Jss report. 1st place!! - date of torney. 3-09-0
Ahhh, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  The team I was going with was Mr. Chad K Koss (who is already qualified), Mark Sheffield, and Andrew Greenawalt. We all stayed at Andrews house the day before because he was our ride to Cove. Neither Andrew or I had decided on what to play, due to the legilization of torment the week before, and we were unsure of the metagame. We stayed up until about 4 in the morning the day of the turney, deciding on what to play and tweaking decks. Andrew had the best deck of us all. It was a g/r/b deck that just rolled control. It played specters, maindeck centars, and yavimaya barbarian due to the fact that we were expecting heavy bounce. Chad played the Togie Tog deck that he won in Austin with the week before but with the addition of a few torment cards like compusion, chainers edict, and obbsesive search.  Mark played a weired g/u aggro-madness deck that had gone 1-2 the night before in f.n.m.
  I was really unsure on what to play, my team encouraged me to play Machine Head, but i expected a black-heavy feild so i decided to play a deck which i named "I LOVE MARTI" (after my romantic intrest), which is really just star-spangled-slaughter in disguise. My reasoning for this is simple: it played lots of burn and had both read, and white in it for great sideboard options against black weenie, tog, and tings. Here it is:

4 Meddling Mage
4 Flametounge Kave
4 Lightning Angel
4 Absorb
4 Fire/Ice
4 Prophetic Bolt
4 Counterspell
4 Repulse
4 Urza's Rage

4 Costal Towers
6 islands
5 mountain
4 shivan reef
2 battlefield forge
2 plains
1 Adarkar wastes
3 Dodecapod (tings/black and white discard)
3 Divert (control/anything with burn)
3 Pyroclasm (weenie/ frog in a blender)
2 Reprisal (that silly finkle/snake/monger thing or junk)
2 Cop Black ( that stupid corrupt thing/mono black/tog)
2 Sacred ground ( angel/tings)

yeah, i know it has no torment or Odyssey, but i just couldn't find anything i liked.

We went to sleep sastified with our decks at about 4 am. we woke up at seven because we figured registration was from 9-10.

We got to Chief's store at about 9 o'clock only to be told that registration was until 1 o'clock. feeling really stupid, really tired, and really hungry, we decided to go find someplace to eat. We find a resturant named Kettle's that serves horrible food and has terrible service. We decide to bring Chief back some chicken on the grounds that he's black and probably like fried chicken.
  We get back to the store and give him the offering and are told that we're extremely racist, but i save the day by reminding them that I myself, am a black man.
  Anyway, on to rounds!!!

  Round 1: Chris McSTICKalot playing what seems to be a bad version of recursion.

Game one: while he shuffles i see a twighlights call and a cabal patriarch. I'm not worried at all. He goes firt turn land second turn Quirion Elves naming black, third turn Elves naming black again. I play a meddling mage naming entomb (which i later find out he isn't playing)and counter his attempt at w wild mongrol. I FTK a elf and a Kavu, Mage, and Angel with counter back up brings it home.
In: 2 pyroclasm, 2 cop black
out: 2 repulse, 1 fire/ice, 1 ftk
Game two: he goes swamp, i go towers, he goes tainted wood, i go island and play a meddling mage naming wild mongrol, and pass to him. He discards a Puernumbra Bobcat and says go. I draw and attack with my mage, in response, HE CASTS A GHASTLY DEMISE!. i let it resolve because he only has one card in his graveyard. He dosen't play another spell for the rest of the game and Pinkula and Angel clean up what's left of him.

After round one we're all 1-0 except for chad who lost to some random little kid. Who bragged like whoa!

Round 2: This guy named Tristan playing a go-mar ambasitor laquatus thing.

Game one: I paris to 6 but only have 1 land still. I pick up the top card of my library with all intentions of parising again and he calls cheif and i get a warning for drawing seven cards. I go to 5, then 4 and keep a hand with 1 tower and a mage and some burn.  he casts a bajillon counterspells and dromar dishes out the beats.
In: 2 COP black, 3 divert, 2 reprisal
out: 4 FTK's,2 absorb,1 mage
Game two: I go to 4 again and keep a 2 land hand. He gets out an early laquatus  and mills me like a school girl. After like 25 prophetic bolts i kill it and I play a mage naming the merfolk. Damn, repulse. He plays his merfolk and quickly eleminated my library.

So now everyone on the team is 1-1 exepty for mark who is 2-0.

Round 3: Daniel Jakob playing b/u/g tempo/
  this was the guy that beat chad so i had to beat him.
  Game one: he just can't keep up with all my burn.
  Game two: this is a REALLY close game. it becomes us both being at one, it being my turn with a lightning angel in my hand and in play and him having one card in had. I guess that it's a repulse so i cast another angel.... it wasen;t a repulse, it was and undermine.
  Game three: he plays nothing but land ALL GAME! I play a 4th turn angel and just lay the beating.
  Tgis guy was SOOOO bad at magic i had to call the judge twice in this round. Once because he said that he didn't have to name recoil's target until it resolved, and another time because he tried to recoil in responce to me declaring blockers and then he told me that the block wouldn't ever resolve!
I was right on both of these plays and he was very wrong.

Round 4: Chris Patrick playing Frog in a blender.
  Game one: He goes off fast as hell and gets me to like 4. I keeps casting absorb to keep life up and i some how pull all 4 bolts out of nowhere.
I cast a bolt into a bolt into a bolt into a fire/ice. Next turn i topdeck bolt!

Round 5: i draw into top eight.

Chad tells his opponent that he(chad) is going to win and that the guy should just draw with him. In return chad offers to give him packs. After the guy draws everyone is like COLUSION!!!! Chad's like "whatever" and starts top 8. Andrew's the only one that didn't break

Octos: MARK!!! This sux, i'm playing my teammate.
  Game one: he gets out the early beats but i stabilize with 3 flametounges. i eventualy take the match with FTK's and mage on mongrol.
  Game two:  He gets out a send turn mongrol and just slaughters me.
  Game three: we both mulligan five times and just keep drawing up. I go  1st turn towers, second turn mage on arrogant wurm, and 4th turn angel. He obviously has a bad hand and plays nothing at all.

Top 4: Cary Carrera playing a b/w/g deck that just beat chad.    
  game one: This guy is great to play, he's a lot of fun. I didn't know what he was playing and chad was like " just remember my extended deck", i told him i knew to name mage on swords to plowshares.
I get a mage in turn 2 and name spectral lynx. he casts a gerrards verdict and it almost wreks me. he plays no creatures do to lack of green mana and just goes all the way!
  In: 3 dodecapod, 3 divert, 2 reprisal
  Out:4 repulse,  3 mage, 1 fire/ice
  game two: i'm really mana skrewed and he plays a lynx and a rat and i have no answers.
  Game 3: I keep the following hand: 3 island, 1 meddling mage, 1 dodecapod, 1 urza's rage, 1 prophetic bolt. I play first and lay an island. he plays fist turn duress, takes my rage and says go. I smack the top of my deck and pull a battlefeild forge of the top. I play a meddling mage naming spectral lynx. he goes and plays and land and passes to me. I pull a costal towers and smack with my mage for a few turns, i eventually prophetic bolt him leaving him at three, i take a fire/ice, and show him my lightning angel and fire/ice in my hand, and he conceded.

FINALS!!! DANIEL JAKOB!!!! I was confused as hell as to how this guy got into the finals, but whatever.

Game one: I win the coin toss and I decide to go first. We both shuffle and he presents his deck to be cut while I'm still shuffling. I ask him if his deck is presented to be cut. He answers yes, and then says he's going to shuffle some more and begins to reshuffle his deck. I go "JUDGE!" and he gets a warning. We cut each others decks and I draw a great hand. I play an island, and say go. He plays his own island and says go. I draw lay a mountain and pass to him. Before he draws I ask him how many cards are in his hand. He goes "Wait, I have to discard."   Chad (who's right next to me) goes " WHAT THE HELL! YOU CAN'T DISCARD DURING YOUR UPKEEP BECAUSE YOU DREW TO MANY CARDS IN YOU OPENING HAND!" Cheif asked Chad to leave the table, he does, and Cheif goes away. I ask him once more how man cards he has in his hand. He counts them and so do I, he has NINE CARDS!!  I go "JUDGE!!!" and he recived a game loss.
Game two: I play a second turn mage naming undermine and he has a wild mongrol on the board. He plays another dog, and swings with the first. i take it and next turn play a mountain and says go. He plays a Gaea's Skyfolk and attacks with two dogs. I take it like a man ,and next turn play a Flametounge killing a mongrol.  He plays ANOTHER mongrol and swings with mongrol and skyfolk. I take it and then on my turn play another flametounge, he repulses his mongrol IN RESPONSE when he should have done it after damage was on the stack. I let the repulse resolve and target his skyfolk when it comes into play. I swing with mage and kavu number one. He goes and attempts to cast his mongrol and i absorb. For the next turn I swing with my flametounges and he blocks one with his remaining dog.  I just chill out and counterthe next few turns and my mage and kavu take him to school. He is at four and casts a Kavu Titan with kicker. I play a counter spell and in response he fact or fictions with a salt marsh, and a island open. I see one card in his hand and i know its not a counter because if it was, he wouldn't have casted the fact. I add a prophetic bolt to the stack and put him at zero life.

Well i win, it makes me happy, and i collect my box and tell cheif my adress and stuff. I pick up my info on nationals and our teams goes to pick up sum pizza!

Me for winning, getting 3 boxes, a scholarship and higher stats for the low low price of $15$
My team for 3 out of 4 of us getting in top eight.
Tristan for being the only person that beat me, and for having great mana positioning skills
Chad for teaching me how to not suck at magic.
Cheif for being kol, and finding me COP black before the tornament started.
Andrew's mom for being AWSOME and taking us at the last minute.

Andrew for havin the best deck at the JSS and going 2-3
Chad for losing to that random little kid.
Chad for telling me that my deck sucked that morning
Chad for getting kicked out of my final round when he was making me more confedent just being there.
Those random guys for being mean to Chad.
The way the world works, for me having to hit Mark in top 8.

See ya at nationals! (hopefully)

Luv ya'll thanx for reading. Bye Bye.