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      Episode # 236 - Bellossom vs Vileplume! Peace of the Grassy Meadow


  Ash and Co are walking along a path in the countryside. As they walk they comment on how beautiful the place is. As they walk further then notice some purple mounds on the floor. They move in for a closer look and they realise it's a small group of Oddish. First the group think that the Oddish are asleep but, they soon realise that they are unconscious!

Pokémon! Pokémon! Pokémon!

They decide they should help the Pokemon but they soon notice something emerging. The group are shocked to see two groups of Pokemon. One group is a herd of Bellossom, the other group is a herd of Vileplume. Brock comments that the Oddish must be connected to these Pokemon. Suddenly, the two groups start attacking each other. The Vileplume seem to be winning until Ash runs up towards them. Ash sends out Bayleef and tells it to use Vinewhip. Bayleef starts hitting the battling Pokemon and they soon walk off. Ash thinks it was because of Bayleef but he then suspects that it might be because of the Crazy man running towards them.

The man says his name is Dr.Seigai and that he specialises in Grass Pokemon. He walks with ash and Co and says they can go to his lab. The gang agree. The Dr. says that he's been studying the two groups of Pokemon. He says that the two groups are fighting because of a tree. The tree is in the middle of a plain and stays put in all weathers. He claims that the two groups love the sun but hate the shade. The Pokemon have been fighting for the sunny part of the plain and the losers would have to move to the shady part.

While the Dr. is showing the Pokemon in his back garden, some Oddish evolve into Bellossom and some evolve into Vileplume. The Pokemon then walk to the group of Pokemon which represent them. As they look on further they notice an isolated area with Bellossom and Vileplume except, the two types of Pokemon are playing and being peaceful together. The Dr. says that he may have to try and persuade these Pokemon to convince the others to get along.

Suddenly, another battle starts and the Dr hands out gas masks to the group for he suspects they may resort to releasing powders this time. Ash sends out Bayleef again and commands it to use Vine Whip once more. The attack works and the Pokemon leave. TR , hidden behind some bushes, notice all the evolved Pokemon and agree they'd be pretty valuable.

Again, another battle starts and the gang run outside to stop it. Just as they go outside, they find TR! Just as they're about to stop them, the two groups of Pokémon start fighting again and TR get caught in the middle. Worried this will get out of hand, Ash and Misty send out Totodile and Poliwhirl and command them both to use Watergun attack. The Pokémon soon stop fighting again get back to their own business. The gang explain how stupid the conflict is and say they should all share and get along. They point to the small group of Bellossom and Vileplume and say how they aren't fighting. They two other groups still don't agree and began to walk away. Suddenly, a whooshing sound erupts and the large group of Bellossom and Vileplume get sucked up into a vacuum. Everyone wonders what's happening and then they see that TR have the Vacuum attached to their balloon! Ash, thinking fast (if that's possible) commands Bayleef to use Razor Leaf at the vacuum bag. She succeeds and the bag splits open. Now that all the Pokémon are out of the bag, they all decide to work as a team and get rid of TR. After a while of fighting, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thundershock and TR blast off

After TR are rid of, the two sides decide that they could share the sunny side and not fight. Ash and Co. are all happy that they all now get along and, so is the Dr. The Dr. thanks the gang and they continue on their road to the place they are heading which I've forgot.

Who's that Pokemon?: Bellossom

To be continued...

Big thanks to Rico44 for writing this review!


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