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Who's Team Rocket?

Team Rocket is an international Pokémon crime syndicate, of which the two most famous (and inept) members are THE Team Rocket, Jessie and James.  They're always accompanied by Meowth, the only pokemon who speaks a human language. 

Together with their own pokemon (Ekans and Koffing, who later evolve into Weezing and Arbok) they travel around stealing pokemon.  At least, that's what they try to do...they never manage to succeed.  

It seems that no matter what ingenious plan they concoct, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are always showing up and thwarting their schemes.  Team Rocket wants a Pikachu, and not just any Pikachu will do.  They want Ash's Pikachu and have tried to capture him on several occasions.  They never manage to accomplish anything but being "blasted off" in the end of nearly every episode.  At times they seem to be the most brilliant of criminal minds, yet they're plans always backfire.  Team Rocket is most known for their "motto," which always proceeds a battle with them:

Jessie: "Prepare for trouble..."

James: "And make it double..."
Jessie: "To protect the world from devastation..."
James: "To unite all peoples within our nation..."
Jessie: "To denounce the evils of truth and love..."
James: "To extend our reach to the stars above..."
Jessie: "Jessie..."
James: "James..."
Jessie: "Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light..."
James: "Surrender now, or prepare to fight..."
Meowth: "Meowth, that's right!"
Right before they begin their master plans, Team Rocket always says their motto.  Not much is know about each of the member's pasts.  We know that James comes from a wealthy family and that his parents want him to marry some girl named Jessibell who looks identical to Jessie.  We don't know anything about Jessie's past.  We know that Meowth was at one time the Boss's pokemon, and that Jessie and James aren't his trainers.  And that's all we know... every criminal has his or her secrets, right?

- Eric Williamson


1.30.01  Jessie is a loyal member of Team Rocket. 
Accompanied by her partners James and Meowth, her one goal is to capture 
Pikachu and defeat her rival Cassidy. 
Before she joined Team Rocket, Jessie's ambition was to become a Pokémon Nurse. 
However, after she realized that she was never cut out to be one, Jessie left and 
joined the bike gang in Sunny Town. There, she met James. 
They both attended Pokémon Tech together where they eventually flunked out. 
Jessie's rocky past has led her down the dark path of joining the greatest criminal 
organization in the Pokémon World, but deep inside that rough exterior still lies the 
heart of a kind and caring woman. 

First Seen: Pokémon Emergency 
Evolves In: Dig Those Diglett 

Caught: Princess Versus Princess 

Caught & Released: The Evolution Solution 

- Zeo 


2.22.01  I have some info on Jessie of Team Rocket's past. Her mom, Miyamato, was in Team Rocket. On a mission to the Andes Mt's to try and capture Mew she was said to have gotten killed by an Avalaunche. Jessie was only 4-6 when she died. Ever wonder why she joined TR or loves snow so much? - Jessie



Team Rocket is actually the Team Rocket Go-Team. The full Team Rocket is a band of PokčMon theives, all scheming together under the leadership of Viridian Gym Leader Giovanni to get rich through the stealing and subsequent selling of Rare and Valuable Pokčmon. The Team Rocket Go-Team consists of 16 year old Jessie, 15 year old James, and Meowth, the only Pokčmon known to talk (except for Lugia, Slowking, and Mewtwo).

Jessie: Poor as a kid, Jessie was forced to go into Bicycle Gangs as a young girl to get recognition from other people. When an offer came on the table for her to Join Team Rocket, She jumped at the idea. She prides her hair most of all, and her worst fear is having a Crew Cut. She gets easily enraged at her imbicilic partner James.

PokčMon: Arbok, Lickitung

James: James was a rich child growing up. After his parents forced him to become engaged to a girl named Jessebell, he ran away from home, never to be heard from again. he joined a bicycle Gang and met Jessie, where the two formed a friendship (and possible romance) with each other. They both signed up with Team Rocket at the same time, and have worked as a Team since then.

PokčMon: Growly (A Growlithe), Victreebell, Gyarados (Went Wild), Weezing.

Meowth: Stranded as a pet PokčMon, Meowth joined a Persian gang. He was often caught, being a slow Meowth. After he fell in love with a Beautiful Female Meowth, he taught himself how to talk human and walk Human to impress her.  She rejected meowth and went with the leader of the Persian gang instead.  Later, Giovanni found Meowth in an alleyway, and took him in as his pet. He later put Meowth on the Team Rocket Go-Team after Persian replaced Meowth as his pet. 

- ScizorPriest187


What's a Pokemon?

Who's Ash?

Who's Misty?

Who's Brock?

Who's Tracy?

Who's Professor Oak?

Who's Team Rocket?

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