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Subject: Type II Tournament Report
    Alright this wasn't the most prestigious tournament that a magic player could find, but this August 8th Collegeville Pennsylvania occasion was fun to say the very least. It wasn't your typical format either : 1 game matches, top four (of the 16 in attendance) playoff for finals.
    I decided to change my mind last minute from mono-black control to a cheap U/R counter-burn deck.
4x Scalpelexis
4x Counterspell
4x Force Spike
4x Pyroclasm
4x Fire/Ice
3x Remove Soul
3x Repulse
3x Unsummon
3x Prophetic Bolt
3x Mana Short
3x Wash Out
2x Aether Flash
SB: Not required for this tourney, obviously due to the 1 game matches.
    Not your typical Type II Deck, I know. However, after playtesting a few times with my friend, I found this deck very effective. Enough of my ramblings, onto the tournament.
Round 1:  Vs. U/B Discard
This seemed like an ideal matchup for myself. I choose to play first and never miss a land drop. He strikes early with an air elemental, but his foolish attempts at bouncing all of his fliers for Hypnotic Specter sealed his fate. Relentless repulses and mana shorts allowed my two Scalpelexis to deck the opposition within the first 10 mins of play.
Now I was skeptical of the one game match setup because of mana-screw (which I always eventually fall victim to), sure enough....
Round 2: Vs. G/R/W Stompy
I didn't really have time to study this deck at all. I risked a two island hand early and never drew a single land. By turn 5, I had two arrogant wurms breathing down my neck, so I scooped. I attempted to play another quick game for respect, sadly I fell the same way...
Round 3: Vs. Mono-White Combo (?)
This match-up seemed like a sure victory, my opponent was a novice player, and just threw together some cards that provided small combos. I started out decently, not allowing him to play any threats. My dream matchup turned quickly into a nightmare when he plays a CoP Blue. I mean, it was the only one in his deck! Who plays CoP? And if any why blue? I am able to bide for time with mana-short and wash out. I eventually picked up a scalpelexis and was able to leave him with 11 cards in his library. Two renewed heroes brought my life to 6. I hurt his library until he was left with 3 cards. I am at 2 life after his little strikes. He then plays angelic wall, a pathetic card. I find no way to remove it and lose.... needless to say I am ashamed for drawing too many lands and have burned all angelic walls in my own collection...
Round 4: Vs. Mono White Life Gain
My opponent's only creature throughout the whole match was sunweb and a venerable monk. 2 Scalpelexis and 3 shots with prophetic bolts gives me this match quickly.
He wanted to get over 50 life for the win... sadly the only life gain I allowed were through 2 healing salves and the monk. His deck was original though...
At this point I am pretty much eliminated from the top 4. I would need a bit of luck to squeak in through tie breakers (I win through decking, isn't that enough?)
Round 5: Vs. My playtesting friend's G/W Stompy
   What luck... We both didn't like this match up because we knew the other's deck to a science. He went 2-2 due to his lack of flying creatures. He knew that I would have the better shot in the finals so we agreed to a prize split (if luck should grant a prize). We played for fun nonetheless...
    He started off with an elf and two werebears, which quickly fell to pyroclasm. I dropped an aether flash preventing him from using his favorite grizzly fate and mongrels. He drops some annoying nantuko monasteries and an eventual phantom nishoba. My scalpelexis got in a few shots combined with some prophetic bolt support. We traded back and forth until the round ended. An entertaining match nonetheless.
Not good enough for Top 4, but this deck does have some promise with the addition of traumatize and upheaval. That will be saved for another time though.
The Good:
-2 of technically 4 games won from decking
-A cheap deck that can actually hang around for multiple turns
-My friend's kindness to step down for some hope
The Bad:
-Too much space for mana screw....
-Some of the novice's indescribable luck
-How long my deck has to last for a victory
The Ugly:
-Angelic Wall!
-CoP Blue! (why was it in? why not any other color?, we all know blue is notorious for damage...)
Oh well, have to give the new players some credit for playing with confidence.