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Episode 261:Here's Looking At You,Elekid

Our heroes are on their way to Mt.Silver they then have their breakfast.When Misty speaks to Larvitar it hardens up Misty gets sad.Then suddenly a pokemon comes and takes Larvitar's breakfast.Ash checks it on its Pokedex it happens to be a Elekid.This angers Pikachu both are about to use thundershock.But Ash comes in between and gets shocked.Then T.R put their net and snatch Larvitar and Elekid.Ash sends Bayleef out to use Razor Leaf but it doesn't work then Weezing uses Smokescreen and they escape.Then they see something rummaging in the bushes.Then a Pokemon comes out Brock tells them its a Meganium & Ash checks it on his Pokedex.Then a girl comes running it happens to be Cassey.Brock asks her if the Meganium is hers she tells her Meganium evolved from a Bayleef.She asks about ash's Bayleef and when she sees Bayleef beside Ash, she tells him that Meganium are faster and all that.Ash tells that his Bayleef as better as Meganium and they argue.Then she tells them she saw an Elekid but lost track of.Ash tells her that he saw the Elekid and Cassey gets excited and asks Ash where it went Ash tells her that T.R captured it along with Larvitar.Cassey gets irritated with T.R and tells him its not them again and tells our heroes she's tired of them(how many times has she faced the IDIOT T.R.Not more than Ash,Misty and Brock??).

Back to T.R, James tells Elekid its his new master and goes near it.Then Elekid uses Thundershock and shocks james and makes the net fall.Jesse and Meowth very angry with james.Then Elekid and Larvitar get up.Elekid leads larvitar in the forest.larvitar's follows dully.Then Elekid uses Thundershock to drop 2 apples from a tree.Then they start to eat Larvitar starts to eat in a decent manner.But Elekid stops it and shows how to eat the apple.Then Larvitar starts eating the way Elekid does.Then T.R are searching for Larvitar and Elekid.James wonders whether the boss will be happy with Larv and Ele.Meowth tells him the boss will like them.Jesse tells them to keep quiet and search for Ele and Larv.Then she spots themand they throw the net at ele and larv.Ele uses thunder but its useless.Then larv screeches(larv's screeches have become as usual as Pikachu's Thundershocks in the episodes).Then T.R close their ears and the noise reaches our heroes also.They too close their ears T.R can be seen by them.Then Meganium uses Razor leaf and the net breaks (james swapped net to make sure Ele's shocks wouldn't affect it).Then Elekid and Larvitar are on the ground.But our heroes & Cassey see only a net and go in different directions to search it.Then T.R and our heroes battle and t.r go blasting off and land on a man.

Then the man tells them to buy a Magikarp.Then James remembers the man and realizes that he the person had fooled him to buy a Magikarp and asks him to return his money.The man tells him to return the Magikarp.Meowth asks him what happened to the Magikarp and James tells him that he kicked it.Then the man tells him there's a substitute and tells him that he has a Weepin Bell that he'll trade a Pokemon for it.He adds that weepin bell's sweet scent will get them all the wild pokemon from around the forest.Then T.R decide on which pokemon to trade.j & j decide on Meowth.meowth gets angry and tells that he's the brains of the three.Meowth tells Weezing should be traded but James tells them that it was because of Weezing they managed to escape.Then they decide on wobbuffet Jesse tells that wobbuffet's counter attacks were useful.Then they decide on victreebell.

James starts crying and tells he cant trade it because he likes it and tells them how he caught and it evolved.then its decided that Victreebell will be traded James gets very sad .Then after the trading the man goes away.James is still crying Jesse and Meowth tell James to bring out weepinbell.When he sees it he remembers how his own Weepinbell was then he tells it to use Sweet scent.Ele smells it goes Larv follows meganium and Pikachu to follow.Brock sniffs the air and tells that some wild pokemo is using scent.Cassey tells that Elekid and Larvitar must be there too.They follow Meganium and pikachu.They see Larv and Ele.larv and Ele fall in a hole close to t.r cassey and our heroes run forward to save ele and larv but also fall in a hole.Then t.r take ele and larv in a net and start running.cassey tells Meganium to use vinewhip and they come on top.

Then T.R battle with our heroes and cassey.Then t.r loses and weepinbell evolves into a victreebell.brock sends Forretress to free Ele and Larv from the net.Then this time it tries to eat Jesse.Meowth and james force it to leave Jesse then jesse comes out and tells arbok to remove Victreebell out of her sight.Arbok sends Victreebell in the air.Meanwhile the man kicks James' Victreebell 'cause it was trying to eat him.both the victreebell hit each other and fall in love and go.meanwhile T.R goes blasting off.Then Cassey challenges Ele for a battle.Meganium wins and Cassey catches ele.Then our heroes congratulate her on catching a new Pokemon.She sings Ash a song in praise of Elekid.Then brock tells her she'll het her 4 badges in no time and our heroes go off to Mt.Silver.


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