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Entei At Your Own Risk - Episode 259

Our heroes are on their way to Mt.Silver where Ash will participate in the Silver Conference and will leave Larvitar at the foot of Mt.Silver which is Larvitar's birthplace.Ash treats Larvitar as a baby which makes Misty furious Brock tells Ash if he treats Larvitar like a baby he'll end up with a baby but Ash tells them that Larvitar will be alright and starts to treat Larvitar like a baby.larvitar enjoys this.Then they see a furious Urasing who's on the rampage and run.Then they stop at a place and rest after the chase.Then Larvitar jumps from Ash's hand and and goes.Our heroes follow it.They discover several hot springs and many wild pokemon in them.Ash's is about to enter one of the springs when his leg breaks a string around the spring the alarms sound.Then a boy appears and introduces himself as Nelson.Ash introduces himself and his friends to Nelson.

Nelson tells them that he wants to capture an Entei which lives nearby and so he has put sensors everywhere.Then the rampaging Urasing jumps into the water and all of a sudden calms down.Nelson tells them that the springs have the ability to calm a pokemon.Then he tells our heroes to enjoy while he checks other places.Then Ash sends all his pokemon out.Totodile runs immediately towards and is about to dive in the water.When Ash tells it to stop.Totodile comes back to Ash.Ash tells all his pokemon that he wants to introduce Larvitar to them.Larvitar's scared of them and hides behind Ash.Totodile goes near Larvitar when Larvitar bites totodile's tail.Then afterwards totodile swings and Larvitar lands near Cyndaquil.Cyndaquil is scared so is Larvitar.Bayleef uses its vines to lift Larvitar and Noctowl comes close to see it.

Misderavus.Larvitar gets scared and screeches.All the pokemon and our heroes close their ears.Then afterwards Misty sends her pokemon out.Larvitar's is still not playing in the water Ash realizes that Larvitar's a Rock pokemon. Psyduck goes in and runs out Misty pushes it in the water.Brock sends out his pokemon out too except Geodude and Onix.Then Misty sees Psyduck in the mud.Brock feels it and tells its hot and then sends out Onix and Geodude out too.Onix puts mud on psyduck and Geodude pushes larvitar into the mud Larvitar is sad but then is happy that the mud is really nice.The other pokemon in the water see it and dance around Larvitar.Cyndaquil makes some mud balls and throws one at Totodile.

Totodile makes one and throws and throws at Cyndaquil.Then togepi makes a mud ball and throws at Pikachu.Pikachu bends and the ball hits Larvitar.Pikachu goes to Larvitar and consoles it but pikachu gets hit by a ball then Togepi and Totodile dance(togepi dances like totodile).Larvitar is tearful and is about to screech Ash tells it not to.But then it screeches and all the pokemon cover their ears.T.R decide to capture all the pokemon.so they dress as Juice sellers in a truck and tell our heroes its for free.Brock and Misty are susupicious and tell Ash not to buy.But Ash and his pokemon enter the truck and then the truck closes and T.R rush off.Then Misty and Brock follow them.Then Ash tells all his pokemon to break the door its useless.Then tells Pikachu to use thundershock but its of no avail.Then he tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower and Totodile Watergun again and again and then tells Bayleef to use Razor leaf then a hole appears.Then Noctowl carries Phanpy and Bayleef carries Ash and the other Pokemon.Bayleef uses VineWhip and the it vines wound upon a tree.Then the come out of the truck.Then Larvitar slips out of Ash's hand and a Pokemon catches it.Ash checks it on his Pokedex.It happens to be a Misdreavus (Ghost Pokemon).Nelson comes running he tells Ash that Misdreavus belongs to him and it has a secret attack that will help him capture Entei.Misty and Brock reach Ash and ask him he's alright.Misty sees Misdreavus and tells Nelson its cute.

He tells her not be decieved by its looks and tells them that Misdreavus is naughty.He tells that he heard the sensors ringing & and found it was Ash again.Then Ash asks him whats misdreavus' secret attack.nelson tells him to battle with him so that Ash can see the attack.Then when ash's thinking which Pokemon to choose Phanpy comes forward.Ash then tells he chooses it.Phanpy begins its attack nicely until the secret attack confuses it and its unable to battle.Phanpy doesn't even enter the Pokeball.Then a net falls on misdreavus.It's T.R. They say their motto and then Meowth puts on the Twisty Turbo which starts sucking up all the pokemon in the springs.Misty's Staryu comes out so does Brock's Pineco.However pineco is sucked.Brock goes after it and enters the twister and even manages to catch it when Urasing comes and bangs into Brock causing him to leave Pineco.Then Brock catches it again.

Then Pineco starts evolving into a Forretress.This stops the the twister.ash tells Bayleef to uses Razor leaf and Misdreavus escapes.Then Meowth presses the twister again and it starts to twist around T.R then all the pokemon (including the wild Pokemon )use their attacks but can't stop the Twister.Then they hear a roar and Nelson's sensors start ringing.Then they Entei.Entei uses its Flamethrower and stops the TWister.then T.r fall near Entei.They tell Entei to forgive them.ENtei is furious and uses Flamethrower and they blast off again.Then Nelson challenges it for a battle.None of misdreavus' attack works not even the secret attack.Then when misdreavus goes near Entei,then the surrounding around Entei goes slightly dark and Misdreavus returnd to its Pokeball.Then Nelson tells it to stop but Entei leaps into the forest.Then Nelson's dissappointed he tells our heroes he never expected Entei to be that strong.Then he tells them that now he wants Entei more than ever.Brock tells him he'll catch entei one day.Our heroes leave and now Larvitar's friends with all the pokemon.

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