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FNM Tournament Report #1
u/w Merfolk mills
Kerrville Tx.
4x  Silvergill Adept
4x  Silvergill Douser
4x  Judge of Currents
3x  Merfolk Thaumaturgist
1x  Stonybrook Schoolmaster
3x  Drowner of Secrets
4x  Ambassador Laquatus
2x  Serendib Sorcerer
1x  Merrow Harbinger
1x  Fallowsage
2x  Mulldrifter
2x  Condemn
2x  Summon the School
2x  Merrow Commerce
2x  Springleaf Drum
2x  Thousand-Year Elixir
1x  Calciform Pools
2x  Terramorphic Expanse
1x  Nimbus Maze
1x  Wanderwine Hub
6x  Plains
11x Island
I had played a version of the deck before, but I did not have my Ambassador Laquatus in the deck.
We had 10 players for this Friday Night Magic. We played 4 rounds of swiss with no play-off.
First round I played against Kithkins, mono-white.
First game, he started out fast. First turn Goldmeadow Harrier, second turn Knight of Meadowgrain. I had a Judge of Currents out second turn, he Weight of Conscience it from the game, I was able to stablize after round 5 at 7 life and he was at 28 life with Douser and Elixir and a Drowner of Secrets and several other Merfolk out and milled his deck. Second game he won with a Door of destinies out and Preeminent Captain and many other Kithkins to swarm me and win. Serendib could not completing counteract the Doors effect. Last game I took a beating again from Kithkin comming out fast, once I stablize again with a Douser and a Merfolk Thaumaturgist, they started to fall like flies. He scoop because I also had out a Secret and I was able to return the Summon the School every turn. 2-1. 1st round win.
Second round. Paired down to play against one of our younger players who is still learning how to play Magic. His deck was a r/w big creature deck. Was a interesting game one. I was stuck on 3 lands and I had out a Elixir, Douser, Judge of Currents, and one Drowner. He had Grinning Ignus and a Windborn Muse. I was milling 4 cards a turn and gaining 4 life also. He played a land and said go, this went on about 5 or 6 turns then he drops a Scourge of Kher Ridges, now I was a little concern because I was still stuck on 4 lands, and a hand full of Merfolk. He did nothing, because he could have activate Scourge's first ablilty. Next turn he played Resurrection and brought back Reya Dawnbringer, who was just hanging out in the graveyard. He finally used Scourge's first ablility, but I was able to reply my Douser and Currents the following turn, I was still stuck on four lands, I survied one assault for all of his creatures and I finally milled the rest of his deck for the win. He got bored and did not want to play the second game, thank goddness. 2-0. 2nd round win, 2-0.
Third round. played against r/b Goblin Rogues. His deck is off the beaten path. First turn each game he started out with a Prickly Boggart in play. First game I started off pretty good against him, with all of the right Merfolk, until he brought out Lightning Crafter with a Thornbite Staff in play, my army of Merfolk was gone in a flash. Had nothing but a Condemn in my hand to deal with that crazy Shaman if it was dumb enough to attack, I was not so lucky. Second game was good. Was able to get the right Merfolk out and deck him. The Dousers and Thaumaturgist keep his Goblins off the board. Third game he got all the right answers for my poor Merfolk, He killed every one of them and the only Fodder Launch won him the game. 1-2 games. 3rd round loss, 2-1.
Fourh and last round. Played against g/r/w, its a Doran deck, but he only owns 2 Dorans. Both games went quick, he was able to kill my Merfolk with Nameless Inversions and Shriekmaws, Doran came out the first game and finished me off in two turns. Second game he drop a third turn Ajani Goldmane and started to pump his creatures and give them vigilance until end of turn. Birds of Paradise on some Treefolk like Leaf-Crowned Elder and Reach of Branches tokens, played of the Elder Kinship was not good. My little Merfolk were ready to return to the high seas far away from all of these crazy trees. I guess Merfolk don't use axes where they come from. Oh well it was fun. Games 0-2, fourth round loss, 2-2.
Not bad for no sideboard and I threw it together the day before.
Hope this gets posted I have not seen a tournament report on POJO for Magic the Gathering in along time.
Maybe others will take some time to do the same.
If they let me I will do this again for next FNM.



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