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      Episode # 237 - Magcargo! Catch in the Hot Spirit!!


  Ash and Co. are walking through the rocky countryside while the heat quietly creeps up on them. Brockexplains that this is a Volacanic area and may be the home of some fire Pokemon. As they continue walking brock states that in some places there are hot springs ans geysers. Wxcited, The gang decide to look for some hot springs to rest in.

Pokemon! Pokemon! Pokemon!

TR are in a hot spring and decide to take a break from work for a change. They notice the "Twerps" run past but they decide to leave them for a while. As they are just getting used to the temperature, they hear a noise and a rumble. Suddenly, a geiser rises from the ground and sends them sky high!

As Ash and Co. are running up the path, they quickly come to a halt. At the side of the road they notice a Pokemon crawl past. Ash finds out from Dexter that it's a Macgargo and it's a fire type Pokemon. As they look around, they find more of the same Pokemon and Brock says he must have been right. As they continue up the hill they notice its getting hotter and and more volcano like. In the middle of the path is another Magcargo except this one's sleeping. The gang try and wake it up so they could get past but to no avail. Ash gets even hotter and starts shouting at it. Eventually the Pokemon wakes from it's slumber and starts brewing a flame! It uses fire blast but, the gang jump away and run to the side of the path. The Magcargo attacks again but they were well away for it to hit them. Eventually the Magcargo settles down and Misty decides to sends out Poliwhirl. Just as she was about to, Psyduck jumps out instead and stares gormlesley at Magcargo while blowing a bubble through his nose.

Magcargo suddenly wakes up and, as quick as a flash, Misty returns Psyduck and sends out Poliwhirl atlast:

Poliwhirl Vs Magcargo

Poliwhirl - Watergun Magcargo - Rock Fall Poliwhirl - Dodges Magcargo - Body Slam Poliwhirl - Dodges Magcargo - Flamethrower Poliwhirl - Faints

Magcargo Wins!

Misty seems disappointed and recalls Poliwhirl. As she does so, they all hear a voice. It's someone laughing. They turn around and find a boy on a the edge of the large hill. He says Misty is a rubbish trainer. Misty gets steamed and starts yelling at him. The two argue and then Ash and Brock break it up. The boy introduces himself as Yakeshi and with that, he jumped off the hill. He says that his goal in life is to be a fire Pokémon Master. Misty says that she is going to be a Water Pokémon Master and the boy laughs at her again. Misty gets more angry and tries to persuade him to have a battle. Yakeshi declines and goes to try and capture the Magcargo that crawled away.
Misty doesn't want him to catch the Magcargo because if he does, he'll think he's the better trainer because she couldn't beat it. Misty wants to go after him but Ash and Brock persuade her to stay.

Up in the air, TR have decided to try and steal Pikachu instead of being lazy all day until another geyser sends them flying faster than before.

While Misty and Co. carry on walking again, they meet Yakeshi coming out of the cave. He says that Magcargo must be hiding and Misty starts saying that he's so dumb he can't find him. Then, from behind him, Yakeshi hears something. He turns around and sees Magcargso and challenges it to a battle:

Flareon Vs Magcargo

Flareon - Swift Magcargo - Flamethrower Poliwhirl - Dodges Magcargo - Rock Throw Flareon - Agility then Flamethrower (Gets damaged badly by a rock) Magcargo - Withdraw then Flamethrower Flareon - Injured Magcargo - Body Slam then Flame Wheel Flareon - Flame Thrower Magcargo - Flame Wheel Flareon - Gets Hit

Magcargo Wins!

The gang are then surprised that the bot isn't at all sad or angry but happy. He starts laughing because he got more damage on it than she did. As the two start to argue again, Brock gets ready for dinner and Misty tells Yakeshi to go away because they're have dinner. Yakeshi declines because he think Misty is lying but they get ready anyway.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the cliff! (LOL) TR are plotting a scheme about how they could catch Pikachu. They say that when Yakeshi goes and while the "Twerps" are having a meal, they'll grab Pikachu and no one will know. They decide to go now but they soon freeze in their tracks as the Magcargo arrives. Magcargo doesn't like the look of TR and since he's still angry, he does a Flame Thrower attack on TR and TR run!

While TR were getting torched Ash, Misty, Brock and Yakeshi were eating their meal. Pikachu and Flareon were sat next to each other eating some Pokémon food that Brock prepared and everyone seems happy and full. Misty then goes around serving tea and they all comment on how nice it is, even Yakeshi. Yakeshi then decides to apologise to Misty about making fun of her Water Pokémon and Misty accepts. Misty comments on how well Flareon looks and Brock says that he has a good trainer. Since he and Flareon have been refreshed and have their energy back, they decide to go after Magcargo again.

The gang notice Magcargo coming out of its cave again and Yakeshi send out Flareon again:

Flareon Vs Magcargo

Magcargo – Rock Throw Flareon – Dodges and uses Quick Attack + Flame Thrower Magcargo – Withdraws evading the Attack Flareon – Jusmps on Magcargo and Uses Flamethrower Succesfully Magcargo – Attempts to Withdraw Flareon – Tackle + Flame Thrower Magcargo - Faints

Yakeshi then pulls out a Pokéball and throws it at Magcargo, the Pokéball sails through the air and smacks into Magcargo. The ball shakes a few times and then the light flickers and…. Goes out. Just as Yakeshi and Co. are about to celebrate, TR send out a mechanical claw and claim the Pokéball for their own.

Misty sends out Poliwhirl and tells it to use Water Gun at the claw. Poliwhirl does and the claw brekas dropping the Pokéball. TR get angry and send out their Pokémon:

Arbok and Victreebel Vs Poliwhirl and Magcargo

Arbok + Victreebel - Tackle Magcargo Poliwhirl + Magcargo - Water Gun and Flamethrower Arbok + Victreebel - Get knocked over Pikachu - Thunderbolt TR - Bye Bye!

Yakeshi thanks Misty and they both says their goodbyes and promise to have a battle one day. The gang and Yakeshi go on their separate ways and head for their final Gym.

Who's that Pokémon?: Magcargo!

Thanks to Rico44 for writing this review!


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