John Pendergrass
Durham N.C.
Casual Fridays
(Deck name)
4 Duress
4 Chainers Edict
4 Innocent Blood
4 Corrupt
4 Cabal Coffers
3 Dark Banishing
3 Nantuko Shade
3 Mutilate
3 Engineered Plague
3 Mind Sludge
3 Braids Cabal Minion
2 Haunting Echoes
2 Oversold Cemetery
21 Swamp
Total 60 cards
about 20 people there
   Round 1
This first round I was playing against a b/w stasis deck. It had a couple of protections and a lot of strong white creatures. The first play was was in my favor I went second though. He played a plains and then a Glittering Linx. I played a swamp and did not do anything. second he played another plains and I played another swamp and played a nantuko shade. for the rest of the game I managed to keep his wennie creatures in check. THE most annoying card in his deck was the soul giver or somethin but what it did was that every time I played a creature or anything else other than a land he got one life. When I played a Chainers edict he got it back by using a breath of life. I eventually made him run out of counter spells by using one of my favorite discard combo's play mind sludge to make him/her discard their entire hand and then play haunting echoes to remove their cards from the game so they can't get them back. After that I had enough peace to play a mutilate and destroyed their entire army of creatures I played my nantuko shade and blew up their entire life points!
 P.S. this tourney had only one game per round thatís why I makin each round so long.
Round 2
    This time I was playing a really fast rat deck that brings back memories the guy that taught me magic used a rat deck I could never beat it. That was pretty much how the game went until I drew one of my mutiliate's to make it very dramatic I said "You lie down with the rats and the rats eat your bones."! Anyway I then played it and the guy started to curse for a full thirty seconds. I killed him with a nantuko shade by using cabal coffers to get a lot of mana and get it up to a 15 attck and went and killed him I had about 11 left.
Round 3
    This time I was playing a newb who bought a world champs deck and I skooled him in how to beat those decks in 2 min. flat. That deck was built for long games and the guy evidently knew how to use it but in the end it proved that was not used to it enough to use every combo availible to him the end score was 0 to 15 my favor.
Final round
    I lost this one the dude killed me in about 7 turns by using a green white deck I had built my deck around killing those types but he used the one strategy that is death almost all decks except for the fastest that were built to kill in 5 turns. Anyway he used squirrel nests and Centaur Glades to entrench him and then played wrath of god on my braids and 2 nantuko shades and then played about three squirrels and then played a card that made your life points equal to the number of creatures you control!!!!!!!! End Score 0-3 in his favor.
In the end the tourney was pretty fun I walked away with about $50 store credit and about three torment boosters.