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      Episode # 208- Pidgey and Large Pidgey! Still Will Watch an Eye to the Sky


  The gang arrives at the first island of the Whirlpool Cup and decide to explore around.

Misty spots in the see a Corsola, sitting on a rock. The Corsola is having fun by playing with its self-made Whirpools. Misty decides to go after it, but can't reach it, since the Whirlpools are too dangerous.

A man in a boat comes by, and says he is willing to bring them there, but then sees the Whirlpools and explains there just to dangerous to approach.

Misty sees a robe bridge, but nobody wants to go over it. The man takes them to his house, where they see a big painting of a Pidgey flying.

The man has got many Pidgey, and some of them are a little chubbie. The man explains he wants to learn his Pidgey how to Fly, but they can't because their too fat and he doesn't know what he could do about it.

Ash calls to Professor Oak, who simply thinks the Pidgey are just to fat because they must eat to much.

The man then exlains his painting. A time ago, he studied it and wanted to fly to. One of his Pidgey went along, and could Fly, but became chubbie over the years. He caught more Pidgey, but they became fat as well.

Team Rocket is listening too, and want to steel the Pidgey and Pikachu. They claim they have a way to loose their weight. They continue listening and the man says he simpy wants to fly to the sun, together with his Pidgey.

The next morning, Team Rocket comes into the man's house in disguise, telling him that they will help him, no charge. Meowth starts talking to a Pidgey and goes on for a while.

Team Rocket takes the gang into their changed balloon. They fly up really high and the Pidgey begin to fly a little. Soon, the gang are attacked by Spearow and Fearow, but Ash can defeat them by ordering Pikachu to give them a Thunderbolt.

Team Rocket continues their work and notice how the Pidgey learn to Fly. They deceide to not steal them and deceide to leave it with that.

The gang says goodbye and head to the next city.


BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


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