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      Episode # 214 - Ash vs. Misty! Whirlpool Cup Final Battle!!


  The Whirlpool Cup continues and Ash and Misty have to fight each other. Ash sends out Totodile and Misty her Poliwhirl. Totodile mostly avoids dancingly Poliwhirl's attacks, but Totodile gets eventually defeated by an Araura Beam from Misty's Poliwhirl.

Misty wins Round One. Ash sends out his Kingler and Misty stays with her Poliwhilrl. Ash wins with a Crab Hammer attack.

Misty wants to call out Corsola, but then Psyduck comes out. Ash orders Kingler to use a Crab Hammer on Psyduck's head, as it does, but then Psyduck's psychic powers go up high, and Psyduck knocks out Kingler!

Misty wins from Ash! Ash congratulates Misty and they head off to the Pokémon Center, no hard feelings.

In the mean time, Team Rocket is still trying to steal Maya's staff, but are always distracted by the upcoming new security Jenny's.

At the Pokémon Center, Ash is called by Professor Oak, who has still got troubles with Ash's Bayleef, as it is still smashing Oak's house. Even Tracey can't tame it.

Ash quickly puts Kingler's Poké Ball back in, says goodbye and trades it back for his Bayleef. Bayleef is happy now to be back with Ash.

At the dinner table, Misty meets her next opponent, a girl named Katumi (or something). Katumi tells Misty she has got some great Water Pokémon, as she watched her fight with Ash, but recalls Misty will never win from her.

The next day, Misty is about to fight. Ash and Brock cheer for her from in the audience. Misty's opponent sends out her Gyarados and Misty Corsola. Gyarados uses Hydro Pump etc. several times, but Corsola knocks it out.

Misty wins. Katumi then sends out her Chinchou. Chinchou uses a Confuse Ray, confusing Misty's Corsola. Misty tells it to use Water Gun as it does, but Corsola misses due to the confusion. Chinchou finnishes the fight by using a Water Gun, knocking Corsola out.

Katumi wins the round, Misty looses. Back with Team Rocket, they decide the only way to get a safely passage through the Officer Jenny's is to go by air.

That same evening, Katumi meets the gang again and Misty wishes her good luck in her next round.

The gang watches from TV, and see Katumi's Golduck fighting a Feraligatr. Just before the battle begins, Team Rocket show up in their Meowth balloon, trying to steal Maya's staff.

Ash and Misty hurry to the stadion and send out Totodile and Poliwhirl to send out Team Rocket flying. Pikachu finishes it with a powerful Thunderbolt and Team Rocket blasts off onces again.

During the ending ceremoni, Maya speeks to the trainers and it seems like Katumi's opponent has won from her and also the Whirlpool Cup. As Maya speaks, her staff starts to glow.

The next day, Katumi takes goodbye from the gang and they all continue their sepperate ways, and its now back to the Johto League for Ash!!!

Who's that Pokémon? It's Kingler!!!




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