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      Episode # 215 - Protect Diglett Village! Great Pitfall Strategy!?


  Now that the Whirlpool Cup is over and neither Ash or Misty has won, the gang decides to explore the rest of the island that they haven't seen yet.

Everybody gets hungry and agree to eat, but it's a while before they reach the next town.

Meanwhile, Jessie is spying on them, and Team Rocket gets hungry too. Then, Ash and the gang come by and Team Rocket quickly hides. Ash and co fall into a hole they dig. Team Rocket comes out, cheering for their success.

But then, the Team steps forward and fall into another hole! Jessie gets mad at James, but then Meowth notices a Meowth drawing, on a wall of the hole. Meowth starts draydreaming and wounders what the signe means.

In the hole of Ash, a Diglett pops out! Surprised, Ash screams and Team Rocket hears it, woundering what's going on. Then, in their hole, another Diglett pops out.

Two girls on a bike wearing Diglett shirts help them out, explaing that the Diglett are theirs. They free Team Rocket as well. The girls explain that the town is practacly the whole time under attack by some Samurai's who want to take over it.

The girls take them to their house, wheir they give Team Rocket and the gang some food, as they are still hungry. They decide to hold a picknic in a nearby garden.

Then, they are surprised by two old men, wearing Samurai outfits. Their leader comes by riding a Dodrio, a shouts at the Gang and Team Rocket and say they better don't get in their ways, or else...

In the house, Brock explains the sitation and decides to do something about it. Ash and co goes to the town to see what they can do, and Team Rocket stays in the house with the girls, to protect them in case the Samurai's attack them.

Everybody aggrees and Ash and co hurry to the town. They sneak around, but are caught by the Samurai leader, who explains why they attack. It looks like a long time ago their ancestors lived here and they want their country back.

Meanwhile, James, sitting on a tree top, sees the Samurai's army coming. He warns the farmers, who attack the Samurai army. The gang sends out their Pokémon Cyndaquil, Poliwhirl and Crobat who fight back.

The Samurai army pulls out their flag, but then Team Rocket doesn't seam to stop and drob bombs in the area. Ash can't succeed in telling Team Rocket for saying the fights are over, and uses Pikachu to send them off with a Thunderbolt. Thanks for the help, Team Rocket!!!

The Samurai say they are willing to work together with the current town villagers to live in a happy place. Ash and the gang take goodbye from them all, but then one of the girls comes running along.

She wants to thank the group for their work and give them a Silver Feather Badge! Amazed by the Badge, the gang thank her and continue heading to the Johto League!





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