Paragon Games and Hobbies
Type 2
February 23, 2002

Entrance Fee: $15.00

Prize: $200.00
Participants: 18

Paragon Games and Hobbies holds a monthly 16k tourney where the FNM players get together with some other random people and have a good time all day long. This week I have been playing the notorious Psychatog deck who has achieved great hatred from all the people at Paragon. Its made it to the finals the past two Type 2 FNM tournies so everyone is looking for a way to stop the madness. The deck’s name was made by Paul who I receive non-stop criticism and insults from (You know its all good). So without further delay here it is:


4 Fact or Fiction
3 Opt
1 Peek
4 Aether Burst
4 Recoil
2 Repulse
4 Counterspell
3 Undermine
4 Memory Lapse
4 Nightscape Familiar
4 Punk-Atog
3 Swamp
8 Island
4 Salt Marsh
4 Underground River
3 Cephalid Coliseum
1 Cabal Pit

SB: 3 Gainsay
SB: 3 Hibernation
SB: 3 Slay
SB: 4 Duress
SB: 2 Lobotomy

atch #1

Nick Gestido : Enforcer Go

Game #1:

We start off a fairly slow. I start off with a Nightscape Familiar and chip away at life total. He tries to resolve a Enforcer but a Undermine slams the door shut. A turn later ‘Tog seals the deal.

Sideboard: -3 Opt, -1 Peek, -2 Repulse, +3 Duress, +3 Gainsay

Game #2:

I get stuck on 2 lands. You don’t win without lands. A Mystic Enforcer resolves and I run outta bounce. On to game three...

Game #3

I get a good hand. Duress first turn. I took Wrath of God over FoF. Now this game he gets land screwed. I chip away at life with a Nightscape and he follows up with a Mongrel. I bounce end of turn. He tries to resolve a Enforcer, it gets countered. Drop a ‘Tog, and then I Burst the way home.

Record: 1-0

Match #2

Jason Jones : Psychatog

Jason is one of the best in the tournament. I would later in the tournament play his brother, Richie who is another great player. The only noticeable difference between me and Jason’s decks was the fact that I ran Aether Burst where he ran Finkels. His version just dominated mine.

Game #1:

Wasn’t really a close game. He gets early board advantage with a turn 2 Familiar and a Finkel dropped turn 3. Two strong plays in a row. Not much I can do except try to bounce them like there is no tomorrow. He gets card advantage....time to enter scoop phase.

Sideboard: -1 Peek, -3 Opt, -2 Repulse, -2 Memory Lapse, +3 Gainsay, +3 Duress, +2 Lobotomy

Game #2:

The game was a little longer this time. I managed to keep his army off for a little while but I couldn’t hold. To no avail he wins. Oh well good games Jason.

Record: 1-1

Match #3

Roger : Black/Green Control

I had no idea what this kid was playing. Anyway on to the games.

Game #1:

Starts off with a Nimble Mongoose. (Mongoose is a pretty good drop against Tog) He swings a couple turns dropping Wild Mongrels and CotH’s along the way. He plays a Monger but not all the bounce in the world and a lone ‘Tog can save me. Time to sideboard.

Sideboard: -1 Peek, -3 Opt, -2 Repulse, +3 Slay, +3 Hibernation

Game #2:

He gets a turn 2 Mongrel as I respond with a Familiar. He attempts a Arena, I counter in fear of not being able to out race him. I attain some board control with Counters and Aether Bursts. He taps out to a Spirit Monger, I Slay drawing into a FoF. That’s some good. After the FoF, I gain the board wiping it clean. ‘Tog cleans up the mess for me.

Game #3:

This game pretty much went the same as the game above. Tries to play some creatures, all either bounced or countered. A couple Deeds try to resolve but Undermines stand in the way. ‘Tog hits the board and its all over.

Record: 2-1

Match #4

Steve Foster : Red/Green Beats

Steve is a young player but very good for his age so by no means did I overlook his deck.

Game #1:

He gets out some early creatures but my Familiars hold them back. Steve draws like 3 Skizziks in like 5 draws. But luckily I either had some kind of counter or bounce to deal with them. A ‘Tog hits and I bounce, bounce, and bounce. I was surprised there were no Yavimaya Barbarians. Oh well, Im not complaining.

Sideboard: -1 Peek, -3 Opt, -2 Repulse, +3 Slay, +3 Hibernation

Game #2:

He drops turn 2 Blurred Mongoose followed by another turn 3. A lone Nightscape keeps his Mongeese back in fear. I swing with Familar, he accepts. Turn 4 plays a Raging Kavu, swings for 7, I Hibernation. At one point in the game all 4 Familiar are out. And against his 1 and 2 toughness creatures they can hold the fort down. I have to deal with some kicked Titans and Skizziks but they all go down in a blaze of fury. I have to Aether Burst 3 times during my main phasde before all the creatures are wiped away and ‘Tog goes in for some blood.

Record: 3-1

NOTE: After this round, me and Richie Jones are scheduled to play each other. At this point I was ranked 5th and Richie 3rd. After long debate as to what out best interests are we decided just to play keeping an eye on our opponents and how they do. If Cartman (from the message boards) lost, and Joe either lost or drew we could draw ensuring that we both get a Top 4 slot.

Match #5

Richie Jones : Red/Green/Black Goodness

We roll to see who goes first with Richie’s Dice Popper Device Thingy. He wins. : ( He’s got the whole popping thing down I guess.

Game #1:

He starts off kinda slow with little land. I play a little bouncing here and there and the ‘Tog cleans it up.

Sideboard: -1 Peek, -3 Opt, -2 Repulse, +3 Slay, +3 Hibernation

At this point Cartman had lost and we were waiting to see whether Joe was going to lose or draw.

Game #2:

He plays a Turn 2 Centaur. I Slay it. But the onslaught of creatures are just to much to handle.

Game #3:

We play a little “slow” during this game watching Joe and his match. I get total board control and at one point holding nothing but 3 Slays. With the end of the round coming to near, we take pauses and watch as the round ends. Joe now has 5 turns to win with a Goblin Trenches in play. It looks like sure victory for Joe but his opponent Top Decks 2 CotH’s and is able to play them and flash it back the same turn. He now has 6 little tokens out with a FTK while the opponent is just at 6 life with 3 CotH tokens out. His opponent for some reason swings with one of them and Joe forgetting the Captain’s Maneuver in his hand takes the damage. This causes the game to end in a draw, so me and Rich appropriately draw to get in the Top 4.

Record: 3-1-1

After seeing Mercer was going to be my opponent I was a little scared because ‘Tog cant really hand Trenches all that well. I had previously played Matt the night before in the Finals for FNM and he beat me due to some land screw on my behalf. Lets just hope the same doesnt happen again.Finals #1

Matt Mercer : Star Spangles Slaughter

Game #1:

We sit playing Draw-Go for a little bit (‘Tog likes playin Draw-Go just for all that don’t know). I remember somewhere early game we keep fighting over his Spectral Lynx who I finally Recoil and he discards. He attempts to Bolt me, I tap out for an Undermine after a previously played Familiar. He drops a Legionnaire. I sit back and watch, he casts a Lighting Angel and swings. I take it. During my next main phase I attempt a Aether Burst with a ‘Tog in play ready for the kill. In fear of me having an Undermine and taking even more life he sacs the Legionnaire to prevent 2 damage. I pop the Coliseum and make the ‘Tog grow even stronger. I ditch my whole hand and graveyard cept for a lone Memory Lapse in hand and swing for 12 and the win.

Sideboard: -3 Opt, -1 Peek, -2 Repulse, -1 Memory Lapse, +4 Duress, +3 Gainsay

Game #2:

This game was really good. We start off with Draw-Go again and I play a Familiar. Later he casts a Meddling Mage naming Recoil. The next turn I draw Duress and he reveals Moat and a Absorb. I take the Moat with my lone Nightscape in play leaving him with an Absorb. I Bursted the Mage back. A couple turns later I attempt a ’Tog with him having three cards in hand. He Aborbs, I Undermine, he then casts Gainsay leaving me with one in hand. He plays another Mage leaving himself with no hand, this time naming ’Burst. He then plays yet another Mage naming ’Tog. I top deck Recoil getting rid of the one naming Burst. He then plays a Legionnaire leaving himself with no hand once again. I then proceed to yet again top another Recoil getting rid of the second Mage. Seeing the opportunity at hand I desperately used the Coliseum to search for a ‘Tog, I get it last card and play it with him having one card in hand. IT RESOLVES! He draws, says go. I swing with ‘Tog and Nightscape, blocks Tog and flings the Goblin at me down to 6 life. He now has no creatures and after draw will have 2 cards in hand. He reveals his hand, Island and Divert extends his hand and says Good Game.

Finals #2

Richie Jones : Red/Green/Black Goodness

We decide to split as it only seemed fitting for a long days work. Congrats Rich.

Total Prize: $100, 4 Torment Packs

Final Record: 4-1-2

Card MVP’s of the Day:

SLAY (Bye Bye Spellbane)

NIGHTSCAPE FAMILIAR (Nothing like FoF’ing for 1 blue)

AETHER BURST (I dont care what anyone says, a MUST in all ‘Tog Decks)

Thanks to all who have actually read this. Please feel free to IM on AIM at: RagingBoP Please e-mail all comments and questions to: I’m on Magic Online at: BigMatt885

Now it’s time for some Props and Slops:


Paragon Crew (You guys all cool)
My Magic Team (Especially you Cartman)
The Jones’ for being cool guys
Everyone for not being cheaters
PaPa Johns Garlic Sauce


None, it was a good day.

....Well maybe because I dont have a Super Cool Dice Popper like Richie. *Frown*

Thanks all, later!

Matt Brooks

Birds of Paradise