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Who's Tracey?

Tracey is the 14 year old boy who joins Ash and Misty on their adventure
through the orange islands.  Tracy is a "Pokemon Watcher", meaning he watches Pokemon, draw pictures of them, and studies them.

When He founds out that ash and misty know Professor Oak, he "invites himself in" and from then on he rides on the lapras with ash and misty.  The funny thing is that every time he sees professor oak, he gets massively hiper, and he has stars in his eyes.  

- Qtschick003


Tracy Sketcher
    Tracy Sketcher is a Pokémon Watcher. He watches Pokemon and sees if they are in good health. His first appearance is in "The Lost Lapras" He joins Ash Ketchum and Misty on their journey while Ash battles in the Orange League because Tracy wants to meet Professor. His Pokemon are: Venonat, Marril, and Syther. - Kids


    Tracy joins in the episode after Brock leaves. He meets Ash when Ash finds some kids treating a Lapras badly. When he is challenged to a battle, Tracy appears and makes some comments about the baddies' Pokemon being poorly etc. and Ash's Pikachu "electrifying".
    Tracy owns a Venonat, a Marril and later on, an old Scyther. He is quite intelligent and is a Pokemon "Watcher" and has a particular liking to Prof. Oak. He wears a kinda' jogging outfit. He knows a lot about the Orange Islands.
- Andrew McKendry


Tracey Kenji Sketcher joins the group shortly after Brock leaves. (Yeah!)  He is a Pokemon watcher and sketches a new pokemon when he gets a chance.  He's about 13-15 years of age, and he follows Ash to be able to meet Professor Oak.  His Pokemon are Marril, Scyther and Venonat.  He knows alot about Pokemon and his Japanese name is Kenji.  He leaves after the Orange League and Brok comes back.(awww...) - Angelica


Tracey is a Pokemon Watcher who we first meet in "The Lost Lapras". He
replaces Brock as the "wise one". He has a Marril, Venonat, and a Scyther.

- Cagel2k

Tracey is a Pokemon Watcher from Tangelo Island. He draws everything he sees and seems to be very interested in working with Professor Oak. He doesn't just draw Pokemon, sometimes he draws girls, claiming, "I need to make some observations." He's really smart and knows a lot about the Orange Islands. He's kind of a "fraidy cat" though. (But not as scared as Team Rocket!
They're scared of everything.) I'm glad Brock came back, but I wonder if
Prof. Oak's gonna fire him in the future, so he has to go with Ash again.
That would be good, he's better than Brock anyway (though not as funny).

- --Lauren, the Smeargle Master


 Tracey is a PokèMon Watcher from the Orange Islands league. He tags along with Ash after he finds out that Ash is doing favours for Professor Oak, His hero. We find out along the way that Tracey has some of the attributes of Brock, caring for sick PokèMon and sharing Brock’s taste for girls at the same time. He develops theories about Togepi’s attacks also. After Ash, Misty and Tracey return to professor Oak, Tracey decides to stay with Professor Oak to further his studies.

PokèMon: Scyther, Marril, Venonat

Crushes: Officer Jenny

- ScizorPriest187


Tracey Sketcher

      A nice 14 year old, he replaces Brock during the Orange Islands league
to try and meet Professor Oak.  He has Marril and Venonat, and later catches
Scyther.  He is almost as gaga over girls as Brock, but doesn’t make a fool
of himself like Brock does.  Also, he is almost as brainless as Ash. (Making
Misty the smartest one on the show, because Jessie and James as dumb as
fruitcakes.  No more qualifiers!)  When he finally follows Ash and Misty to
Professor Oak’s lab, he totally goes ballistic!  He stays with Oak and Brock
comes back.  (Aaw Shoot!!) - Mewtwo3053


8.17.01 Ok, not quite your normal Kenji (once again, please note that I like the
Japanese Human names.) profile. So sue me.
I've noticed that a LOT of people (apparently not here :P) hate Kenji
because he replaces Brock/Takeshi. Now, Takeshi is a GREAT character, I
like him a lot, but that's no reason to dislike Kenji-kun.
I mean, look at the Digimon fans. Daisuke/Davis replaced Taichi/Tai, and
while he is quite hated, he's also quite loved. Same for Miyako/Yolei,
Iori/Cody and Ken.
I happen to love Kenji (Shigeru/Gary more…). And Takeshi. And so,
concludes my rant.
And here's a profile!
Name: Kenji
Dub Name: Tracey Sketchit (BAAAAAD JOKE)
Age: Anywhere from 13-15. Around the same age as Takeshi
Pokemon: Venonat, Marril, Scyther
Love?: Dunno :/
--KasumiKingler aka Flo
email: dewgong@sakura-saku.net


What's a Pokemon?

Who's Ash?

Who's Misty?

Who's Brock?

Who's Tracy?

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