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      Episode # 216 - Legend of the Silver Feather! Battle of Silver Rock Island!!


  The gang has decided to explore the rest of the remaining unseen Whirlpool Cup Islands.

They reach a town, in which everything is shaped after the Silver Feather, even the food is!

When entering the town, a man approaches them and tries them to sell Silver Feather pins. Then, an angry woman comes running and claims that the man is a cheater. She buys a pin, and let it break by letting it fall on the ground.

The seller man runs off scared. The woman introduces herself and takes the gang to her house. She explains that she is jewelry seller too, but her supplier hasn't showed up yet. The gang decidedes to help figuere out the reason.

The woman calls for her son, but he won't come. The woman starts worrying, as her son was home when she left. Ash trips over something, which turnes out to be a Sandslash! The woman's son is lying next to the Sandslash, unconsious.

The woman explains that her boy and the Sandslash are just exhausted and need some good time to sleep, but they always rest in such odd places. Ash questions to the woman why everything is shaped after the Silver Feather.

The woman explains that a long time ago, a storm caught a ship in the area, and the sailors did their best to swim to land. They were exhausted by a short time, of course, but then the storm lent down! Surprised, the sailors found the Silver Feather, believing that this made the storm lay down. And from that moment on, the people of the town all started to see the Feather as some gift.

At the same time, Team Rocket is in town as well. James notices that everything is made after the Silver Feather. The same sellor man from before tries to sell his Silver Feather pins to Team Rocket, who are interested as they here they are "100% Silver."

Later, night time falls and Ash and co are still in the house of the woman and the boy. They don't mind and tell them to spend the night here.

Later that night, Pikachu wakes up and notices the boy not lying in his bed. It wakes up Ash, who sees the boy outside, making a Silver Feather pin. They run outside, and the boy explains that his mother's birhtday is coming up tomorrow and he wants to surprise her. The gang decides to help him decorate the house.

Next day in town, the boy buys some flowers and a jewelry box to put his pin in. Then, the items are pulled up by a hook, due to Team Rocket! Ash sends out Noctowl to put a hole into their balloon.

The ballon flies away and Ash and co quickly run after it, as they still have got the items from the boy. Jessie and James send out Arbok and Weezing, and Pikachu and Sandslash fight. Pikachu goes with a Thunderbolt, defeating and blasting off Team Rocket onces more, this time by dropping the items.

Then, a giant flying bird Pokémon flies over, surprising the gang. Before Ash can pull out his PokéDex, the bird is already gone.

Next, they go back to the boy's home, where they celebrate the woman's birthday. The gang says goodbye and decide to find out who that mystery Pokémon was.





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