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      Episode # 210 - A Friend Hereafter in Corsola! Showdown of Yellow Rock Island!!


  Ash, Brock and Misty are chilling out as they travel to their next island. They soon arrive at the island and decide to have a look around before they register for the competition beign held. Misty decides she wants to look around the market place and goes into a few shops. Misty then looks inside an expensive looking decoration shop.

The decorations in the shop are all made of a kind of bright pink rock. Misty wonders how much a piece would cost and looks around for a price tag. The jeweller at the shop walks up to Misty and Co and introduces himself. Misty says how beautiful the models are and asks how he makes them. The jewler says that the Corsola that swim near the coast and up to the island shed there hard rock skin as they grow older. The jeweller then walks around and collects the small pieces of shell and makes shapes and sculptures out of them.

The jeweller notices Pikachu looking at the items and then says he likes yellow Pokemon. Misty tells him that she has a Psyduck and the jeweller asks for a look. Misty releases Psyduck and the man starts prodding and poking it. Uncomfortable with the situation, Psyduck runs out of door and down a path. The company chase after Psyduck and find him hiding behind some rocks and stones. Misty shouts at Psyduck and Psyduck just sits there. looking out to sea. Misty gets angrier until she sees what Psyduck's looking at. Out in the sea seems to be what looks like a boat shed. When they walk up closer to the shore they realise it's a house!? Worse, there's a young girl on it getting sucked into a nearby whirl pool ( lol! ). The gang hesitate until they realise there's some empty boats nearby.

Coincidentally (or if the gang know how to hotwire) the keys are still in the boat. They ride out to the house but can't get too close because of the currents. They don't know what to do but then Ash says he can use Bayleef and Bulbasaur. he sends them both out and tells them to use vine whip to grab a hold of the house. The two pokemon succeed and pull the house as the gang speed off on the boat.

On land the, little girls parents give many thanks for saving her daughters life and the girl introduces herself as Aeyano. The family explain that they lived on a house on the coast ( in the same place a lighthouse would stand ) which is mounted on the Corsola rocks. The family were all outside and Aeyano went for a walk. As she was walking around the house playing with the families many Corsola, there came an unknown Corsola that started chasing Aeyano around the rocks and then into the house. This disturb the foundation and the rocks crumbled down into the sea while the house floated away. As the crashing and splashing was occurring, the Corsola fled to try and evade the rocks. Misty gets the idea that she has a chance to catch the Corsola because it doesn't belong to the family but, Brock twists Misty ear which is quite funny.

We next see TR sneaking around the top of a building. They silently open the window and dangle from ropes onto the floor. All around the room there are a lot of crates and boxes so, wondering what's inside, they open some. Inside the crates are similar items to which the jeweller had in his shop! James and Meowth start throwing the jewellery in their sacks while Jesse daydreams about what she could do with the items. As soon as they stole as much as they could, they decided to make a get-away but to no avail; the jeweller from the other shop arrived and started a cops and robbers chase.

While the gang and Aetano's family were walking a long the road TR ran passed then, ran back again. TR laugh because they overhead that they lost the Corsolas and need to find them. Unfortunately for TR the Jeweller soon catches up and listens to the gangs dilemma. TR find it funny that they can't even find a few Corsola until Aeyano's knocks Jesse over and reveals all the stolen items. TR loose control and say that she should lock up her Corsola but Ash and Co start arguing trying to protect the family. Jesse gets more angry and sends out Arbok and James sends Victreebel. Retaliating, Misty and Ash send out Staryu and Pikachu. Staryu tackles Arbok which falls against Victreebel. It then uses water gun and Pikcahu uses lightning to shock TR. TR, looking frazzled, go blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The jeweller says thank you to the gang and walks of muttering to himself about TR. Aeyano's Mum remembers that Corsola like to stick in two's in the wild, so, maybe they are in twos already. After a while walking and talking, they notice two corsola relaxed by some trees. Misty spots them and the family gathers them up. Brock decides to take out some new Corsola food and lays it on the floor as bait. The gang hide and wait and see if anymore come. To their surprise, two more Corsola arrive and start eating. Ash and Aeyano's Mum sneak up and grab them before they can run away.

Ash sends out Noctowl to see if he can get a bird's eye view of the area. After a few minutes, Noctowl returns and points the group in the direction of the sea shore. Ash and Co find two more and scoop those up too. Aeyano shouts and says she's spotted the last two and collects them. Everyone seems glad that they collected the Corsola and, have a rest. The gang relax on the beach but, out of no where comes a whooshing noise.

TR had sent ropes out on the Corsola and succeed! All the Corsola (except Aeyano's) were dragged onto to TR's hot air balloon and lift off. The company don't know what to do so Ash decides to use Noctowl. Ash commands it to use drill peck on the balloon but is stopped by Weezing's smog attack. Noctowl starts choking in the smog but uses gust to blow it away. It then uses drill peck and bursts a hole in the balloon. The balloon falls from the sky and collapses on the ground. Jesse and James come out. Just before they could say a word, Aeyano's Corsola tackles Jesse again (which is funny) knocking her to the ground. Jesse is really angry and starts a battle:

Jesse – Arbok
James – Victreebel
Misty – Staryu
Aeyano – Corsoal

Corsola –Tackle – Arbok Staryu – Tackle – Victreebel Druing the battle the Corsola get free and beat up all of TR. The Corsola then run into TR and used pin missile causing the balloon to explode and blast off.

After that scenario Misty meets up with the Corsola again and wants to battle:

Poliwhirl V Corsola

Poliwhirl – Bubble
Corsola – Tackle
Poliwhirl – Double Slap
Corsola – Recover
Poliwhril – Bubble + Double Slap

Misty sends out her Lure Ball (from Kurt) and it sails threw the air. The ball hits the Corsola and zaps it in. The ball shakes on the ground and then stops shaking. Misty caught the Corsola!

The family thanks Ash and Co for their help of saving their daughter, saving their house and saving the Corsola. Ash and Co thank the family to and continue onto the Whirl Cup Competition!

Who's that Pokemon?: Corsola

To be continued...

Big thanks to Rico44 for writing this review!


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