Subject: magic tourney type 1.5 u/b
Casual Fridays
Durham N.C.
Northgate Mall Sports
Cards Unlimited
4 Phantom Warrior
4 Fallen Angel
4 Dusk Imp
4 Chainers Edict
4 Mana Leak
4 Unholy Strength
4 Fear
4 Oversold Cemetery
3 Cabal Coffers
14 Island
11 Island
Round 1
The main thing was that he would keep on playing his freakin mongrels over and over also he has plenty of little squirrles. But in the end none of them had flying and even if they did they would have to be black or artifacts.
I was beating on him with a Fallen Angel and I was always sacking 1 of my dusk imps to make it a 5/4 flyer that was only blocked by black or artifact. Well he got out a wurm I edcited that and he muttered a couple of obcenities. I pumped up two of my phantom's with unholy strength and since they're unblocable 2/2's for three they instead be came 4/3's. He wilted.
Round 2
Now here is the part where I had some trouble he had gotten out a mongrel early and my edicts went away finally I pumped up an angel 2 times over and killed it. he then starteedthe weird little squirrely thing over nad then he played kamahl fist o krosa and he had tapped out all but two of his lands and I mana leaked that and I saved myself from annilhation. But then he got out like two mongrels managed to kill and angel and get about 3 wurms out with all of his stupid mana. I finally got out an edict used it flasbacked it and got rid of his two wurms. 3 creatures reamained he then made squirrels again he then killed me with a huge wave of the things I swear there had to be like 70 of them.
Round 3
Now it was my turn to get at him. I dropped an angel and an imp on the 5th turn he may have dropped a mongrel or but who cares my edicts certtainly made me not care. I sacked the imp made her a 5/4 attacked he went down to like 6 when I was done and he managed to get some card that increased his mongrels d by 3 and made it fly he made it black to counter my fear and killed my angel. I slapped down 2 phantom warriors enchanted one with strength and attcked he died.
Round 1
u Control
you know don't you hate people that when you ask for an update at your local cardstore on the release date for a new set they get an attitude an say" You [insert explentive deleted]kid you need to keep up with the dates. And then you say but you're the card guy you should tell people stuff like that. Or maybe its because the very first time I ever asked was when I was like seven and I asked him and he scarred me for life in being mean to me well since then I have alwasys come in at least once a wekk and ask him the same question.
Well we squared off that day and I won two times in a row and I made it to the semis. I don't remember much only that I got two angels out and whipped him butt in both games.
Round 1
Mono Black Control
The finals were against some person that used a black control he landed a braids early but my oversolds saved me all I did was keep on sacking my imp and braids was no prob. I got a second cemetery out and forced him to play to my angels beat. I killed him four turns afterward.
In this game he managed to land a shade early in the game but I edicted that two turns later or somkethin else al I remember is that I killed it soon after he put it down. I played a phantom and a dusk imp and attacked him for 4. He responded by laying down a champion. I countered with a mana leak and layed down an angel I countered one of his edicts with another leak and sacked my imp and my phantom to pump my angel up to seven and killed him  for the win.