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Episode # 212 - Whirl Islands! Reaching a New Challenge!


  Ash and co are on their way to their next destination. Ash is boasting about the new Badge he won, and Misty is daydreaming about Water Pokémon.

Suddenly, a ferry crosses by and hits its horn, so loud that it scares Ash and his friends! Two attenteders come out of the ship, appologizing themselves, and offer Ash and co a drink to make up. The gang agrees and go on board.

The attendants give them their drinks and go back into their cabine. Meowth comes out, revealing their Team Rocket! They decide it's now time to make their next move. James goes out with a net, in the hope to capture Pikachu with it. Ash then turns around and bounds into James! Ash sees now through his disguise and realizes they have been ambushed by Team Rocket!

Team Rocket calls out their Pokémon and a fight starts. Ash plans to end it quickly and tells Pikachu to use a Thunderbolt, but then Wobbuffet comes out of his Poké Ball and uses Mirror Coat to protect his trainers. Due to this, an explosion takes place and throws everyone in the open sea!

Misty sends out her Poliwhirl, and Goldeen for Brock, to bring them back to the shore. Ash calls out Totodile. As they are about to reach it, suddenly whirlpools appear, dragging them in! The Pokémon seem to be strong enough to make it, but the pools are getting stronger and pull the gang in, but then, something happens.

The pools are stopped, by a Corsola! The Corsola plays along a bit around side Ash and co and Misty admires it. Then, another boat approaches, and on board is Professor Elm! (who Ash has met in "Don't Touch that 'Dile!") Elm takes them on board and catch up. Elm explains that the Corsola belongs to him, and they are the bestest friends. Misty is still admiering the Corsola and Elm explains that she loves playing with whirlpools.

The captain says to Elm they are going on shore for a while. When going out, on the other side of the shore, Team Rocket rises and plan their next move.

Elm talks to Ash and co that they should write in for the Whirl Pool Cups. Elm explains that it is like the Orange League and 5 challengers must be defeated. Brock decides to go to a Pokémon Ceter to get more info. There, they get a Guide Book and as Ash and Misty write themselves in. Ash tells it is to gain more experiance, and Misty explains it will bring her one step closer to become a Water Pokémon Master.

The Guide Book explains that there are 5 Whirl Cup Islands. The first Island is nearby and easily to approach. Professor Elm offers them to bring them there with his boat. On board, a balloon approaching and it is the Meowth balloon from Team Rocket! They send out Arbok and Weezing again. Arbok poisons Staryu, so Misty has to call him back in. Professor Elm decides to let his Corsola fight. The Corsola uses Water Gun, Spike Cannon and other moves, who are powerful enough to defeat Team Rocket. Pikachu finishes it by a strong Thunderbolt, blasting off Team Rocket!

The gang arrives at the first Island and say goodbye to Professor Elm and Corsola.

While heading toward, Misty tells she loved Corsola and wants one for her own. The group talks along, and head toward to the Whirl Cup!

To Be Continued...

Who's that pokémon? - MADE BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


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