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      Episode # 218 - Whirlpool Cup! Great Battle in the Water Colosseum!!


  The Whirlpool Cup continues. Maya, the inventor of the Cup, speeches to the battleing trainers that if they win, they'll get a special Item that increases the moves of every Water Pokémon.

Maya puts her staff in the ground and says the fights can begin. Team Rocket is listening too and decides to steel Maya's staff.

They disuise as hot dog sellers in the hope to get closer to Maya.

Ash realizes he has only got one Water Pokémon, namely Totodile, and decides to send in his Bayleef and calls Professor Oak to send his Kingler.

Once done, Oak releases Bayleef, but it doesn't like Oak very much and begins to smash everything in the house!

At night, Misty and Ash have a little chat and Misty wounders what they'll do if they'll have to fight each other. Ash claims that no matter what the solution, they'll stay friends.

The next day, Round Two begins. Ash is first and sends out Totodile and his opponent Kingdra. Kingdra gives Totodile a hard time, as it knows the most powerful moves a Water Pokémon can learn, namely Hydro Pump and Smokescreen. But Totodile uses its brains and wins the fight!

Then, Misty is next. Her opponent uses Qwilfish and she her new Corsola. Qwilfish is strong to, as it knows how to make Whirlpools to. Corsola eventually defeat Qwilfish with a Spike Cannon. Misty wins too!

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has reached Maya and is about to steal the staff but get spotted by Officer Jenny. They quickly put back on their hot-dog seller outfits and fool Jenny by selling her a hot dog.

Meanwhile, Ash and Misty congratulate each other and watch the other trainers grades. They are surprised, as in the next fight they will have to battle each other!!!



BY NICK SUMMERS (www.remylebeau60@hotmail.com)


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