From: Daniel Lynch []
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 7:33 PM
Subject: Tourny Report
Magic Online Tourney Report
By: Danny
Hi! I won my first ever ONLINE tourney today!!!! It was an 8-player constructed at my computer. I'm have had this deck design for a long time and it is awesome. So I finish it about 30 min. before tourney time and off we go.
24x Forest
4x Arrogant Worm
4x Basking Rootwalla
4x Blanchwood Armor
4x Call of the Herd
4x Giant Growth
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Roar of the Wurm
4x Squirrel Nest
4x Werebear
4x Wild Mongrel
64 Total cards
    Well... you know the drill. This deck ALWAYS wins between turn 4-7. ALWAYS. Enough with that lets get going.
Single Elimination winner gets 8 packs.
First round:
    Game 1:  He doesn't have time to Upheaval and thanks to 2 Squirrel Nests in play he goes dowm hard
    Game 2: Please refer to game 1. Oh yeah, 3 Wild Mongrels helped to.
Second Round:
    Braids. Yipee!!!!!!!!! I destroy him much like the first guy.
    Game 1: He gets out Braids but too bad for him because 3 Squirrel Nests happen to be on my side of the board. Roar finishes.
    Game 2: This is just sick. He gets a  land mana screw when he has 3 Braids in his hand!!!! How much more do I need to say?
Aggressive Fires
Game 1: I lose to an onslaught of Kavu Chameleons. (4!!!!!)
Game 2: I am up against the ropes but get the hand of a lifetime. 3 Rootwallas a Call a Mongrel and 2 lands. Game.
Game 3: I win by 3 life!!! I get 2 early Squirrel Nest, but so much burn puts me at 10. We are both at 7 when he lays a Kavu Chameleon. I counter with a Roar of the Worm. He doesn't concede, but instead plays another!!!! I attack him and he takes 3. What do I topdeck? A Call!!! I play it twice and pure token advantage saves my skin.
Me for winning!
My great deck for doing what it is supposed to.
The finals guy for a great game.
8 PACKS!!!! Who do they think they are?
C Yall