Subject: 10th Anniversary Event by Patriarch

8th Edition Limited Event
By John (aka Patriarch)
Texas Game Company, Allen, Texas
36 Participants

Well, I must say that I enjoyed myself A LOT. In 10 years, Magic: The Gathering hasn't lost any of its kick, as Texas Game Company had a HUGE turnout (So high, in fact, that there weren't even enough promotional cards!). Anyways, enough of the mumbling...Time for the report!

Prologue: Well, I just finished a Pokemon TCG tournament, and was feeling fairly down in the dumps, as I didn't fare as well as I would have liked. However, all these thoughts were quickly set aside as I went to my first limited format tourny in Magic. So after eating an economy-sized lunch, I walked in the building, and quickly found a friend of mine named Chad. Not seeing him in a while, we spoke until the manager, Mr. Woods, started handing out the Core Set packs. When I received my 5 boosters, I quickly hid away in the store's second game room to build my deck from these cards:

(Note, if you don't know the rarities or abilities of the cards...check out E-bay =P)

White (13):
Savannah Lions
Peach Garden Oath
Angel of Mercy
COP: Black
Holy Strength
Crossbow Infantry
Diving Griffin
Aven Flock
Master Decoy
Tundra Wolves
Honor Guard

Blue (13)
Balance of Power
Phantom Warrior
Sneaky Homunculus
Sea Monster
Horned Turtle
Aven Fisher
Coral Eel
Mana Leak
Remove Soul

Black (16)
Primeval Shambler x2
raise Dead x2
Maggot Carrier
Drudge Skeletons
Vicious Hunger
Dusk Imp
Looming Shade
Deepwood Ghoul
Bog Imp
Spineless Thug
Dark Banishing
Severed Legion

Red (10)
Boil x2
Lightning Elemental
Goblin Raider
Stone Rain
Lava Axe
Anaba Shaman
Ridgeline Rager
Balduvian Barbarians

Green (13)
Gaea's Herald
Wing Snare
Yavimaya Enchantress
Rampant Growth
Monstrous Growth
Craw Wurm
Vine Trellis
Spined Wurm
Fertile Ground
Canopy Spider
Giant Spider
Rushwood Dryad
Nantuko Disciple

Artifacts (3)
Phyrexian Colossus*
Star Compass x2**

Lands (7)
Urza's Power Plant*
basic lands (1 forest, 2 swamps, 2 ???)
Foil forest

Now, for the types:
-Nearly everything white was solid, as I got a good mix of flying and weenie creatures (The few non-creatures from white I pulled were all pretty good, and found their uses throughout the tournament). So white was a definite plus.
-Blue, however, was sickeningly weak, with only a couple counters, and sub-par creatures, so I just excluded it altogether.
-Now black was a good color! Problem was, with the few exceptions of strong removal cards, I had nothing that truly stood out and made me want to play it. Playing the stall game with skeletons and ghouls would not bounce the game to my favor, and Nightmare would just not get enough black mana to make it worthwhile for 6 hard cast. -Red, as always, offered some really good removal cards. But the main problem was quantity: there were REALLY good pulls, but with so much utter crap, it's hard to play the good stuff. -Green, the last of the colors, showed significance. It not only offered tough protection/removal against flying creatures, but VERY good mana excelleration, and fat creatures. -Not much in Artifacts. However, all 3 ones I got (1 Collosus and 2 Star Compasses) were worthy of deckspace...So there you go.

Now, with my deck prepped, I was ready to face the onslaught (no pun intended):

~~~Round 1~~~

Well, first game, I get several important flying white fatties, and quickly lower his life points. However, to my dismay, he pulled the ONE card you'd hate to see in ANY limited format...Yah, that's right... Wrath of God! Well, it's history from there. Second match, I manage to repeat my last game, only without the severe Wrath of God loss. Finally, I get a couple crud hands in the third match, and lose the round. (0-1).

~~~Round 2~~~

Well, I seem to fare well in these matches. Several key pieces to my puzzle, including Phyrexian Collosus and mana acceleration, help beat him twice in a row. (1-1)

~~~Round 3~~~

The first round, I do reasonably well and beat his blue strategies quick. However, he makes a rebound in games two and three. Unfortunately, he pulls a very well done Soldier/Blinding Angel combo in the second game, and a similar process happens in the third. (1-2)


Well, you can't have a celebration without food! Since Texas Game Company has carried Magic since the beginning, they felt that they should offer an extra incentive to the fans...CAKE!!! So I got a little, took some time to relax, and practice with my draft deck against others. However, it was time for the fourth round to start...Better get going!

~~~Round 4~~~

Now, this was also his first limited event too, so we were on pretty much the same skill level. For several turns in the first game, our creatures just stared each other down...that is, until my flock and Angel of Mercy came out. Eventually, realizing that my flyers were about to kill him, he went all out against me. The next game was pretty much decided on luck, as he had huge troubles finding what he needed, whereas I laid the smack-down ASAP. (2-2)

~~~Round 5~~~

This last round was definitely the most nerve-racking of all, and the closest of all my rounds. Several times, he pulled many pesky critters and spells that put me to a dangerously low amount of life. The second game was even closer, with several lob and pass situations. With each of us having only 4 life each, I managed to use master decoy's tapping ability to run through his defenses, and win the round. (3-2)


Now, since the kits were meant for only 20 people, it seems we were short some! However, the Rukh eggs, combined with Box Toppers from the pack support, were given to anyone who won at least 2 rounds. From best to worst scores, people were given their choice of a foil Rukh egg, or an 8th Edition box topper. Noticing a Vampiric Spirit among the box toppers, I quickly rushed for it when it was my turn to pick!

So, in the end, I had a fun time, won some goodies, and made a fairly solid record. Cheers!

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