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      Episode # 214 - Trip to the Beach! Chinchou Procession


  Ash and co are heading toward to the next town, but this time on a cable car. They arrive at Blue Lake, wich is surrounded by a crater and a town.

When they watch the town from a distance, a Chinchou passes. Ash takes his Pokédex first to explain what it is, and then Misty gets all exited and wants to throw a PokéBall to the Chinchou.

But, the PokéBall bounces back off and a trainer comes, shouting at Misty. It is his Chinchou, but it doesn't seem to be happy with the trainer, as the Pokémon completely ignores him.

Misty appologizes and the trainers head to the town, where a festival is taken place. From the Pokémon Center, Ash calls to Professor Oak to ask what the festival is about.

Oak explains that the festival is a yearly one, wich meaning is the trip of the Chinchou heading from Blue Lake back to the ocean. Trainers are allowed to help, as there are many Chinchou in town. Ash offers of course his assist.

On a pear, the Chinchou trainer and his father are using their flutes, and a whole bunch of Chinchou appear! These are the ones who have to go back to the ocean. Ash and co arrive and offer to help.

They put the Chinchou into boats, and head towart to the ocean, but it is way to large! The trainer says it might take a few days before they'll reach the ocean. They get all thirsty and Ash calls out his Totodile, who uses a Water Gun to give them water.

Then, Team Rocket appears and tries of course to capture the Chinchou. Meowth has again invented a device, but this time it doesn't work! Meowth tries several times, and James decides to hold a Pokémon fight in between. He sends out Weezing and Ash tries out Pikachu to give it a Thunderbolt, but Pikachu misses. Totodile and Bayleef do the trick and Team Rocket blast off, but do Ash, the trainer and the Chinchou sitting in the boat!

They land on a beach, and wake up. The trainer notices that his Chinchou is gone. They find it, and see it sitting on a beach. The other Chinchou are with it as well.
Then, Team Rocket appears again in their Meowth Balloon, and now capture every Chinchou with a net, exept the Chinchou of the trainer.

They decide it's now time to see off from their different oppinions, and that it's time to fight together. The Chinchou frees the others, and Pikachu blast off Team Rocket with a Thunderbolt.

Ash and the trainer build another boat, heading back to their friends. The Chinchou return back to the ocean and everything seems ended.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has landed in the ocean as well and wait for their rescue. Jessie finds a yellow thing and thinks it's part of their rescue. She grabs it, only to find out it's a Chinchou!

Back with Ash, they say goodbye to their new friends and the Chinchou. Then, Misty spots a lonely Corsola and attempts to catch it, but Ash and Brock hold her, as they realize Misty only wants it to keep it for her own...

(who's that Pokémon? It's Chinchou!)




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