I saw this site on the net and thought it is a good place to post my deck report.  The tourney was on Saturday June 15 2002 at BTS.  About 14 people were there.  Here is the deck:
10x Forest
10x Plains
4x glory
4x Silver Seraph
2x test of endurance
2x ancestors chosen
4x valor
4x battle screech
4x call the herd
4x wild mongrel
4x crush of wurms
4x epic struggle
4x sylvan safekeeper
4x basking rootwalla
3x Thriss, Nantuko Primus
3x Acorn Harvest
4x overrun
1x Druids Call
Only reason for a all green sideboard is because i love my white creaturesa too much, and the druids call is just there because i needed a 15th card. 
The tourney was a dbl elim bracket tourney (kind of different) best 2 out of three.  OK, here we go:
Round 1: Me vs Luke Cecelon
I know luke real well and hate his deck with a passion.  It is a pure black deck with champions, edicts and other annoying stuff.  I went first with a great hand slapped down a plains and said go.  he got down NANTUKO SHADE 2ND TURN and that was game right there.  my 4th i played call the herd, but he played 2 edicts on his turn to get rid of them, he tapped 5 swamp and attacked for 7.  i got a coupe mongrel into play later, i also had glory and safekeeper, but i was finished, he got down 2 champions, which got me to 1, and then attacked for 20 something and i was done.
2nd game went the same way, i got 2nd turn mongrel, but he just kept edicting with flashbacks late to keep me out of play, and a 3rd turn shade won him this 1.
match: 0-2  tourney: 0-1
EEP! 1 more loss and i go home early
Losers side, game 1: me vs some kids real bad 5 color
game 1: this kid really had no stratergy, just a bunch of cards, i got down my elephatns from herd, and smacked him around pretty easy and won.
i side board in some overrun (4) for the crush of wurms, and 3 acorn harvest and a druids call for the epic struggles.
Game 2: same thing here i got squriles and elephants from acorn harvest and call the herd, and won this quite convinvincingly
match 2-0 tourney 1-1
Losers side, Game 2: me vs w/g deck.
This guy played some of the cards i did like the herds and mongrels, and a big surprise, he lost to luke up top.  He played real well and  knew he would probably beat me.
Game 1: I find out he is playing rebel as his whites, uh oh, now i am definetly screwed.  He got some good green down early, rotwallas and mongrels i hit a mana shortage and got smoked, he had 24 life left at the end, geez.
Game 2: Smae scenario, he gt down rootwallas and mongrels for some fast damage, i got down some mongrels and 2 elephants using flashback but he already had quite the army at this time and attakced me for 27 i think, and i only blocked 5 of it, so i am done.
match 0-2 tourney: 1-2
So i go home empty handed, the guy who sent me home got to finals and lost to luke,(big surprise).  Luke wins every week.  Untill next time, here are prps and slops:
Props to me for winning at least once
Props to BTS for hosting
Props and Slops to luke and Rebel guy, props for making it to finals, slops for beating me.
Bye all,
Cameron Platt,