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Episode 243 – Same Old Song and Dance

The episode starts off with Ash complaining about being so hungry, as the gang walk through a forest. Hearing from Brock that there is a town nearby Ash rushes off towards it, just as Jigglypuff appears in the background.


The scene shows Ash and Co walking through the town that Brock was talking about, suddenly Togepi hears something and jumps down out of Misty’s arms, and walk through a hedge into a garden. There Togepi finds a girl with two pokemon, which are dancing to the sound of a tune. The girl notices Togepi just as Misty comes running in and tells off Togepi for running away and interrupting the girl’s lesson. Brock then appears and tries to flirt with the girl, who says her name is Britney, but is pulled back by the ear by Misty. Ash and Misty then examine the two pokemon and find out that they are called Igglybuff, which is the unevolved form of Jigglypuff. Britney tells them that they are part of her act in her show and that they will perform with her tonight, so she’s practising with them. The group then watch as Britney and the igglybuff do a practise performance, as do Team Rocket. Jessie enter dream land and talks about how the twin igglybuff are just like her, until James and Meowth bring her back down to the real world. James then suggests that they should steal the igglybuff and they all agree.

Britney finishes her song and Ash and Co clap and say that it was really good, just as Jigglypuff appears and jumps onto the stage. Realising what is going to happen Ash sprints forward and grabs the pen from Jigglypuff’s hand and puts it in his bag (for safe keeping). Britney then suggests that Ash, Misty and Brock should go with her for lunch, and as they leave Jigglypuff grabs the ribbons which the Igglybuff are wearing and stomps on them. This makes the Igglybuff cry, so Misty comes back to see what the problem is. Jigglypuff plays the innocent act and makes out that the wind blew away the ribbons and then she runs forward and puts them back on the Igglybuff. Suddenly Ash appears and tells Misty that Britney can get them tickets for the concert, so Misty says to Jigglypuff that it can come with them.

The next scene shows Ash and Co looking at Britney and the twin Igglybuff, who are just about to go on stage. Jigglypuff decides gives the two Igglybuff a quick kick, which knocks them onto the floor. The scene changes to the concert hall where Ash, Mist and Brock are sitting with the rest of the audience, the curtains go up and down walks Britney who begins to sing while the Igglybuff dance. While everyone is listen to the music Jigglypuff remembers where Ash put her pen and so she rushes off to find it. She finds the gang’s bags and search through them all until she finds it and rushes of to the front of the stage. But before she can begin to sing who should appear but Team Rocket, they start singing a song instead of their motto but everyone hates it and starts booing. After a quick battle with Ash and Misty, James uses Weezing to smoke the area, which then allows Team Rocket to grab the twin Igglybuff and make their escape. The crowd want Britney to go on but she says she can’t with the Igglybuff, so instead it seem that Brock has to go on and sing, luckily the audience love it.

Back with Team Rocket James wants to use the Igglybuff for merchandise, but Jessie wants to use the twin and be like Britney (with the singing and dancing). Unfortunately when they decide to look it the bag at the Igglybuff they also find Jigglypuff, so they tie it up. Back at the concert, Brock continually sings the same song over and over so the audience are getting a little bit bored. Ash, Misty and Britney soon find where Team Rocket were, with a little help for Noctowl, and seeing Jigglypuff Ash unties her and where Team Rocket went. Noctowl soon spots them and goes up to make a hole in their balloon. Back at the concert the audience are starting to boo Brock as he begins to slow down and run out of energy. Ash and the group find where Team Rocket have come down and a battle starts which, as usually Ash and Misty win. The Igglybuff are set free and they use charm attack on Arbok and Victreebel, which is followed up by a thunder bolt by Pikachu on Team Rocket and a water gun from Totdlile that send Team Rocket ‘blast off’. Back at the concert Brock finally faints but Britney appears with the Igglybuff to save the day. Everyone is cheering and Britney starts to sing again (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). At the end Jigglypuff shows up on stage and puts everyone to sleep, Jigglypuff then leaves but not before putting marks on everyone’s faces.


Written by David Cazaly


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