I placed 9th in the FNM T2!

R/W/B "Newspaper"
Michael Malovich (Crimson Mage)
Beaverton, Oregon
FNM at Rainy Day Games on the 12th
21 people participated in 4 rounds of swiss, then divided into the top 8 and the 2nd tier single elimination rounds.
3x Desolation Angel
4x Death Grasp
1x Wrath of God
3x Terminate
2x Phyrexian Arena
4x Spectral Lynx
2x Ghitu Fire
1x Shivan Dragon
4x Void
4x Vindicates
4x Orim's Chant
2x Disenchant
2x Voice of All
2x Sulfurous Springs
2x Caves of Koilos
2x Battlefield Forge
7x Plains
7x Swamp
5x Mountain

Match 1: Round 1- Newspaper vs. Mono-Green Stompy
A good matchup for this deck, I got really good hand against it, starting with a Plains, the Swamp, then Spectral Lynx. Surprisingly I didn't see any Blastoderms in his deck, but I did see a few elves and a Rhox or two hit the table. Needless to say by the time I had 2 Lynxes and a Voice of All pro green out the game was mine.
~~~~~~~~Round 2
Pretty much the same as above, only I Voided away all of his birds and elves and had 2 Lynxes, gotta love em.
Match Record: 1-0
Match 2: Round 1- "Newspaper" vs. R/W Land Destruction
This one was an easy win for him, he kept me at 2 or 3 lands the entire time, the only thing I was able to get out was a Lynx and he killed it right off with 2 Shocks (Regenerate, kill).
~~~~~~~~Round 2
This one was much closer, he didn't appear to draw much land destruction so I was able to get to my 5 or so land breaking point, voiding away all of his hand, taking a few of his creatures, good stuff. Who would have known that when he Ghitu Fires me for 10 it would hurt so much? Before he did that though, I had put out a Phyrexian Arena, so I was drawing my two cards every turn, and most importantly losing my 1 life. 5 turns before the end I'm at 5 life, he can't do anything because he doesn't have any burn (go Void!). I pray and pray to get a Death Grasp to not only kill him, but to kill him before I die (I had plenty of mana). It doesn't happen unfortunately, I kill myself on my upkeep. Happily giving him the win.
Match Record: 1-1
Match 3: Round 1- Newspaper vs. Fires
I didn't do too badly this game. I came in here fearing fires the most, since I can't target those darn Blastos. This game was really close until the very end, I got out my Lynxes, and he got out his blastos, I was doing really well for a while. So what if he played Restock to get a Rage and a Blasto back? I can take it. Next turn> So what if he plays Restock to get another Blasto and the Rage he used on me back? I can take it! 2 turns later>> Apparently I couldn't take the 3rd (yes 3rd, by 6th turn...) restock as he proceeded to double Rage me while I was at 6. Game goes to him.
~~~~~~~~Round 2
Ah, another very close game. He drew a much worse hand, without any Restocks. After taking a few hits from Blasty, down to about 12, I get out my Lynx, and he cries with a look of wild insanity in his eye. Rage me, down to 9, ok. Blasty dies... he draws elves and land for the next 4 turns while I proceed to beat his head down with a Lynx and a VoAll pro Green. 2nd to last turn, his... I'm down to 6 from a very timely Rage to my head. He's down to 8 from all the beatin' going on. He smiles with devilish glee as he draws Restock from his deck, instantly using it on his 2 Rages in the graveyard (1 discard, the other to my head). I start to feel that woosy feeling. Okay, this is super crunch time. I pray and pray. I draw my card, and attack. Fog?! What the hell?! I start to cry, he's at 5 land and next turn he's going to kill me! Looking at my hand, suddenly it dawned on me. The card I drew was a Death Grasp. Quickly counting my lands up, 11. I gave a sigh of relief as I play Death Grasp for 8 Dmg to him. He goes wild-eyed. Panics, starts looking frantically at his and the board. He knew his mistake, playing the fog. He was tapped out except for 5, if he had had 1 more I would have been double Raged and lost. He bows his head, and I take a breather.
~~~~~~~~~~Round 3
This goes very different, as he sideboards HEAVILY against me. I soon know what as his deck has switched from fires to green/red land destruction beatdown. I'm kept at 2 lands and beat over the head with 2 blastos. Never had a chance. Oh well.
Match Record: 1-2
Match 4: Round 1- Newspaper Vs. Machinehead
Put a long story short, Machinehead did what it was supposed to do. I didn't have any hand during most of the game thanks to 2 Spectres and his life was at 47 to a new Degasanctuary I saw him play.
~~~~~~~~Round 2
We fought on the board a few times, killing creatures and destroying lands. But what really clinched this one for him was he destroyed my only Black source, which left me with 2 Voids and a Terminate in my hand, which quickly got scooped away by 3 Spectres. Needless to say I lost the match, but spied another weekness in my deck. Prone to land destruction.
Match Record: 1-3
Surprisingly enough, this was enough to place me in 9th place. I didn't win anything, but I came away knowing a few things to look out for. However, I fear now that Odyssey will be in the next T2 tourny up here. They have their fun, I'll have mine. Should I go Red/Black, or keep with Black/White/Red.. or go Black/White? Hmmm... we shall see.
Rainy Day Games, their new store is huge. I know all the people by name, and when I walk in the owner mysteriously knows how much money I have on me.
That Fires player for making split second decisions and rushing the game along because he was "hungry" (he had been hungry for every match before then too..).
Wizards for making Blastoderm.
I hope you guys have had fun learning from my mistakes. I'll try to write reports as soon as I can (if you like them...). My E-mail is Mage_Mage@hotmail.com if you want to E-mail me with any suggestions for my deck or any advice on gameplay, or just other stuff. Have fun Magic Players, for we are the few, the proud, the intelligent.
-Michael Malovich (Crimson Mage)