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      Episode # 226 - The Great Police Detective! Mystery of the Egg that Vanished!!


  Ash wonders how the egg this time will become. Obviously he thinks it might be something that's a powerful Pokemon and whatnot. It also seems like he's not the only one interested in the egg. Team Rocket spies on them, also daydreaming about what's inside the egg. Meowth thinks it might be a legendary Pokemon , like Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres, but the others think that can't happen. Only one way to find out. Later some storm clouds start to form up, looks like a storm as Pikachu is getting excited. Brock says there's a Pokemon Center nearby here and they should get there as soon as possible. Their pace is decided when a bolt of lightning strikes nearby. It looks like that bolt hit Team Rocket's little master plan.

It starts to pour down and the gang runs for that Pokemon Center Brock mentioned. When they get there, they are greeted by Nurse Joy, who then gives them a room. They decide to hit the hay and turn in. When the lights are out, Team Rocket just outside decide to make their way in. Meowth picks the lock on the outside door and they go in. Every so often Wobuffet just comes in a makes a loud shout, which ends up getting him beaten down. Finally they make it to Ash's room, and Meowth picks that lock. They wonder how they can easily get the egg, so they hook up Meowth to a fishing pole. They sneak their way in, then Brock starts talking, except it's only in his sleep. Then they fuss over who gets credit for the egg. Through all this, Togepi wakes up, then starts a Metronome. Before the Rockets could finish, the egg teleports away just outside the center, leaving them baffled.

Then they notice Wobuffet, eating an apple. They forget about the egg and want to know where it got the food, which Wobuffet points to a basket of fruit in the kitchen down the hall. Forget the egg, go for the food, however, they fall down while they run towards the room face flat. Later outside where the egg is teleported, a Kangaskhan joey walks to it, taps it a couple of times before its parent comes along. The Kangaskhan takes a look at the egg then puts it in its pouch along with the joey.

Ash is dreaming about the egg, only a lot larger. It begins to crack and open, breaking into another egg, and then it breaks into another, and it keeps going until there's nothing left. After that, Ash wakes up and walks over towards the table he set the egg, only to see it's not there. He looks around but nothing. Misty and Pikachu get up wondering what's going on, Ash tells them. Brock goes off talking in his sleep again, then Joy knocks on the door wondering what happened.

The next day, all of them wait outside for Officer Jenny to come by. Her car makes a near collosion rather swift stop and then Jenny comes out. Ash tells her about his missing egg and Jenny says she can solve this one right out, they don't call her the Great Police etective for nothing. A Chancey comes by to see what's going on and Jenny thinks maybe one of the Chancies has it. Joy checks them out and none of them do. Jenny tries another idea, she gets out her Growlithe and do some searching there. The Growlithe sniffs Ash to get his scent then he runs off. When the Growlithe finds something, it's just the casing.

They head back to check out the gang's room. Then Jenny notices Misty's Togepi. She gets another idea that it was Brock who stole the egg. She explains that Ash and Misty got an egg, but Brock never did. So late at night, he stole the egg while everyone was asleep. They believe her at first, but try to stop Jenny as she tries to get Brock out. Misty points out a few things on the doorknob before they leave. Scratch marks... Jenny then comes up with that Brock scratched the knob while he was picking the lock. Jenny continues to march off with Brock, but Joy says that there were also scratch marks on the knob on the outside door. Now it can't be Brock since he was inside the whole time.

Jenny decides to use her Jumpluff for another investigation. The Jumpluff sprinkles some pollen onto the floor, which shows the shoeprints. Jenny checks out everyone's shoes and starts to look around. Pikachu notices something, the shoeprints are way out of reach from the ones shown... Jenny has Jumpluff soon sprinkle the hallway. Jenny then comes up with a footprint. She then thinks it was Suicune that came in. Later on, they see four faces, those of Team Rocket... Team Rocket hears that while their still in the kitchen and the gang runs to the door. Team Rocket holds it steady but lets go as soon as everyone tries to tackle the door down and they run off.

They lose them at first, but not before finding their footprints in the road. They are soon stopped by a Kangaskhan. Brock tells everyone to look, because Ash's egg is in its pouch. Ash tells the Kangaskhan the egg is his, so the Kangaskhan sniffs it, then Ash and lets Ash take it. Jenny figures that when Team Rocket was running away with the egg, the Kangaskhan stopped them and fought them for the egg. Just as this little scene happens, Team Rocket swipe it for real with a hand in their balloon. Jesse sends out Arbok to try to stall them for a while but the Kangaskhan gives it a Dizzy Punch, sending it all the way back. Jenny calls out her Growlithe to Flamethrower the hand, which drops the egg. Ash runs up to catch and when he does, he tells Pikachu to let out a Thunderbolt, blowing up the balloon.

They thank the Kangaskhan afterwards for its help and later that evening, the gang sets off to Mahogany City.

Who's that Pokemon?: Jumpluff

To be continued...

Big thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing this review!


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