From: Mortiis []

Type 1

World's Collide


Sept 18/04

Bryce Miller


Deck - Suicide Black




18 Swamps


Spells                                  Casting Cost                  Card Description


4 Dark Ritual                       B                                     Add 3 black mana to your mana pool.        

4 Duress                              B                                     Look at target opponent's hand and choose a noncreature, nonland card there. That player 

                                                                                     discards that card.

4 Diabolic Edict                 1B                                   Target player sacrifices a creature.

4 Hymm to Tourach            BB                                  Target player discards 2 cards at random from his or her hand.

4 Contagion                        3BB                                You may pay 1 life and remove a black card in your hand instead of paying Contagion's

                                                                                     casting cost. put two -2 / -1 counters, distributed any way you choose, on any number

                                                                                     of target creatures.


Creatures                         Casting Cost                  Card Description


4 Carnophage                  B                                     2/2 During your upkeep, pay 1 life or tap Carnophage.

4 Dauthi Horror                1B                                   2/1 Dauthi Horrow cannot be blocked by white creatures, Shadow.

4 Dauthi Slayer                BB                                   2/2 Each turn, Dauthi Slayer attacks if able, Shadow.

4 Blind Creeper               1B                                   3/3 Whenever a player plays a spell, Blind Creeper gets -1 / -1 until end of turn.

3 Skittering Skirge          BB                                   3/2 When you successfully cast a creature spell, sacrifice Skittering Skirge.

3 Masticore                      4                                      4/4 At the beginning of your upkeep you may choose and discard a card from your hand,if you

                                                                                         don't, sacrifice Masticore 2: Masticore deals 1 damage to target creature. 2: Regenerate




Sideboard                            Casting Cost             Card Description


4 Gloom                                2B                              White spells cost 3 more mana to cast.

4 Planar Void                       B                                Whenever a card is put into a graveyard,remove it from the game.

4 Terror                                 1B                              Bury target non-black,non-artifact creature.

1 Engineered Plague          2B                              When Engineered Plague come into play, choose a creature type. All creatures of the chosen

                                                                                  type get -1 / -1.

2 Pestilence                         2BB                           If no creatures are in play, sacrifice pestilence. B: Pestilence deals 1 damage to each creature

                                                                                 and player.



Another Saturday rolled around and a day of magic would sure hit the spot. I went down to the local card shop for the weekly tournament. This week only 6 people showed up (damn prerelease) ohwell better chance for me I guess. I decided to play my Suicide black deck but it really needs alot of tuneing.The winner of this tournament would get a black boarder wrath of god and a black boarder serra angel, second gets 15$ and third 7 50$. Any way onto the report.



Game 1


Round 1


The first game I was playing a white wheenie deck, this wasnt looking good. My hand look somthing like this 3 swamps a dark ritual, Blind Creeper, hymm to tourach, Diabolic Edict. He won the dice roll and played first.His first turn he played a plains and savannah lion.My turn I played a land and said "go". His turn he attacked for 2 and played a silver knight. My turn I played a dark ritual, hymm to tourach and a Blind creeper. His turn he plays a white knight and then plows my blind creeper and attacks for 4. My turn I draw and have only land in my hand I drop on and say "go". His turn he attacks for 6.My turn I draw into another land and scoop.


Round 2


For this game I sideboarded in the glooms. My opening hand was no good so I took a mulligan. I picked up 6 cards and liked what I saw I had a gloom in hand and 2 land thats all I needed. I went first droped a land and saud "go". His turn he played land and a lion. My turn I played a Dauthi Horror. His turn he played a land and attacked for 2. My turn I droped the gloom and attacked. His turn he attacked and said "go". My turn I played a Diabolic Edict and attacked for 2. His turn he plays nothing. My turn I play a Skittering Skirge, he scoops.


Round 3


This game want pretty fast he plays first, drops land and says "go". My turn I play dark ritual and gloom. His turn he plays a land. My turn I draw another gloom and flash it to him he then scoops.



                                                                                                          Game 2                                                                                                            



Round 1


This game I was playing a red gobblin deck. I was hopeing I would'nt have to play this guy his deck was to fast for mine. First game went fast he got a good hand and played like 100 creatures in the first 3 turn and I got beat down hard.


Round 2


This game went better for me I sided in the Engineered Plague and Pestilence. My hand was'nt looking very good with only 1 land but I did have the Engineered Plague so I kept. I played my land and said "go". His turn he droped land and a gobblin lacky . My turn I drew into land and played a Diabolic Edict. his turn he played a gobblin piledriver. My turn I drew another land and droped the Plague. He didnt really have a chance after that so he just scooped.


Round 3


This game well was'nt even a game he mulliganed down to 2 cards and then said good game. I was pretty happy about that.




                                                                                                             Game 3  


top 4 


Round 1                                        


This game I was playing a artifact workshop deck. He won the dice roll and played first. He played a soul ring and a grim monolith. My turn I played a carnophage and said "go". His turn he played an island and tinkered the monolith for a darkstell colossus. My turn I played a land and said "go". His turn he hits me for 11.My turn I dont draw an edict so I lose.


Round 2


This game I sided in the planar voids. My hand looked pretty good and I went first. I played a land and Carnophage.His turn he played a land and gobblin welder.My turn I played a land and a Skittering skirge and attacked for 2. His turn he played a demonic tutor. I was really fearing a tinker. My turn I played a land and attacked for 5. His turn he played a land and a caltrops. My turn I hit for 5 agian and played a Contagion on his welder. His turn he played a smoke stack. My turn I attacked for 5 agian he then scooped.


Round 3


This one was really close. He went first and played a land. My turn I played a planar void, he didnt seem to happy about that. His turn he played a land and a grim monolith and a caltrops. My turn I played a dauthi horror.His turn he played a gobblin welder. My turn I Contagioned his welder by removing a dark ritual in my hand. My turn I played a skittering skirge and attack for 2 with the horror. His turn he played another Caltrops and said "go". nothing happend for the next 5 or 6 turns until he droped a smoke stack. a few turns after the stack got to like 4 and he finally got rid of my planar void. is turn he had 5 things in play including a gobblin welder so during his upkeep I Contagioned it, he was'nt to happy. he had no cards in hand so he drew and said "go". My turn I droped a land and a Carnophage. He couldnt draw any land so I ended up taking that game and moved onto the finals.




                                                                                                          Game 4 




Round 1


I was playing another workshop deck but this one was fully powered and in hardcases....anyway these games went fast. He played first and droped a black lotus a island a soul ring then he sacked the lotus for blue and tinkered for a darkstell colossus. I then scooped oh wait I had no cards in play to scoop...


Round 2


This game went down the same path just not on first turn. I went first and played a Carnophage. His turn he played a swamp and vampiric tutor. My turn I play a Dauthi Slayer and attack for 2. His turn he plays a mox ruby and tinker for the Colossus, I then scoop.


3/1 End of the day


I was happy to come in second I didnt think the deck would even make top 4. I ended up with 15$ and had a pretty good time. Thanks for reading my report and if you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at . So i'll will be back next week with another report. thank you goodbye.