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 A crowning achievement - Episode 260

Our heroes are on their way to Mt.Silver where Ash will participate in the Silver Conference and leave Larvitar at the foot of Mt.Silver which is Larvitar's birthplace.Misty wonders why Larvitar only listens to Ash and hardens up when others talk to it.Brock tells her he'll make Larvitar laugh and starts making faces Larvitar gets scared and starts screeching.Ash and Misty get angry at Brock.Then after Larvitar stops screeching,Brock tells them he hears a waterfall and they had better have lunch there.Meanwhile T.R are listening to th e conversation and are having lunch.Jesse finishes the doughnuts making Meowth and James angry she tells them to go to the waterfall and capture Pikachu.James and meowth decide to follow her.

Ash is delighted and runs along with Pikachu and falls down.Misty and Brock follow him.Then they see a crown on a rock in the middle of the river.Brock tells them that its a Kings Rock and our heroes decide to check it out.Then suddenly a girl and her father arrive there and tell our heroes not to touch the crown as it depends on the future of th e Slowpoke in the river.Our heroes promise her they wont touch the crown and introduce each other the girl's name is Alison and her father happens to be a Proffesor.She has a Slowpoke called Arthur who's very clos eto her.Brock as usual goes mad at seeing Alison.Misty asks why the crown is so important and then Alison tells that recently a earthquake struck the region and caused a crack causing a lot of water to enter the crack but the waterfall flows but is unable to fill the river.

Alison's father tells them theres a legend about the Slowpoke.Our heroes ask whats the legend and he tells them he'll show it to them.T.R decide to take the Kings Rock.Our heroes follow Alison and her father then Alison asks Arthur if its fine because it had been walking with her since morning.Arthur shakes his head.Then they reach an engraving.Alison and her father tell her that after the level of the river went down they saw the engravings her father adds that he had solved the whole mystery except one drawing.He tells them that once all the Slowpoke were near extinction and one slowpoke put on the crown and a shelldar bit it on its head and it evolved into a Slowking and then took all the slowpokes to a slowpoke paradise but in the engravings was a shape which he wasn't able to solve.Ash gives his suggestion and Misty tells him to keep quiet and Brock tells him it could be anything.Then they see a slowpoke trying to go near the crown but gets bitten by Shelldar on its tail and evolves into a Slowbro.Then T.R come and say their motto and send out Arbok and Weezing and tell them to to take the Kings Rock.Ash tells Pikachu to protect the crown but Pikachu fails then Larvitar screeches everyone cover their ears.

Arthur calms Larvitar and Larvitar stops screaming.T.R try to escape Brock uses Forretress and tells it to use rapid spin which trips T.R then Pikachu thundershocks and they go blasting off.Alison and her father thank our heroes.Then Alison starts crying and wonders what will happen to the Slowpoke.Then seeing this Arthur goes forward in the lake and tries to get the Crown many Shelldar surround it but Arthur pushes them away then arthur slips from a rock and falls into the water many Shelldar surround it but then it makes it tail go round in the water and motors away.Then as it reaches the crown, many shelldar surround it Larvitar screeches and the Shelldar fall back in the water.Arthur puts on the crown and a Shelldar bites the crown.Arthur starts evolving into a Slowking.T.R decide to capture Arthur then and send a net at it.Alison tells arthur to use confusion and the net falls on T.R.Then meowth uses smoke and so that T.R escape but can't see anything then arthur uses confusion again and and they hit a cliff Pikachu shocks and they go blasting then Arthur guides all the Slowpoke near the waterfall and uses an attack making the waterfall split into two leaving some place in the middle.

Then alison's father tells them that the waterfall represents the diagram then Arthur and the Slowpoke enter the caves so do Alison,her father and our heroes.Then they enter the caves and reach the Slowpoke Paradise and they see its beauty and see a huge lake all the Slowpoke enter the water and enjoy themselves.then they leave the Slowpoke Arthur comes with till the entrance to the waterfall.Alison is sad and tellls Arthur never to forget her.Then Arthur enters the caves again and the waterfalls close.To cheer Alison our heroes tell she's lucky to have Slowpoke which turned into a Slowking and that she can visit it many times.Our heroes leave and Alison and her father thank them for their help Brock starts to go mad at Alison again and Misty pulls him by his ear.Ash then covers up and tells Alison and her father goodbye and proceed to Mt.Silver.

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