
              217.  Dueling Heroes
              218.  The Perfect Match
              219.  Plant it now… Diglett later
              220.  Hi Ho Silver … Away
              221.  The Mystery is History
              222.  A Parent Trapped
              223.  A Promise is a Promise
              224.  Throwing in the Noctowl
          224.  Nerves of Steelix
           225.  Bulbasaur...The Ambassador
              226.  Espeon Not Included
              227.  For Ho-oh the Bells toll
              228.  Extreme Pokemon
              229.  An egg-sighting Adventure
          230.  Hatching a Plan
      231.  Due's and Don'ts
              232.  Just waiting on a Friend
              233.  A Tyrogue Full of Trouble
              234.  Xatu the Future
              235.  Talking About an Evolution
              236.  The Rage of Innocence
              237.  As Cold as Price
          238.  Nice, Pryce Baby
              239.  Which Ever Way the Wind Blows
              240.  Some Like it Hot
              241.  Hocus Pokemon
              242.  As Clear as Crystal
              243.  Same Old Song and Dance
              244.  Enlighten Up!
              245.  Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?
              246.  Wish Upon A Star Shape
          247.  Outrageous Rewards
              248.  One Trick Pony
           249.  I Politoed You So!
              250.  The Ice Cave! (Did not air in U.S. Yet)
              251.  Beauty is Skin Deep
              252.  Fangs for Nothin!
           253.  Great Bowls of Fire
       254.  Better Eight than Never
              255.  Why? Wynaut!
              256.  Just Add Water
        257.  Lapras of Luxury

Pokemon Movie 5 fits into timeline here - Latias & Latios

          258.  Hatch me if you can
          259.  Entei at your own Risk
              260.  A crowning achievement
 261.  Here's looking at you, Elekid
              262.  Your a Star, Larvitar

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Pojo.com is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, PoJo.com provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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