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Tournament Reports

We love your Tournament Reports!  If you've written one up lately, shoot it on over!  Guidelines are at the bottom of this page.  Thanks & Enjoy!!!

Type 1 Tournaments

09.24.01 Suicide black by Bryce Miller, Ontario, Canada
09.15.01 White Wheenie by Bryce Miller, Ontario, Canada

Type 2 Tournaments

Artifact Decks
12.06.04  Ravager Affinity - FNM - Edmonds, WA

10.10.01  Dwarven Fireworks by Van S
now, Albuquerque, New Mexico
4.19.01   Furry Fury by Spike, Overland Park, KS
3/12/01  Rachel.dec by Spike, Overland Park, KS

10/10/01 MoreThan4Creatures.dec by Tim Peplinski, Stevens Point, WI 
3/26/01  Blue Skies by Adam Reed, Burlington, NC
3/19/01  Blue Skies by Captain Simian, Atlanta, GA *JSS t4*
Uberskies.dec by Matthew Kahl, Geneva, IL
2/19/01  JSS Qualifier by DeQuan Watson  *JSS Qualifier*

07.28.03  Tourney Report- Brad, Ohio
06/11/02  Stompathon - Danny - Online Tourney

7.28.03 New Black Control
7.28.03 Casual Fridays - John Pendergrass
Black Magic TR - Deathwing

12.14.04  White Weenie, Wayne Tabor, WA

- 11.05.02 gw phantoms - Merlin V. Belgium.
- 09.16.02 Tourney Report - Isaac Tong, Canada
- 5.18.01  G/W Jank by Matthew Hudson,Gravesend, Kent, UK
- 3/13/01  Extra Heavy Duty by Knut Koeneman, Anchorage, AK *JSS Qualifier*
- 2/10/01   Blastogeddon by Christine Amaral, Claremont, CA

Green affinity, John Bonnell, Boise, Idaho - Idaho State Championships

- 1.17.03  Anger Management - Type II - GR - Isaac Tong
- 8.08.02  Online Tourney Report T2 - Crovax
- 7.10.02  My Tourney Magic Deck - C. Platt, Canada
- 3.21.02  Rage by D.J. Mayer - Wyandotte, Mi
- 3.19.02  Rage! - D.J. Mayer, Allen park, MI
- 1.15.02  Lava Axe, William Nucero, Anchorage, AK
- 8.13.01  Unpredictab
le Fires, Isaac Tong, Ontario, Canada
- 5/15/01 Incoming by Matth
ew Hudson, Gravesend, Kent, UK
3/18/01 Little Zone by Johnny T., Kansas
- 3/13/01 A Horned Assault by Chris Brown, Wiltshire, UK

- 03.31.08  u/w Merfolk mills - Kerrville Tx. - Miguel
-11.19.02 Counter Mobilization, Dark Wizard, Maine States
- 1.10.02   Finkula by Shaun Byrnes, Ohio
- 5/15/01 Blue Skies by Chris Krasen *JSS Qualifier*
- 4/11/01 Game Closet by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX
- 3/18/01 Bouncing Beebles by Austin C., Richmond, VI
- 3/13/01 U/W Control by Matthew Hudson, Gravesend, Kent, UK
- 3/13/01 Faith's True Light by Tareq Falah, Clearfield, UT
- 3/12/01 U/W Nether Go by Jason Imperiale, Long Island, NY
- 3/6/01  U/W Nether-Go by Jason Imperiale, Seldon, NY *JSS Qualifier T1*
- 2/12/01 U/W Control by Liam Andrew, East Windsor, Ct  *JSS Qualifier*
2/9/01  U/W Control  by Scott Gerhardt, Montclair, CA

- 8.13.01  Volver & Reaper, by Jake, Albuquerque, NM 
- 4/19/01 Rama Llama Comics Cash by Sam Bowley, Plano, T
X *JSS Qualifier*
3/18/01 The Machine by Will Mees, Waxahachie, TX
- 3/18/01 Land Destruction by Gareth Brown, Wiltshire, UK
- 3/14/01 The Fiery Death Deck by Shane Hodgson, Dallas, TX
- 2/17/01  Squee/Spellshaper L.D.S. by Sam "RogueRift" Leavitt

- 4.02.01  Corrupted Rebels by Spike, Overland Park, KS
- 2/14/01  The Defiant Zone by Matthew Hudson, Gravesend, Kent, UK

- 4/14/08
FNM Report - Revenge of the Machines, TX - Miguel
3/26/01 Doofy-Discard-Inhibitor by John Hornberg, Sacramento, CA
- 3/14/01 Disruptor by Cantata, Springdale, AR
5/15/01  - Regionals Report by Lloyd Dodson, Lincoln, NE
- 2/26/02 -  Psychatog Deck Report - Matt Brooks
- 2/26/02 - Goodstuff.dec JSS Report -  Rich Herbert (AKA: Cartman) - MD

-05.20.03 - South Africa Tourney - Clerics - Adam K
-10.17.01 -  Angel Bomb by Chad, Asheville, NC

- 7.22.02 - 4 Counter Control - Eric Garant - Michigan

- 09.16.02 - Type II Tournament Report - PA
- 03.19.02 - Machine Head - Sappy, ??

- 10.17.01 - Newspaper - Michael Malovich, Beaverton, Oregon

- 3.06.02 - JSS Report T8 Enforcer-Go - LTrace8759, MA

Lots of colors:

- 6.19.03 -  Bloody Sliver - Dave Shin

Extended Tournaments

- 01.03.02  GP Houston Trial - Rich Cartman
- 3/18/01 Magpie-Go (T1.x) by Jason Imperiale, Long Island, NY

- 12.10.03 Extended tournament Milwaukee WI by Dustin Burazin

- 12.11.01 - Duress or No? - by Mark Gresback - Grand Prix Las Vegas

- 12.16.01 - Three-Duece PTQ Osaka Top 16 - Chris Krasen

Type 1.5 Reports

- 5/15/01  Old School Fires by HamsterJohn, Tyson's Corner, VA

- 7.28.03 Type 1.5 Tourney - Michael, NC

Limited Reports

7.28.03  10th Anniversary Event by Patriarch
5/20/03  OnslaughtOnslaughtLegions Draft Report - Shayne Quinton
3/21/03  Onslaught Booster Draft - Buck - FL
9/16/02  Booster Draft - Isaac Tong - Canada
8/27/02  Booster Draft - Isaac Tong
7/22/02 Tourney Report - Isaac Tong - Canada
7/10/02 Imps, Horrors...and a Butcher to Boot - Isaac Tong, Canada

3/06/02 Vampire's Vengeance - Isaac Tong, Canada
3/19/01 Dragon Overseer by Landon C., Richmond, VI
2/26/01 Rama Llama Comics by Ryan Carey
2/19/01 PTQ - Barcelona by Joel Ruiz, Costa Mesa, CA (Pro Tour Qualifier)
2/15/01 Pro-Tour Los Angeles by Brian Kibler, Long Beach, CA (Pro Tour Draft)

Pre-Release Reports

- 4/22/08  Tournament Report: Shadowmoor Pre Release - Miguel
- 5/31/03  Scourge Prerelease - Aston
- 5/27/01  Costa Mesa, California by Scott Gerhardt

Tournament Organizer Reports

- 12/26/01 Game Closet T2 by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX
- 7/5/01  Game Closet T2 by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX
- 5/20/01 Game Closet Cash Tournament by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX
- 5/20/01 Rama Llama Comics by Sam Bowley, Plano, TX
- 5/10/01 Game Closet by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX
- 4/19/01  Game Closet by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX
- 4/19/01 - Rama Llama Comics JSS by Sam Bowley, Plano, TX *JSS Qualifier*
- 4/08/01 Game Closet JSS Qualifier by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX *JSS Qualifier*
3/5/01  Game Closet Cash Tournament by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX
2/13/01  Game Closet Cash by DeQuan Watson, Waco, TX

Block Reports

09.01.05 - Grand Prix Salt Lake City, UT - John Bonnell

If you would like your Tournament Report published, please follow these guidelines:

  1. All submissions must include the header at the TOP of your report found in the example mentioned above, which includes:   Deck Name, Your Name, City and State of tournament.  Also include the Date of the tournament in your header, and it's great if you include the # of people that participated. This gives your report some respect.  Be honest.  Tourneys at friends houses do not count as a large-scale tourney, as the world at large is usually not invited.

  2. List all cards in your deck and tell us the tournament results.   We've said this many a time ... even if your deck does poorly .. write a detailed report if you want, everyone will still learn from it, and may recommend worthy changes for you.   Try to tell us the types of decks you faced each round.  Simply saying, "I won" each round, or even worse, saying things like, "my deck just dominated all day" instead of giving details is a sure way for your report to NOT get posted.   We will not require a deck listing, but they are nice and add credibility to the report.

  3. Provide your name & (optional) e-mail address at the bottom of your report.

  4. Do not use all capital letters in your report.  Yes, I know sometimes you need to put a word, or even an entire sentence in all caps to signify it being important, but if your entire deck listing or entire report is all caps, it will be discarded.

  5. Reports that do not meet the above Requirements are simply deleted.  We apologize if we hurt your feelings, but with the quantity of email we get, we had to set some high standards to keep our site top notch.  Thanks!!!! 

  6. Don't be surprised if it takes a while to get your report posted.  We get a lot of mail we have to go through.  If you played in an organized event, told us where it was,  wrote a decent report, and followed the rest of the above guidelines ... don't worry, we'll get it posted. 

We have always been thankful for each and every submittal we have received!!