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Thursday  05.03.01 
Well ... my house kinda caught on fire Monday night.  We had an electrical fire above the kitchen ceiling.  No one was hurt, and the Fire Department put it out before it spread to the rest of the house.  We didn't really get electricity back on until last night.  So ... forgive me for not updating as usual.  I'll try to get some fun things up today.  

Tuesday  05.01.01   Doll was busy again last night, posting 15 new Pokemon TCG Tips & Strategies.  Thanks to everyone who continues to submit cool tips & strategies.

Monday  04.30.01   I put together another Pojo News Report for you today.  In the News today:

  • Pokemon Stadium 2 is the number one game rental
  • Wotc announces your chance to meet some great baseball players like Tony Gwynn, Roberto Alomar, Andrew Jones & More as part of an MLB showdown promotion.
  • Mage Knight adds a chariot to gameplay!
  • & Lot's of Mew's News

Gym Leader Phil wrote up a Report from the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown Qualifiers in Florida last weekend.  He also snapped a few photos.  You can find the report in our Featured Articles section.  Great Work Phil!

We also got another nice analysis of Wotc's Super Trainer Showdown Regulations.  You'll find both of them in our Featured Articles section

Doll was busy again over the weekend, posting 10 new Killer Deck Reports. Thanks to everyone who wrote one up!  

Saturday  04.28.01   CHRISBO sent us another awesome WOTC Chat Report.  Here's what you'll find discussed in this week's summary:

  • STS Formats
  • Qualifier Tourney News
  • Promo Cards
  • Southern Islands & More
  • You'll find it posted in our Featured Articles section!

Doll added 20 new Fan Art pieces to the Fan Art Gallery of the Pokedex today!

Friday  04.27.01  For the first time in a couple of weeks ... The Deck Garage has been updated! Here's what the mechanics have been up to:

  • FlareonMaster fixed 3 decks!
  • Ness fixed 3 decks!
  • Satoshi fixed 3 decks!
  • GLithH tweaked a stall deck
  • Underdog repairs a mono grass deck
  • Good work guys!!!

Doll added 20 new Fan Art pieces to the Fan Art Gallery of the Pokedex today!

For the first time in a week or so, we've added a Pokemon Quiz to the right margin.   Older Polls & Quizzes are on our Polls & Quizzes Page

Thursday  04.26.01   Blueoval_uk sent in a great article on Pokemon Breeding for Gold & Silver!  This has been added to our Gold & Silver section.  We also added some tips from some fans:

  • Egg Hatching Tips
  • Cut Tips
  • Tips for cloning Rare Pokemon
  • Walking Faster
  • Catching Lugia
  • Catching the Legendary Dogs
  • & More Gameshark Codes for G&S

Doll sent me a fantastic article from DRG3 regarding the upcoming Super Trainer Showdown.  DRG3 goes into the new format in great detail, looking at the cards we lost, and the cards & energies we'll see played.  This is highly recommended reading, and was put in our Featured Articles section.  Here is a direct link to the article

Wow ... 3 nights of work for Doll in a row!  Last night she posted 15 new Pokemon TCG Tips & Strategies.  Thanks to everyone who continues to submit cool tips & strategies.

Wednesday  04.25.01  I put together another Pojo News Report for you today.  In the News today:

  • Pokemon still in the Lycos Top 10 Searched Terms.  That & Dragon Ball have been in the Top 50 for 87 straight weeks!
  • Lawsuit reveals plans for Tolkien Type Game
  • Arabs see Jewish conspiracy in Pokemon
  • Slow Pokemon Sales killing Hasbro
  • Pokemon Stadium 2 is the number 1 best selling video Game.  Where's Conker's Bad Fur Day?  It's in the Top 10.
  • Lot's of Mew's News with images of new Lugia, Mew, & Scizor cards, as well as more images of the 3 new Pokemon we know about.  

Doll was busy again last night, posting 10 new Killer Deck Reports. Thanks to everyone who wrote one up!  

Tuesday  04.24.01  After a bit of a relaxing layoff, Doll got busy last night and posted 30 new Pokemon TCG Tips & Strategies.  Thanks to everyone who continues to submit cool tips & strategies.

If you missed the message on the front page regarding our message board, here it is again:  "Our Message Board will be shut down most of the day today.  EZBoard is upgrading to 6.1 which will add new features for users and board managers.  The board will reportedly be much faster, and show Who's online.  Cool!"   

Monday  04.23.01  I took a long siesta this weekend, and didn't do any website work at all, except for a few moderator changes at the Message Board.  Now it's time to get my hands dirty again ...

Today's Pojo News is now posted.  Here are some highlights:

  • Pokemon 4 Movie website is now open on the Internet
  • Wotc announce ECSTS Format
  • Pokemon Neo 4 CCG goes on sale in Japan! with scans!
  • New Mew Promo, w/scan
  • New Anime Magazine to hit stands
  • New Toonami Network?
  • New Toonami schedule
  • WCSTS news
  • and a plethora of Mew's News

I made a posting blunder Friday.  CHRISBO sent me another awesome WOTC Chat Report, and I completely forgot to post it!  DOH!  Sorry Chris!  There is some great stuff in in this week regarding:

  • STS Formats
  • Promo Cards
  • Future Releases
  • Etc
  • You'll find it posted in our Featured Articles section!

I added a new poll to the site today.  It's about the new format for the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown.  We want to hear your thoughts on it.  The poll is in the right margin today.  Thanks to motoki-O for the poll idea.  

Friday  04.20.01   NEWSFLASH  - Wizards of the Coast announced the format of the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown on their website last night.  Here is what Dark Master Trainer Mike had to say:

"- Only Pokemon TCG cards from the following sets may be used: Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge and Neo Genesis. Cards from any sets previous to these sets or from the Neo Discovery set are not permitted for deck construction.

- All Pokemon TCG promo cards may be used, with the exception of promo cards that have identical versions in Pokemon TCG card sets that are have been restricted from use. This includes all Pre-Release and foil stamped versions of these cards. (Pre-Release Clefable, Pre-Release Aerodactyl, etc.)

- Sneazel, a Pokemon from the Neo Genesis expansion cannot be played in this event.

We have removed the older sets from this environment in order to generate new deck styles and deck ideas for play. A large enough base of cards has been included to allow players to build decks without limiting the types of viable Pokemon, or removing the key cards necessary to play decks with multiple Pokemon types.

The decision to remove Sneazel from this environment does not indicate that we consider the card a problem for normal constructed play. We did feel that, in this environment, Sneazel presented too strong a Pokemon choice to be ignored by skilled trainers and that he would be included in most decks. We felt this would not allow decks ideas to be fully realized, since Sneazel would be chosen as the optimal Active Pokemon. It is our belief that with the release of later sets, that Sneazel will not populate decks so fully as to curb good deck construction concepts."

So ... tell us what you think in the STS section of our Message Board!

Thursday  04.19.01  Sadly, this is Jackie's last day handling Pojo's Pokemon News.  Here's what's inside Jackie's last report:

  • Jackie's announcement  :-(
  • Nintendo delays Gamecube in Japan
  • Pokemon, DBZ, and Final Fantasy all in the Lycos Top 10
  • Pokemon 3 in the Top 10 last week
  • Wotc posts cool Create-a-Cards
  • & Mew's News

Jackie did Pojo's Pokemon News for over a year and a half!  Feel free to send her a special thanks today if you've enjoyed her work at:  Also, feel free to vote in our Special Pokemon News Poll. 

Seth just sent us a new Revision of his very cool Pokemon TCG Checklist.  This one was revised April 19, 2001, and includes all the latest promos!  You can download and print this cool Checklist from our Downloads Page.

What this?!  Ness found some time out of his busy school schedule to crank out a new Card of the Day!  At-a-boy Ness!  Today, Ness has a look at the very scary looking Magby card.

For you West Coast Super Trainer Showdown Players ... the Wizards of the Coast website now indicates the West Coast STS will be played in Sunny San Diego later this year!

Wednesday  04.18.01   Yes ... the rumored news is true.  Pojo's Pokemon Monthly will come to an end soon.  One more monthly issue will hit the stands in May of 2001.  That mag will be the June 2001 issue.  Our publisher, H&S Media, decided to cancel the magazine due to declining sales, and lack of advertising revenue.   But it was a heck of a run!  We were able to produce 19 quality monthly Pokemon Magazines for you (from December 1999 to June 2001).  We also made a Guide to U.S. Pokemon Cards last Christmas.  That's a total of 20 issues!  That is way cool, and something me and the staff are really proud of.  

Is this the end of future Pojo Magazines?  Not yet!  Our first Dragon Ball Z mag sold like hot cakes.  The second one just hit the newsstands.  If it sells well, we may make some more.  Same thing for our upcoming Magic: The Gathering Magazine.   Heck, another Pokemon Special isn't completely out of the picture??!!

I want to thank all the people that contributed regularly to make Pojo's Pokemon Magazine the coolest Monthly Pokemon title on the market.  Special thanks goes out to:  Nancy Davies, Scott Gerhardt, Jackie La Berg, Kit Kiefer, Hal Hintze, Brian Brokaw, Tyler Grund, JonnyO, Ron Smalec, Chippy, Josh, Doll, Satoshi, Ness, Jonathan Ng, Edo, Kittyfox, Gordon Kane, Griffin, Keith Williams, Steve Diamond, Aaron, Tyais, PokeDoc, Spike, Pie, Glenn Kardy, Gina, Ray, Catherine Buckley, Amy Gill, Crash, GLitcH, Underdog, PokePop, PokeSensei, Jen, Gary Mollohan, and some important folks at H&S Media - Bob Baker, Steve Keen, and Harvey Wasserman.  Thanks to all you guys!!!  As I said in the December 2000 issue .... I may be a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but you guys help me hide that fact pretty darn well. - Pojo

On to happier news ....

I finally saw the 3rd Pokemon Movie last night. I found it very enjoyable, and give it a thumbs up!  We added a new poll today to the right column to find out which of the first 3 movies that you liked the best so far!   Older Polls & Quizzes are on our Polls & Quizzes Page

I've established a personal goal now to clean up the Anime/Cartoon section of our site.  I've been working on Bios for all the characters.  Want to help?  Send me Bios of any character in the Pokemon Anime that we haven't written about yet. Like the Gym Leaders, the Babes, the villains, etc.  If you have images ... send them to!  Send your stuff to  Of course, as always, you'll get all the credit!!!

I added more Fan Anime Summaries today (most these already had Fan Summaries, but we added other's points of view):

  • Riddle Me This
  • Pokemon Scent-Sation
  • Bye Bye Psyduck
  • Tracy Gets Bugged
  • Showdown at Dark City
  • Pokemon Emergency
  • Naval Maneuvers
  • Shipful of Shivers
  • Meowth Rules
  • Mandarin Island Miss Match
  • and many more. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  



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