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      Episode # 218 - Captive Lugia


  Ash and co have returned to the land, where they think about how they can save the captured Lugia.

Meanwhile, in their Submarine, the Team Rocket scientist victories about his new catch. Cassidy and Butch come up with a plan to steal the other Lugia as well.

Meanwhile, on shore, the sea is rising and the big Lugia appears. Ash tries to explain how his child was kidnapped, but the Lugia gets even more angrier than before and starts blastig off some Hyper Beams, paining the sea and making waves and rain.

Ash and co enter a cave, hiding for the destruction. Ash goes over to the Lugia, trying to calm it down and succeeds.

Later, Jessie is getting mad for doing nothing. She decides they'll steal the other Lugia and take the cage of the little one with them as their new bate. They enter their Magikarp Submarine and try to find it.

Meanwhile, the gang and Lugia try to figure out a way to save the child. Then, Team Rocket spots them and goes on shore, putting the cage somewhere, and wait for the Lugia to show up.

The Lugia sees the cage and can't hold its breath no more and flies over it. Ash notices Team Rocket and tries to warn Lugia, but it gets caught by a net.

Then, Cassidy and Butch show up as well, angry at Jessie and James for going away with the victory they would have earned in the first place.

Ash and Richie try to figh back with their Fire Pokémon, but Cassidy and Butch knock them all out with their Pokémon, and kidnap them in their submarine.

The Team Rocket's head back to their headquarters, laughing for their big, long awaited victories...





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