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Pokemon DVD List
by Scott26985

Last updated 4.01.04

The following is a list of all pokmon dvds in relation to each season. It is based on the dvds available from March 2004. It does not take into account the fact that seasons 1 - 4 are rumoured to be getting new dvd box sets (in regions 1, 2 and 4) from the new publisher of seasons 5 onwards (basically you may want to save your pennies and wait for them instead of buying the expensive 60 + dvds out right now!)

Season 1 - Indigo League

4 episodes of season 1 are not on these dvds. They include: “Legend of Dratini” and “Electric Hero Porygon” which never got an English translation, “Beauty and the Beach” which was translated after the dvds which published, and finally “Pallet Party Panic” which appears as the first episode on the season 2 dvds. I should also point out that Volumes 18 and 19 have episodes mixed up in the wrong order over the 2 dvds.

Pokemon Vol. 01 - I Choose You Pikachu
Pokémon, I Choose You!
Pokemon Emergency!
Ash Catches a Pokemon

Pokemon Vol. 02 - The Mystery Of Mount Moon
Challenge Of The Samurai
Showdown In Pewter City
Clefairy And The Moon Stones

Pokemon Vol. 03 - The Sisters Of The Cerulean City
The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City
The Path To The Pokeman League
The School Of Hard Knocks

Pokemon Vol. 04 - Poke-Friends
Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
Charmander: The Stray Pokemon
Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

Pokemon Vol. 05 - Thunder Shock
Battle Aboard the St
Electric Shock Showdown
Mystery At the Lighthouse

Pokemon Vol. 06 - Seaside Pikachu
Poke'mon Shipwreck
Island Of The Giant Pokemon
Tentacool and Tentacruel

Pokemon Vol. 07 - Psychic Surprise
The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
Bye Bye Butterfree
Abra and the Psychic Showdown

Pokemon Vol. 08 - Primeape Problems
Tower of Terror
Haunter vs. Kadabra
Primeape Goes Bananas

Pokemon Vol. 09 - Fashion Victims
Pokémon Scent-Station
Hypno's Naptime
Pokémon Fashion Flash

Pokemon Vol. 10 - Fighting Tournament
The Punchy Pokemon
Sparks Fly For Magnamite
Dig Those Digglet

Pokemon Vol. 11 - The Great Race
The Ninja-Poke Showdown
The Pokemon Flame-athon
The Kangaskhan Kid

Pokemon Vol. 12 - Pikachu Party
The Bridge Bike Gang
Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
Pikachu's Goodbye

Pokemon Vol. 13 - Wake Up Snorlax
The Battling Eevee Brothers
Wake Up Snorlax!
Showdown at Dark City

Pokemon Vol. 14 - Jigglypuff Pop
The March of the Exeggutor Squad
The Problem With Paras
The Song of Jigglypuff

Pokemon Vol. 15 - Charizard
Attack Of The Prehistoric Pokemon
A Chansey Operation
Holy Matrimony!

Pokemon Vol. 16 - Totally Togepi
So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd
Who Gets To Keep Togepi?
Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden

Pokemon Vol. 17 - Picture Perfect
The Case Of The K-9 Caper!
Pokemon Paparazzi
The Ultimate Test
The Breeding Center Secret

Pokemon Vol. 18 - Water Blast
Riddle Me This
Volcanic Panic
Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

Pokemon Vol. 19 - Our Hero Meowth
Princess vs. Princess
The Purr-fect Hero
The Misty Mermaid

Pokemon Vol. 20 - The Final Badge
Clefairy Tales
The Battle Of The Badge
It's Mr. Mime Time

Pokemon Vol. 21 - Po-Ke Corral
Holiday Hi-Jynx
Snow Way Out!
Showdown at the Po-Ke Corral

Pokemon Vol. 22 - Hang Ten Pikachu
The Evolution Solution
The Pi-Kahuna
Make Room For Gloom

Pokemon Vol. 23 - Show Time
Lights, Camera, Quack-tion
Go West, Young Meowth
To Master The Onixpected

Pokemon Vol. 24 - Into The Arena
The Ancient Puzzle Of Pokemopolis
Bad To The Bone
All Fired Up!

Pokemon Vol. 25 - Round One
Round One-Begin!
Fire And Ice
The Fourth Round Rumble

Pokemon Vol. 26 - Friends & Rivals
A Friend In Deed
Friend And Foe Alike
Friends To The End

Season 2 - Orange Islands

Season 2 dvds are complete but Volumes 2 and 3 have episodes mixed up in the wrong order over the 2 dvds

Pokemon Vol. 27 - 38:

Pokemon - The Adventures in the Orange Islands (Vol.1)
Pallet Party Panic
A Scare in the Air
Pokeball Peril
The Lost Lapras
Fit To Be Tide
Pikachu Revolts!
The Crystal Onix
In The Pink
Shell Shock
Stage Fight!
Bye Bye, Psyduck!
The Joy of Pokemon

Pokemon - The Adventures in the Orange Islands (Vol. 2)
Navel Maneuvers
Snack Attack
Shipful of Shivers
Meowth Rules!
Tracy Gets Bugged
A Way Off Day Off
The Mandarin Island Miss Match
Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon:
Git Along, Little Pokemon
The Mystery Menace
Misty Meets Her Match
Bound For Trouble

Pokemon - The Adventures in the Orange Islands (Vol. 3)
Charizard Chills
The Pokemon Water War
Pokemon Food Fight
Pokemon Double Trouble
The Wacky Watcher
The Stun Spore Detour
Hello Pummelo
Enter The Dragonite
Viva Las Lapras
The Underground Round Up
A Tents Situation
The Rivalry Revival

Season 3 - Johto Journeys

Unfortunately the season 3 dvds are in a bit of a mess. 2 episodes have not made it to the dvds which are: “The Fortune Hunters” and “The Psychic Sidekick”. Also Volumes 45, 49, 50, and 51 have episodes mixed up in the wrong order over the 4 dvds. Season 3 dvds stop at Volume 51 but there other dvds called Pokemon: Vol. 52 though to Vol. 63 which have random episodes from season 4 (Season 4 has it’s own complete dvd series so these dvds are really not worth looking at).

Pokemon Vol. 39 - Johto Journeys: A Brand New World
Don't Touch That 'dile
The Double Trouble Header
A Sappy Ending

Pokemon Vol. 40 - Johto Journeys: Midnight Guardian
Roll On, Pokemon!
Illusion Confusion!
Flower Power

Pokemon Vol. 41 - Johto Journeys: Mission Spinarak
Spinarak Attack
Snubbull Snobbery
The Little Big Horn

Pokemon Vol. 42 - Johto Journeys: Snow Rescue
The Chikorita Rescue
Once In A Blue Moon
The Whistle Stop

Pokemon Vol. 43 - Johto Journeys: Flying Ace
Ignorance Is Blissey
A Bout With Sprout
Fighting Flyer With Fire

Pokemon Vol. 44 - Johto Journeys: Fire Power
For Crying Out Loud
Tanks A Lot
Charizard's Burning Ambitions

Pokemon Vol. 45 - Johto Journeys: Team Green
Grin To Win!
Chikorita's Big Upset
Foul Weather Friends

Pokemon Vol. 46 - Johto Journeys: Crimson Warrior
The Superhero Secret
Mild 'n Wooly
Wired For Battle!

Pokemon Vol. 47 - Johto Journeys: Azalea Adventures
Good 'Quil Hunting
A Shadow of a Drought
Going Apricorn!

Pokemon Vol. 48 - Johto Journeys: Buddy Boogie
Gettin' The Bugs Out
A Farfetch'd Tale
Tricks of the Trade

Pokemon Vol. 49 - Johto Journeys: The Squirtle Squad
No Big Woop
Tunnel Vision
The Fire-ing Squad

Pokemon Vol. 50 - Johto Journeys: Midnight Heroes
Hour of Houndour
The Totodile Duel
Hot Matches!

Pokemon Vol. 51 - Johto Journeys: Ursaring Rampage
Love, Totodile Style
Fowl Play!
Forest Grumps

Season 4 - Johto League Champions

The season 4 dvds only have one episodes missing “Pikachu's PikaBoo”, which is the last episodes in the series so it is likely it will appear on the season 5 dvds

Pokemon Johto League Champions Vol. 1
A Goldenrod Opportunity
A Dairy Tale Ending
Air Time
The Bug Stops Here
Type Casting
Fossil Fools
Carrying On

Pokemon Johto League Champions Vol. 2
Hassle in the Castle
Two Hits and a Miss
A Hot Water Battle
Hook, Line and Stinker
Beauty and the Breeder
A Better Pill To Swallow
Power Play!

Pokemon Johto League Champions Vol 3
Mountain Time
Imitation Confrontation
The Trouble with Snubbull
Ariados, Amigos
Wings 'N' Things
The Grass Route

Pokemon Johto League Champions Vol 4
The Apple Corps
Houndoom's Special Delivery.
The Tower Inferno
From Ghost to Ghost
Brewing Up Trouble
All That Glitters
The Light Fantastic

Pokemon Johto League Champions Vol 5
Moving Pictures!
Spring Fever
Freeze Frame
The Stolen Stones!
The Dunsparce Deception
The Wayward Wobbuffet

Pokemon Johto League Champions Vol 6
Sick Daze
Ring Masters
The Poké Spokesman
Control Freak!
The Art Of Pokémon
The Heartbreak of Brock
Current Events

Pokemon:Johto League Champions Vol 7
Turning Over a New Bayleef
Doin' What Comes Natu-rally
The Big Balloon Blow-Up
The Screen Actor's Guilt
Right On, Rhydon!
The Kecleon Caper
The Joy of Water Pokemon
Got Miltank?
Fight For the Light!
Machoke, Machoke Man!

Season 5 - Master Quest (Johto League)
Season 6 - Pokemon Advanced
Season 7

Dvds for these seasons have yet to be published, but are on the way from a new company.

by scott26985




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