Name: Dave Shinn
Deck Name: Bloody Sliver
Tourney date: Friday, 5/30/03
People: Little over 20.

The tourney was a Friday Night Magic tourney. Many of the regulars were there and lots of new people too. Last week, there were over 30 people that came with the excitement of the Scourge release, but it died down. Anyway, here is my deck that I used. I'll probably make a few changes however.

3 Root Siver
2 Essence Sliver
1 Spectral Sliver
4 Plated Sliver
4 Shifting Sliver
1 Root Sliver
1 Toxin Sliver
2 Mistform Sliver
4 Ward Sliver
4 Crypt Sliver
2 Hunter Sliver
3 Magma Sliver
3 Blade Sliver
2 Quick Sliver

2 Explosive Vegetation
1 Flowering Field
2 Tribal Unity
1 Fog

7 Plain
7 Forest
6 Swamp
6 Island

3 Circular Logic
2 Counter Spell
4 Aether Burst
2 Needleshot Gourna
2 Angelic Wall
2 Spitting Spider

68 Total

Match 1: Me VS. Ed (G Squirrel)

Round 1
I won the die roll and went first. For my opening move I played a Plated Sliver, and he a Chatter of the Squirrel. Later he got out a Squirrel Nest and started massing an army of little squirrels. I had 3 or 4 good slivers out, and they were all unblockable (Shifting Slivers Ability). I had the game when he topdecked an Overrun...and you know what happens when 20+ nasty little squirrels become 4/4's with
trample...not pretty. That was game right there and then as I had used my fog last turn >.<

Round 2
Started off with me mulliganing to 6 and him to five. He went first and played a
Chatter, and I a Plated Sliver. This time he didn't get out his squirrel nest and I had a few more
Slivers in play. Once I unleashed a Ward Sliver, he conceded.

Round 3
Started off exactly the same. This game he got out a Mirari and 2 Squirrel Nests. After he created 20 Squirrels I conceded.

Rounds: 1-2
Matches: 0-1

Match 2: Me VS. Mark (W Cleric)

Round 1
He started playing weak creatures and never got anything over 3/3 out. I just got 6 slivers and wasted him. Cause of essence sliver I ended up with 48 life.

Round 2
Same exact thing. My slivers shear power overwhelmed him.

Rounds: 3-2
Matches: 1-1

Match 3: Me VS. Joe (U/B Psychatog)

Round 1: He kept countering everything and drawing cards with spells. Eventually I got out Root Sliver
so me slivers couldn't be countered anymore. I beat his face in with some other slivers.

Sideboard: Out: 2 Tribal unity, 1 Fog. In: 3 Ether Burst

Round 2: Never saw anything to stop his counters. Upheaval + Psychatog just crushed me in one attack.

Round 3: Much better. I saw some counters, and a few didn't result in entire counter wars. That same combo, upheaval + Psychatog killed me again.


Match 4: Shane (G Beatdown)

Round 1: Shane was a new played and didn't know much. First game I got about 6 slivers and him 2 creatures that whole game. A killed him.

Round 2: See game one. My Essence Sliver got me about 30 life and he just conceded.

Rounds: 6-4
Matches: 2-2

Match 5: John (Mono-black Control)
I needed 2 wins to make top 8.

Round 1: He had the perfect black deck...Chainer's Edict and all. I wasn't about to lose however. I
knew that since he had not a single black creature in his deck, if I was fast enough I could win. I started off with a awesome hand. He got mana screwed and I bashed his face in with 2 Blade Slivers and a Plated Sliver.

Sideboard: Out 2 Tribal Unity, 1 Fog: In: 3 Circular Logic.

Round 2: He had sufficient mana this game, which was bad. I countered a Chainer's Edict and Corrupt. I then finished off his life with a Essence Sliver and Blade Sliver. I ended up with 7 life, thanks to me Essence Sliver. If not for him I woulda lost.

Top 8 looks like this:
8:Who cares.

Quarter Finals: Me VS Bill (R/G)

Round 1: My deck simply cannot win against Burn. Luckily, first match didn't see much. A few Mongrels and Rootwallas, but not too much for my slivers. I won it really fast cause he saw nuttin.

Round 2: Plenty of burn here. I didn't even care to try after I got below 10. I scoop.

Well, 3-3 isn't that bad for a Sliver deck. I won 1 booster though, Yay for me!

Now, time for Props and Slops:

Props to me for making top 8.
Props to Joe for being nice and having an insane deck.

Slops to Ed for beating me with dumb luck. He would have died next turn. Slops to me for losing.

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