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Episode 262:Your a star ,Larvita

Your A Star,Larvitar
Our heroes have reached the base of Mt.Silver and stop at the Pokemon Centre at the base of the mountain and have a chat with Professor Elm on the video phone.Then Ash tells Prof.Elm that Larvitar is doing fine and is getting on very well with the other pokemon and that there are many other trainers and tourists at the Pokemon Centre.Prof.Elm tells Ash to go to the Pokemon Reservation Center on Mt.Silver and hand over Larvitar to a person called Mason whom he has told that Ash will be there.Our heroes decide to rest and then start their journey to Mt.Silver where they'll leave Larvitar and then go to the Silver Conference which Ash'll participate in.Then a boy comes to Ash and asks him to battle with him.Ash agrees.Brock volunteers to refree the match.The boy chooses Magby(fire type).Ash checks it on his Pokedex.Then Ash chooses Cyndaquil.Misty & Brock are surprised.Cyndaquil begins the match well but in the end Magby defeats cyndaquil.The boy's name happens to be Satchel he tells Ash that Cyndaquil is really good and that its very fast ash praises Magby too.

Then he tells our heroes that he wants Magby to evolve into a magmar because all the pokemon in the Silver Conference would be really strong.Then Ash is still pondering about his match sitting by the pool with Cyndaquil resting by.Then Ash tells Cyndaquil its really fast and praises it.Then Ash sees a trainer telling a Quillava to knock the saucers.Quillava does it.Ash is amazed at Quillava's speed.Then checks it on his Pokedex.It happens to be that Quillava is the evolved form of Cyndaquil.Ash then remembers Satchel's conversation.Then after lunch he takes all his pokemon for training Misty and Brock are surprised that Ash is so serious.Then Brock tells Misty that Ash must've taken the Silver Confernce serious.At the training Ash tells his pokemon to strengthen their attacks.Then brock and misty follow ash and see how his pokemon are training.Then Togepi keeps looking down and then captures misty's attention.Then misty and brock realize that Larvitar has wandered somewhere.Then they search.Larvitar walks somewhere and then it sees something rummaging in the bushes.Then a votorb comes rolling and after it Electrode.

Many other trainers surround Larv and start talking (t.r decide to steal all the trainers pokemon.)larv gets scared.then misty and brock spot larvitar and go to pick it up when suddenly all the pokemon start gettin sucked up.Ash sees this and runs to the spot (so do hid pokemon)then ash spots larv and catches it.Then the the whole place is calm.T.R say their motto ash tells Cynda to use flamethrower but gets sucked up along with Ash.Larvitar doesnt get sucked up.Instead it falls on an other place on the balloon.Satchel m&b go in diffrent directions to find t.r.t.r tie ash in a house load the pokemon in a truck then larvitar bites the tires puncturing them.Then goes underground and unties ash ash tells larv a plan.Larv tells magby & cynda to use Flamethrower.Then t.r repair the tyre Larv punctures it again.Then a big hole appears and all pokemon escape.Then noctowl finds ash and saves hom frm t.r's pokemon.Magby evolves into magmar then uses flamethrower and then cynda to uses flamethrower.Satch tells Ash that Cynda's flamethrower is strong.All trainers get their pokemon back Ash heads for the POkemon reservation center and Satch to the silver conference.Then ash tells misty and brock that his pokemon are not eveolved but are faithful.Brock and misty tell that he'll do fine the Conference.

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