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      Episode # 239 - Zapdos and the Crystal! Secret of the Lake!


  Ash the Pikachau, Brock and Misty are walking through the Mountianous countrysire. They walk a long a narrow dirt path when suddenly Ash exploades in a puff of white smoke. Ash is fine, except he's no longer a Pikachu anymore. With that his own Pikachu jmps on his shoulder and they carry on walking again. Brock looks in his Pokémon guide book and states that they've still a long way before they get to the Blackthorn City Gym.

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As they continue walking, the notice two people. The male of the two is wearing an orange suit with polkadot tie, the female of the two is wearing a purple suit and the same tie. It doesn't take a genius to realise who these two are, and as we know, Ash, Brock and Misty arn't geniuses. The two people tell the three that they need an electric type Pokémon to put in the chair. Being as nice as Ash is, he gives the lady Pikachu to put on it. With that, a hot air balloon comes down and whisks the two up in the air. The two take off their costumes and... What a suprise, it's Team Rocket....

As the balloon rises, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but, all that happnes is that some lights light up. Ash tells Pikachu to try harder and blow up all the lights. Pikachu tries his very best and blows up the lights, and the chair, and the balloon. As usual Team Rocket's blasting off aaggggggaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

Pikachu falls out of the balloon and seems prettyworn out, worried, Ash decides that they have to take Pikachu to a Pokémon Center. Brock looks in his guide and says that there isn't a Pokémon Center for mile around. The gang decide they must carry on walking an keep a look out. On the way they se a person who has a red bandana and dark hair. Don't Worry, It's Not Tracy!!!! Infact it's a woman called Tsubasuu. The gang ask where they can take Pikachu to get it healed and she tells them of a place. In the middle of the forest is a great lake with mystical powers of healing. She leads them there straight away and tells Ash to carefully place Pikachu in the water. Amazingly Pikachu is revitalised.
The secret of the lake is that it has a powerful crystal in the middle. The crystal has the power to heal any electric Pokémon. Wanting to learn more, the gang agree to a boat ride into the middle of the lake.

As they reach the middle of the lake Tsubassu opens a pannel on the bottom of her boat do reveal the lake floor. To their suprise, they see a a crystal glowing bright blue. The crystal is placed on a temple like shrine and has a set of steps leading up to it.
Meanwhile, on the otherside of the shore. TR have a sonar satelite dish listening to what the gang are saying about the rare and powerful crystal. Excitied, TR decide to steal the crystal for their own use. They then get ready and head for the crystal in their Tentacruel costume/submarine.

On the shore, the gang look back at the lake and realise the crystal glow is no longer there. Confused the gang look around and notice TR with it! Happy, TR say there bit and grab a hold of the rope attached to their balloon. Slowly the balloon glides up and the Electric Pokémon from the lake attempt to attack TR. The only thing is, TR have a machine under the basket of the balloon which absorbs the electricity.

Stumped with what to do the wilderness goes silent. Suddenly the area groes darker and dark clowds appear. The warm air truns cold and the feeling of something strange gathers around them. Suddenyl with a burst off lightning, Zapdos appears from out of the dark! Ash takes out its Pokedex to gain info on the Pokémon and seem pleased that it's here. TR starngely are also pleased and excited. They think that if they put up a good fight they'll be able to catch it and take it to the boss! Zapdos not being very pleased, aims for the machine and fires a bolt at lightning at it blowing it up. TR blast off again but this time they're not empty handed, they still have the crystal!

On the other hand, Zapdos is weary and, having most of it's power drained, crashed to the ground. The gang decide that the only way to cure it is the same way that they cured Pikachu. The gang follow the direction that TR went and finally catch up with them. Before anything can be said, Jesse sends out her Pokémon:

Arbok + Victreebel Vs Pikachu

Arbok - Tackle
Victreebel - Tackle
Pikachu - Tackle

Pikachu Wins!

TR then jump into their balloon and try and make a getaway. Ash sends out Bayleef to grab the crystal off Jesse with a Vinewhip but, James sends tells Victreebel to use Vinewhip also. Thinking they could be here forever, Ash uses Pikachu to use Thunderbolt which blasts TR off again.

The gang now having the crystal run back to Zapdos to see if its getting any better. Saddly it isn't so, Ash decices he and Pikachu have to go into the lake and place the Crystal back on its stand. Just after Ash gets out of the ater, Pikachu shocks the crystal to turn it back on, he succeeds but, only for a second. The other Pokémon decide to help with re-powering the Crystal and they all shock it, eventually the Crystal is almost full and the try their hardest to push in Zapdos. The Pokémon who are in water try again to power up the Crystal and they get it glow ever brighter. Zapdos then heals to full health and lights up the Crystal to it's full potential. Zapdos flies out of the water and gives a loud "Cooo" of thanks to the gang. Zapdos flies off into thwe distant and the gang wave away. Ash and Co. thank Tsubasuu for all her help and carry on to their route to the Blacthorn City Gym.

Meanwhile, on a distance cliff, TR are hanging onto their balloon. They seem to have it sorted until from the distance, a yellowish object closes in. Before they know what it is, Zapdos shocks them for the last time and the trio fall to the ground.

Who's That Pokemon?: Zapdos

Thansk a lot to Rico44 for writing this review for us!