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      Episode # 222 - Goodbye Bulbasaur! Adventure at Oak's Place


  The gang is on their way to Ecruteak City to get to Mahogany City. On their way down a hill, a couple of a milk cans start to roll down. They break into a run until someone says to catch them, so they stop and grab the milk cans. They carry the cans up towards a truck driver who asks where they're going. Since the gang helped out with the cans, the driver says he'll give them a ride along the route to a destination more closer to Ecruteak. They get to an airport with a blimp waiting. Team Rocket is later spying on them, seeing if there would be a way inside the blimp. They sneak onto the cargo hold and look around. They come to a freezer and decide to go in, (who'd be stupid enough to do that?) except the door latch closes on them when they go in. After a while, they notice the door's stuck, and by the time they knock it down, they're frozen. And since the blimp makes another assent, down they go.

After they land, Ash gives Oak a call at a nearby rest house, except no one's there when he calls. Mr. Mime pops up eventually then Ash's mom. Ash wonders what's going on and then Oak and Tracey come into the scene. It looks like they're having a little problem with the Pokemon in the area. The Oddish/Glooms/Vileplumes/Bellosoms, the Hopips/Skiplooms/Jumpluffs, and a group of water Pokemon won't cooperate to share a lake with each other. Oak suggests that he should send Bulbasuar to them, maybe he can help out. Ash does so and hopes that Bulbasuar could solve this problem or two.

Tracey, Oak, and Bulbasuar set off to the place. Along the way, Heracross comes by happily and yet again licks the bulb off on Bulbasuar, except Bulbasuar gets even by slapping Heracross with a few Vine Whips. They get there and Bulbasuar rushes up to the three gangs of Pokemon. He decides to talk them into being friendly, but that don't work. Bulbasuar then tries to put a Bellosom in front of a Hopip, but instead gets slapped by the Bellosom. Bulbasuar tries a Hopip in front of a Poliwhirl, but gets Tackled by the Hopip and slapped by the Poliwhirl. This continues on until all three gangs turn in on Bulbasuar and start one of those cartoony fights. Tracey tries to help by sending out his Pokemon but the fight ends up with Bulbasuar releasing a Solar Beam straight up into the sky. For some reason, all the grass Pokemon now respect him and each other.

After the quarrel was solved, Bulbasaur decided to get to work. Oak and Tracey stand by to watch, Tracey taping the whole event. He showed the grass types a blank field, then cut the grass to make a patch of barren land, and started to dig up the sand. The others got the idea and started to dig in the non-grassy area. After a while, Bulbasaur hit something hard, it looks like he can't dig much further than that. Bulbasaur runs off towards the Poliwhirl from before. The Poliwhirl declines for a while, but Bulbasuar presists, eventually the Poliwhirl agrees. Bulbasaur later talks with a Sandslash, the Sandslash also agrees to help out with the problem (and both have a posse of their own).

Soon all the Pokemon is working on getting the lake. Ash's mom and Mr. Mime come by later, both with bags of Pokemon food for the Pokemon. Later one the Sandslashes encounters a boulder in the ground. Once they exposed enough of it, Bulbasuard goes first in getting it out of there. After a while, all the other Pokemon start to help out Bulbasuar. The boulder soon is carried out and everyone resumes their work. Soon enough, the Sandslash start scattering becuase they hit the ground water. The hole soon fills up with water and the lake is successful. The ground loosens and falls where an Oddish by the boulder were. The boulder is just about the land on the Oddish but Bulbasuar pushes it out of the way... except Bulbasuar can't get out! (and there's a flashback of the things that happened with Bulbasuar).

Later in a field, Ash gets up from a nap they were taking in a field. He looks towards the clouds and senses only that Bulbasaur is doing good.

Oak and Tracey push the boulder into the flooded area, but Bulbasuar is nowhere to be seen. Everyone starts to wonder what happened to him, but then Bulbasuar pops out from the ground, alright and rarin' to go!

Ash gives Oak a call again to see how things are going. It looks like Bulbasuar was a great help, but just one thing, it looks like he's wanted there to keep things in check. Ash asks if that's okay with Bulbasaur if he stays and Bulbasaur says "yes". Later the Bulbasaur solves another conflict going on and looks at the sky, knowing Ash is gonna do good.

Who's that Pokemon?: Bulbasaur

To be continued...

Big thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing this review!


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