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      Episode # 217 - Mystery pokémon X


  Ash and the gang have just went through a cave, and decide to take a quik rest. The gang is surprised by another Pikachu!

Ash recognizes the Pikachu: it's Sparky! Then, Richie comes out running, and surprised says hi to the gang.

They reunited and explain what they are doing here (in case you don't know Richie anymore: this is the guy where Ash lost from during the Pokémon League).

Then, they see a boy swimming in the sea on his Lanturn. Ash takes out his Pokédex and learns what it is. They go over to the boy talking, Richie comes along.

They introduce and Ash and Richie ask to the boy if he knows something about a "Mystery Pokémon". The boy hesitates a bit, and then something lands behind his feet.

Ash notices of course and asks what it is. The boy is still hesitating and doubting, but sees in he can trust Ash and the others. He tells the Pokémon it's all right to come out: it's a little LUGIA!

Ash explains that he saw a Lugia once during the Orange League (Pokémon the Movie 2), but that one was much bigguer. The boy explains explains that once apon a time, he was swimming with his Lanturn in the open sea, and than a storm rised.

The boy felt off his Lanturn and into the sea, and the waves were too strong to shout for help. The next thing he knows, he was lying on land, his Lanturn and the Lugia next to him. Since then, they were friends.

Ash wounders how it can be that such a rare Pokémon as Lugia can be friends with a human. The boy explains that the little Lugia must have got a parent, and is now out in search of locating the parent. He claims that if he only had a Silver Feather, that might bring up a clue.

Ash showes his Feather, which immediately starts to glow! A big, angry Lugia appears from the sea and is about to attack the gang. The boy takes his Lugia into his arms, and the big one notices that they are taking good care of his child. It's obvious: the big Lugia is the parent of the little one.

The Lugia can take its child and goes back into the sea. The gang borrows a diving equipment and decide to follow it, to see what the Lugia do undersea. They dive in, but don't notice that they are watched... by Team Rocket!

In an underwater base, a Rocket professor, Cassidy and Butch are watching them. Jessie and James are present too, complete with new uniformes. Cassidy informs the professor about their boss' plans, but he is too excited to see the Lugia's.

Cassidy gives them to Jessie and James, but somehow doen't seem to remember them. Jessie gets angry of course, but James can quickly pull her away and says they'll do as she says.

Then, the gang arrives at the Lugia's 'hideout', where the little one is reunited with its family! Then, something gets throwed in, and the Lugia are facinated by it.

Richie warns that it's a bate, but it's too late: the little Lugia is caught! In their submarine, Cassidy, Butch and the professor laugh and put the Lugia in a cage. They decide to capture the other Lugia as well, but then Jessie and James show up in their Magikarp submarine.

A Pokémon fight comes out of it, between Ash and co and the two Team Rockets, who fight for the honor of capturing the Lugia. James sends out Weezing, who uses Smokescreen. When the smoke's gone, all the Lugia are gone and the Team Rocket's as well.

The big Lugia starts getting angry again. This might get the team in problems again...


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